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    Should have posted this last week.after having returned from the wonderful A New Day Festival in Kent UK, which we go to every year. (not to be confused with Newday,) Headline Acts, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, (best of the weekend,),Ozric Tentacles and The Zombies. Other highlights ,, Steve Hillage System 7, Slim Chance (Ronnie Lane's old band), Pentangle , Caravan, Eddie and the Hot Rods,(I had no idea they're really good),.Nine Below Zero, Lindisfarne.and Leatherat. There was a highly impressive Czech instrumental prog band called Cuprum and there's always a one off totally different act on a Sunday afternoon and this year it was The Glen Miller UK Band. Perfect for a sunny Sunday. I'm beginning to feel recovered!

    Off to A New Day Festival in Kent UK for 3 days . Really looking forward to seeing Slim Chance, Ronnie Lane's old band and System 7. Hillage man. ✌️✌️


    Huh. I just read an article a couple.of days ago, praising them a lot too, having never heard of them. I had tucked them away in the "check later" folder in my brain. Seems like quite a coincidence.

    Hard to define. Certainly prog. A little Evanescence.

    5 members of the band including the Haley Griffiths ( iwas taken aback when I saw her) from Kartanaka on temporary vocals due thier current singer being on maternity leave, and six backing musicians

    Whoops. 6 band members.

    I'm a happy chappy tonight. Just realised I had some dates mixed up. Thought I wouldn't be to see John Otway and Wild Willy Barret at a local venue in September but it turns out I can go afterall. However it still looks like Wishbone Ash is unavailable . I wonder if I ask them nicely if they'll change the date they're playing.

    I have seen the Selling show several times and most of those shows were years ago when YouTube wasn’t really an issue. I also can’t see why YouTube would keep you from going. Live is the real thing and YouTube comes never any close…

    Yes I've decided to go. Live is of course totally different, it's just that because of the availability now I've watched and listened to those songs many times as well as Steve Hackett shows. I'm bothered about overexposure of songs that I've heard hundreds of times. I will make a point of not listening to any of it until I see it live in March .

    Tempted to go and see an accurate recreation of early Genesis , the first actual Genesis I saw was 1981. The trouble is with the wealth of live recordings available and U TUBE shows I've heard an awful lot of these songs lots of times. I feel the need to avoid them for quite a while for fear of over exposure to them , I really don't want to get tired of hearing them too often. Iqt go but will have avoid hearing any of that stuff between now and then.

    I often don't think of posting what I'm actually listening to at the time. My last listen was Rainbow, On Stage, yesterday which I haven't heard probably for about 40 years; my best friend had it. I bought it about 6 months ago and just played it. Thought it worth mentioning here. It's fantastic, much more prog than I remembered. A double album 8 songs two sides of 2 which contain one song each. This is what we want.

    IO EARTH in Birmingham. Another fantastic band. Brilliant musicians. I didn't know much about them before the gig. Didn't look like a cheap light show and visuals. 5 members of the band including the Haley Griffiths ( iwas taken aback when I saw her) from Kartanaka on temporary vocals due thier current singer being on maternity leave, and six backing musicians

    on strings and brass. Quite a show all for £26.00 to about 200 people which seemed such a shame. There's a lot of moaning and concern about the death of live music right now , (which I'm not sure about myself) but if as there is a case maybe it's simply that not enough people are interested in seeing great shows great musicians , great music for a decent price.

    I'm amused that the stadium in Perth is called the Perth Rectangular Stadium. It's pleasingly factual in terms of location and shape. They should've gone further with the Perth Big Rectangular Stadium.

    Australians don't mess around with their place names. They call a thing what it is. Someone looked at a great big sandy thing a couple of hundred years and said "let's call it the Great Sandy Desert"

    The first I heard of Sinead O Conner was by chance on the TV. She was doing some concert or something before she broke really big with NCTY. She was plugging her first album which I promptly went out and bought. I thought she was stunning in looks voice and style . She seemed like a complete one off and totally original. It was Mandinka that stuck iny mind. I thought her early albums were great. I never really picked up on what she did after Universal Mother and now she died regret that I don't know she she did musically for nearly 30 years ! She always struck me as a genuinely nice but troubled person and certainly needlessly and maliciously much maligned .

    Meridian a small town quite close to Coventry (my home) claims the honour of being the centre of England. They have stone there to mark the spot. I don't think it is though!!

    She actually said it?

    As you may recall, she was perceived as being as per her name, permanently beaming nicey nicey 'Smiley Smiley Carol Smiley' as she was portrayed on a comedy sketch show, which did fit with her usual screen persona. I used to work at BBC TV Centre and would occasionally encounter celebs in the corridor. The one time I ever saw her we briefly made eye contact and she was the total opposite, glaring at me angrily as though extremely pissed off. She was Scowly Scowly Carol Scowly.

    To be fair, I'm often perceived as cross by people who meet me as my resting face is a scowl. I'm a fairly positive person but am sometimes asked "What's the matter" or "What's upset you" because of my default scowl. So maybe she has that default expression too when off-camera, or saw what she perceived as a scowl and responded in kind.

    Yes , definitely according to my sister and I also remember smiley smiley carol smiley. My sister also said that Frank.Carson was Frank Carson , exactly he was on TV and made everyone laugh. Jonny Vegas did an impromptu set for free keeping the passengers entertained as they waited for for their delayed flight .

    In what other way is it a rock pub apart from the pics?

    I wonder if there are drill pubs, electropop pubs or ambient drone pubs.

    As you asked. It's rock pub on basis that it provides a refuge for old rockers and a fair few young ones as well. It's the Queen's Hall in Nuneaton. I don't go there very much but I really ought to. The place is festooned with pics and memorabilia. They have bands playing every weekend, and a rock disco until 2.00am Fridays and Saturday after the band. Seems like all the bar staff have piercings and tattoos, it may be compulsory. The upstairs part of the Queen's Hall is separate and is known as the Crew, it's a small venue ( at a wild.guess about 300 capacity) where bands are put on 2 or 3 times a week, ticketed gigs only. We went to see Phil Campbell and the Bastards Sons there on Friday. I think it was a warm up gig. Not listed on their tour dates promo. We had a great night, fantastic band followed by rock discotheque to the early hours. Haven't done that for ages. I think I'm still fit enough to manage that a couple of times a year now. You've made me think now , the thought of an ambient pub. People sitting around in silence staring vacantly and forgetting to drink!! I've been to one or two of those as well. Actually am quite miffed that John Otway and Wild Willy Barret are playing there in October on a date we can't make. Would love to go to that one.