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    Bit controversial this but I have always hated Brian May's guitar tone. May always plays the same screechy tone so I have steered well away from Queen as a result. I understand the brilliance of some of Queen's records in some people's eyes so I don't admit this in public very much.

    If Oasis and Queen had a supergroup together I would have to leave the country.

    I know what you mean, the same happens to me with Steve Howe, while I rate him very high as a guitarist, I just don't like his tone and sound and the fact he plays too much sometimes.

    You are so right about the left wing shooting themselves in the foot. I consider myself on the left. Always have been. Jeremy Corbyn best represented my view and I agreed with the majority of his 2017 manifesto ( though one or two things I had issues with on the last one) . HOWEVER I never wanted him as the leader because I knew he would never win. I had so many arguments with with left wing friends, ( I did help with election campaign '17 ) but I have sadly been prooved right. All we have at the end of it are three lost campaigns and a dreadful right wing govt. As an opposition leader , nothing was won , nothing was moderated. How people still want him and his clones back at top is beyond me. Tories here know how to win. I am closer , not close , to Bernie Sanders than Biden but if I was a democrat I would never have voted for him because if Sanders had gotten the nomination we would all be facing another 4 years of Trump for sure. So I'm still delighted that Biden has won .He seems decent, says reassuring things which is important. Most of all however he seems sane. He has ousted the insane Trump which clearly has not been an easy thing to do.

    Could it be you read it wrong? Maybe it said Prog God, it wouldn't make sense anyway but it'd be funnier because those people truly depress me.

    Perhaps you read wrong, maybe it said Prog God, it wouldn't make sense anyway but it'd be funnier.

    Pompeo is asked if the State Dept will engage with Biden's transition team. His reply is "There will be a smooth transition to a 2nd Trump term".

    The Secretary of State has essentially just announced a coup.

    These people are utter vermin.

    It's basically their country, that's the message they are sending, they do as they please with it, losing is not an option, if they do they move the goal posts, over and over and go home with the ball. Despicable.

    Also one thing I need to make clear: While I am pleased Biden and Harris won, I still believe that they are both highly flawed candidates. I've adopted increasingly left-wing views over the years and I now consider myself a socialist. So I am not "fans" of capitalists Biden and Harris. I just think Trump is considerably worse in every way. Biden and Harris are part of the corporate Democratic establishment and the Democratic Party continues to prove that it isn't willing to become more left-wing just because their voters are shifting leftwards; they are a centre-right party and will comprise with the Republicans until the cows come home. Don't get me wrong, they will do the right thing on occasion, but all of the progressive stuff Biden campaigned on will be blocked my Mitch McTurtle and GOP-majority senate.

    That's how democracy works though, doesn't it? If you like to think with your head it's unlikely you are going to find another one that thinks exactly like you, let alone an entire party, so you are going to have to vote for the least bad of the lot, pretty much always, I'd say. People are fallible and ideas get corrupted, one of the many reasons why the GOP are successful is that they are of course scrupleless and pragmatists, they have a line, they follow it, whereas the left is often inclined to shoot themselves in the foot. It happened 4 years ago, when they decided that it was going to be either Bernie or dead and from what I read it's going to be the same again.

    I'm fascinated by Trump's groupies and amazed by the transversality of them. I confess, of the whole lot, Christians are the ones that fascinate me the most, more than raging capitalists and more than racists. They all have something in common though, when faced with facts, particularly over the elections results, they increasingly look like those kids that plug they ears and go LALALALALA, when talking to them, I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALALALA.....

    I am surrounded by people who praise Trump; friends and family. Only myself, my wife, my adult daughter, a couple of my granddaughters and my mother cannot tolerate him. Everyone else drank the Kool-aid. I am constantly baffled by their adoration of this man-boy whom they believe is a Christian. His actions show him as anything but. The one who hurts me the most is my brother, who I feel is just keeping peace in his home. His wife (my sister-in-law) truly believes that Hillary Clinton is running a child porn operation out of the back of a pizza parlour, and that Democrats eat babies. I'm not joking. This woman has a poisoned mind. I don't know what the world is coming to. This time next year, with any ounce of luck, we will have a sane man in the White House, and hopefully our global allies will accept our apologies for how horribly they were treated by that sick f**k. We need to get back to making this world a better place for everyone.

    These are interesting people, so to speak- I'm always left wondering how many of them know it's complete BS and how many really believe it. I generally don't engage them, because let's face it, it's a massive waste of everybody's time but they are here, they are loud, they take up space and in general they do represent a problem, so it's not always possible to ignore them. When pushed, it's never on the internet, I refused to be lured and as I said, I try to understand whether they are delusional or just in bad faith, in either case, amazing how they never have a cogent answer to any possible question, they adopt a sort of circular logic I've only found in religious zealots but then again. the lists of these people often overlap.

    I completely get this and fair do's to all who share this view.

    For me, quite simply it's Genesis - yes, different from before but it's them and I want to be there. I just don't think that when I am it'll be 5 months from now.

    Ultimately, as I always said, this is what matters. We all love the band I'm sure but I'm equally sure, we love them in very different ways and they mean different things to us. I'm not immune to nostalgia, recreating a moment, when possible, has its charm and why not wallow in that a little? I just can't see them like that and i prefer to accept the fact that the moment is gone but again, I'm extremely happy they decided to do it, for them mainly and then for those who want to enjoy them.

    Good to see Biden is very close to a win, although it's a shame the Dems once again failed to gain to Senate.

    Re-electing Susan Collins in Maine is just indefensible.

    They are tied at the moment, even though two independents are affiliated with the Dems, in which case I believe the VP's vote would be decisive. I agree on Collins, Susan, not Phil but it was even worse with Perdue, Graham and McConnell.

    my enthusiasm for seeing them again remains undiminished.

    And that of course is key and what really matters, as for the rest, we'll have to agree to disagree or at least to differ over preferences and priorities.

    A performer/frontman IMHO needs to be able to offer something in terms of voice and/or stage presence. The former is plainly not there, as for the latter I guess it depends on the songs.

    Sinatra didn't certainly dance, neither did , say. Aznavour and they certainly could sit down for a couple of songs, a couple, not all of them, their repertoire allowed that and their voices and stage presence were intact and more than commanding. Genesis' catalogue is slightly different though, isn't it? Vocally demanding and here's no way around it, you don't need to jump all over the place but stuff like in the cage or Mama and several others seated, would be simply off. To me at least.

    He probably doesn't but I reckon people around him know he's done, he'll, as usual try to get something out of it. He'll dangle civil unrest and even civil war to get a full pardon, there are several lawsuits looming and once he's done the GOP will dump him. A useful idiot is only an idiot when no longer useful.