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    I wonder if the tour with Sting wasn't released because of them having different clauses in their contracts regarding live material??? -- I do know there's been some push over time to get Sting's tour with Paul Simon released.

    It's certain we'll get something from the I/O tour (we have from the tours that followed So, Us, Up, Scratch My Back & New Blood as well as the Back to Front tour). Just a question of what it'll be. Being as Back to Front had nightly recordings + 1 video I don't see why I/O can't.

    Personally I hope the cd/LP will be released soon. I think all the i/o songs are already there.

    Which ones do you think will be released as a single?

    I can't imagine a double cd with both versions Dark & Bright, it would be the same dog with a different collar.

    Another question: Will there be a video of any song, and Blue_Ray of any concert of the tour?

    What was Peter Gabriel looking for at Womad to listen to i/o? The response on the tour has been very good.

    When it comes to the tour on recording it's a safe bet we'll get SOMETHING (the So, Secret World, Growing Up, Scratch My Back/New Blood & Back to Front tours all have at least one thing out there) but the question is what will we get?

    Possibly; I just know Peter prefers the end of September for releases. Up was September 23rd and Us was September 28th. September 22nd/29th 2023 is 8 and 9 weeks away, respectively. Personally, I think the album is probably ready now — and could be pressed already? The promotional issue I can see, but Peter doesn’t do a lot of that in the U.K. at least…

    Plus, the i/o project, tour and merchandise is focused on 2023 — my ‘Rising’ tour t-shirt has ‘PG23’ on it. And Manu Katche stated that the album would be out this year. I dunno, I just think this may surprise a lot of people…

    So perhaps??

    September 22/29 for CD/Cassette (if he does cassette)
    November 10/17 for LP.

    I'm pretty sure if there WERE ideas to release shows on nugs (or wherever) we would already know about this.

    At least for the european shows we will have no recordings, I'm afraid...

    Nugs is quite secretive when it comes to what'll be happening there so there's no way to confirm or deny what'll be happening there. Everything of his that is there now is still the same already heard stuff that they put up when they announced he'd be working with them.

    If we find out ANYTHING I think it'll be on a full moon. I don't know if I'll be going or not so I'd love to still be able to hear him on this tour even if I'm not there.

    I know Bruce Springsteen & Steve Van Zandt were in attendance in Cologne but has anyone seen any other famous fans yet this tour.

    How about on past tours?? Who are some famous fans that have been spotted at his shows over the years??

    I don't think it's this year. More likely it will come in spring 2024. Before the next tour leg starts. I am pretty sure he will finish this year's moon cycles and then decide what will be on the album.

    Do we think we'll have a touring situation similar to the Up tour in 2002-04?
    Up was: No. Am. Arenas Nov-Dec 2002, Europe April 24--June 1, 2003, No. Am sheds: June-July 2003, Europe again May--July 2004.

    Do we think this one will be.

    *Europe: May--June 2023 ( in progress), No. Am Arenas Sep--Oct, Europe again: April--May or this exact same time next year, No. Am sheds/maybe a few arenas: Summer/Fall next year, Europe one final time: late next year (same window of time as the last leg of the Back to Front tour)/middle of the year after that (Same window of time as either 2003 or this year)?

    Remember how when it came to the Up tour only the USA shows in 2003 & the 2004 Europe shows were only released through the music

    Anyone think if he's doing nugs/bandcamp this tour that he may do it but not until later on (Maybe not starting until USA or not until any shows he may do next year -- this tour IS expected to last 2ish years correct?)

    I'm sure the shows will be on nugs (but streaming only:() & maybe he'll put them somewhere else for download.

    Nothing about this so far. Quite obviously they have roses ideas tondi so, but probably decided otherwise as they are going so many new tracks?

    He's streaming only on nugs so assuming these shows do get released there (which I'm sure there's a good chance of) it wouldn't be confirmed until they're up there.

    I too am wondering. Would like to get some shows

    The most interesting part of the Encore series was the 2007 tour where Gabriel was resurrecting many songs he hadn't played for ages. I have one where he played Moribund, On the Air, DIY, Humdrum, and Mother of Violence.

    I certainly hope the new tour would result in some kind of release, given that at least some of the new songs will get an airing.

    Yeah. Hopefully nugs/bandcamp for all shows + one show getting a DVD/Blu-ray release like last tour.