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    Well... the really good pieces are the ones they all contributed to, aren't they? We all heard what Dancing Out with the Moonlit Knight sounds like without Steve, for instance: a nice ditty, instantly forgotten.

    No, not necessarily imo, good songs have been penned individually, as a trio, as a band or as a Duo. I love Steve's contribution to DWTMK. I strongly disagree that without that, it would be forgettable.

    Not sure what you mean by 'facts and figures', but why argue? It's shorthand for something we all understand: a very specific period (that also happens to be THE defining era of the band) and that cannot easily be described any other way.

    Oh, that I have no problem with, if it's used to define Steve's tenure which coincided with a certain period of the band, then, as you say, why argue? If, however it's done with the purpose of giving Steve more specific weight than he actually had, then I disagree and must refer to facts and figures, meaning how much of a say did he have, how many songs has he contributed to, how many has he penned on his own and what was his impact on the band. It's the minority, mind you but they are.... Passionate and not really objective. They are the same who would correctly claim that he was stifled in the band but would also say that it was no coincidence the band was done after and because he left which is a contradiction in terms. Things are never evenly distributed in a band, he was by all intents and purposes the 5th member, the layer on the cake. I don't know what's controversial about that.

    Not trolling: just voicing unpopular opinions without sugar-coating them. And that's all too much for some people here, apparently.

    I find this especially weird as the importance of the band in the grand scheme of things is just about universally recognized as centering on the er... Hackett era :)

    Not trolling: just voicing unpopular opinions without sugar-coating them. And that's all too much for some people here, apparently.

    I find this especially weird as the importance of the band in the grand scheme of things is just about universally recognized as centering on the er... Hackett era :)

    Yeah, well the Hackett era.....

    No anger here. A LOT of anger from fanbois directed at me, however.

    My POV is strictly musical : the band's output becomes less and less interesting as they shed members, culminating in the post-W&W/ATTWT keyboard demo albums.

    Way I look at it: from 1980 on, there is precious little 'prog' left in the music, but most importantly, there is no longer any 'rock' either.

    I must say I'm not really a fan of your style, on occasion bordering on trolling, some other time overtly doing it. I find your positions certainly dogmatic, although sometimes they amuse me. The point is, none of what you say bothers me the least, what bothers is the increased intolerance displayed lately towards people's opinions, it wasn't like that before and I think we are regressing. People are genuinely irritated by others' opinion and taste and have no problems getting personal.

    You know, that's a good way to look at all the post-Hackett-era stuff :)

    A bit of a provocateur there but I see what you mean. although I don't agree, without debating the merits of the albums, ATTW3 and Duke, still sounds like Genesis. CAS is Banks and Rutherford and Banks alone is incapable to produce anything not sounding like Genesis, I think he wished he could have on occasions but no. Several songs on CAS sound io me much more Genesis then IT or WCD for instance.

    I think Peter was taken aback by the underwhelming response in certain quarters to Up. I know I was shocked that the arena was half-full at best when I saw his show in Washington, DC on that tour. It’s similar to what Tony and Mike experienced when CAS was virtually ignored in the US. When you’ve experienced so much success it has to be a blow to a performer’s ego (and maybe even confidence) when album and ticket sales suddenly take a precipitous drop.

    Hard for me to say this, considering how much of a fan I am but in hindsight UP was really nor worth the wait, at least mine and it was a long time waiting. The songs I enjoyed the most had already been previously released, Sky Blue, and I Grieve, then of course there are nice moments and atmospheres, his voice was top notch, as ever but I felt we weren't nowhere near the brilliance he had gotten used to from PG3 onward

    I'm hoping for just a release of whatever he has worked on. It doesn't need to be a fully-realized album. I'll take a Flotsam and Jetsam part 2 that just collects together all of the songs he's worked on since Up that haven't found another home.

    That would have been my position too but I realized as big a fan as I am, looking back I must admit having been underwhelmed by his latest releases, including UP.

    Perhaps one silver lining of the pandemic is that it left PG with more time to actually work on album tracks, since he hasn't been able to tour or do many other things.

    Perhaps, personally though, I'm under the impression and it's been the case for the past decade that he's simply lost drive and motivation. Understandably so, he's 70, I believe, he achieved a lot commercially and artistically and did quite well for himself. Looking back and it a fan's wish, he could have perhaps released a couple of more albums but I'd say he had his say.

    . I admit I'm a bit grumpy on the subject after Nad made that a**hole comment a couple of weeks back about which show people should choose to attend (Genesis or Hackett).

    I understand that completely, particularly coming from such a great singer and overachiever with such a great artistic career under his belt. That said, no matter how obnoxious the remark was, I'd probably opt for Steve's show these days.

    I know he has been in the studio a lot this year.

    I am beginning to think it must be due to marital issues at home, perhaps he doesn't want to stay at home. Just kidding of course, on a more serious note, I think Peter must have lost any sort of drive or motivation to release a new studio album, despite the fact that he has allegedly been sitting on tons of new material for almost 2 decades now.

    Well... Actually, this is one of these songs that could have fit on previous albums, to me...

    I can easily hear Gabriel singing it (the big "Oh-Ohhhhh !" before the second verse and the bridge in the song, same as here, kind of : , or just here , the laugh (Haha - Ha) could also be quite theatrical in a Gabrielesque way...

    The guitar is very reminiscent of Hackett, I think (volume swells, vibrato effects at the beginning, and the solo at the end could easily be played by him).

    Personally, I can't see it or rather hear it. Mama only happened because of the success of ITAT which was rejected by Genesis or at least by Tony, pretty much the same at that time. Yes, I know it was Mike's song but it was pretty much conceived with that arrangement and atmosphere in mind, drums machine driven, with Phil's drums sound kicking in, stripped down keyboards and spooky, eerie sounds, as such I can't really see it on any 5 or 4 man era album. I don't even need to invoke the missing members to back that up, there's no way Tony would have played it like that and held back that much for that matter on any album up until Duke.