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    seems that I’m the only one who doesn’t love this song. I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t work for me. Quite honestly, the entire album leaves me cold. I don’t dislike it, it just does nothing for me.

    I understand how you feel about the album in general, I find it quite ''flat'' and even if Phil hadn't decided to leave, it was probably time for them to end it there, they sounded on autopilot mode. Still, I believe, it's a good song, in an album context and particularly in that album context it stands out, generally speaking, of course Genesis had much stronger moments.

    For me, the brief instrumental passages in ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’ are interesting, but the song itself I find very dull. Like you said, it’s all personal preference.

    I agree, there are a couple of interesting bits on It's gonna get better but ultimately pretty much lightweight, pleasant enough but doesn't really leave a mark IMO. You are always going to find fans of the odd song, and Why not? I remember somebody raving about Like it or not, of all songs but when the dust has settled, they are definitely not the songs these albums are remembered by.

    Thinking about it, i think this what I resent the most about Genesis' new course in the 80' and the 90'. It's not the change per se but how sketchy the quality of the albums became. From 1970 to 1980, with the exception of half of ATTW3, they released really solid albums. There was always the occasional filler but overall the material was great. Starting from Abacab, there are good songs but no great albums, subjectively, of course. The exception would be Invisible Touch which is a hits machine and truly a homogenous album, but I have no problem admitting that it isn't really my cup of tea. Anyway, Mama alone is enough to make me rate Shapes higher than other ''new '' albums. It's the one song I'm sure Phil dreaded singing but simply had to. You can't leave that one out.

    I wonder if the album may have looked more appealing to fans if the songs on side one were spread out a bit:

    Perhaps in the beginning, upon release and up until the release of the next album but things have a way to fall into place. We are assessing them after 30 years and it is what it is, no matter the tracks sequence. Half of the album is simply weak, the same can be said IMO about ATTW3 and Abacab. Still, I find these albums more solid than WCD. Of the 12 songs there, I can personally only listen to 3 or 4.

    Haha, I'd like to have seen Phil's reaction to that.

    I don't think Phil particularly cares or resents that, provided he read it or heard it. Tony has always been very outspoken. it's just his style, he doesn't make it personal he just speaks his mind. Personally, I prefer the studio version, all the arrangements on W&W are very layered with a lot of textures and I find they don't translate very well live.

    I gave this a 13 (very good) rating. For me the reason it falls short of outstanding is the repeated "Daddy you promised" lyrics that just me cringe today. However, the rest of the song is outstanding for me from the awesome increasingly loud intro to the quiet calm of the "house of dreams" section in the middle of the song. My favorite version is the live version from 1978 in Chicago...

    I remember Tony saying he liked it better live, particularly because of Chester. Phil, in his opinion played it too "stuttery". I truly have no opinion on that.

    I know we're getting way off topic here, but who cares...

    While it doesn't hold up to the stronger songs on Us, it does provide some contrast and variety.

    I consider US the last, truly great Peter's album but even on great albums you'll have one or 2 fillers or weaker songs. KTF certainly falls into that category for me. I'm not outraged by it but it truly is weak.

    Steam is an average song but nothing spectacular. It's more like a Sledgehammer "pastiche".

    Playing for time is a far better song in my opinion.

    Provided that the two are so different they can't possibly be compared, I agree with your assessment of Steam, good song but highly derivative. As for Playing for time, after several listen, it's a good song, it caught my fancy much more than the previous two releases, particularly in the case of Panopticon, there's nothing there, as much as I'm concerned, it borders on poor. I still hope he has something better in store.

    Prefer could simply mean dislike less ;)

    The language fails me sometimes ;) In the end, even though I agree that something interesting can be found even in their weakest songs, I would have a hard time extolling the virtues of either, but again, Paperlate has a clear filler quality to my ears. Even Phil's vocals, as energetic as ever, don't sound as refined and polished as on other Abacab songs.

    I also prefer NRAA of the two, particularly for Tony's keyboards and Mike's bassline. I still like Paperlate nonetheless.

    ''Prefer'' would be too strong a word for me when talking about NRAA but I do appreciate Mike's work on the bass and the break, in the bridge, slowing down the song. Tony's keyboards are interesting too, it's just the interplay with the horns, that really doesn't work for me. Ultimately a minor detail though, because horns or less, the song per se wouldn't be amongst my favorites. that doesn't work for me, By comparison, Paperlate sounds like a filler to me.

    Genesis at their poppiest still usually had some musical substance that demonstrated their underlying talent.

    Well, yes, undoubtedly, they know their craft, they are certainly top drawer and we are reminded of that , even in their weakest songs but I must say I don't find much substance to Paperlate, there is IMO a bit more in NRAA, even though it's another one I dislike.