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    I love Acting Very Strange. Funny that people prefer Hideaway, I always thought this was the worst song on the album. I love Couldn't Get Arrested, A Day to Remember, Who Is Fooling You and Maxine. Boy, I don't know how many times I listened to Maxine full volume. Great strong song. Of course, it is dramatically different from Smallcreep's Day, but then again, at the time, the music changed rapidly. Note how Peter Gabriel 3 is different from Peter Gabriel 2, Defector is very different from Spectral Morning, The Fugitive is more straightforward than A Curious Feeling, Abacab is more in your face than Duke. It was the moods of the time. The Police had influenced everybody, Phil caught the attention of a lot of people with Face Value, many bands changed their sound at the time. In that sense, Acting Very Strange is an exploration into more simpler, more straightforward music production and I believe it is a successful attempt that led the band into the next Genesis album ("Shapes") and made it a masterpiece. They had done their homework by that time.

    I saw that show (the extravaganza tour) back in 2019 in Montreal. They also played Down and Out, Looking for Someone and the Musical Box. It was a perfect setlist. The show lasted nearly three hours!!! Maybe it a special treat for their homeland fans!

    They are all vaccinated. So it’s unlikely someone will seriously get sick. Still, there are rules when that happens. Based on yesterday’s findings (Phil avoided sitting close to the background singers, both of them didn’t come forward during FYFM), it maybe is one of them, not Phil,

    Speculation, still

    They may be all vaccinated, but they are always together, especially during the acoustic set. And who knows how close they are to each other backstage. It's only normal - they are friends and already a few weeks into the schedule, they must have started to feel a bit more relaxed about the rules. It's only human. With this in mind, I believe Daryl, Nic, Mike or Tony are in good enough shape not to be too seriously affected by the virus. My biggest concern, obviously, is Phil. Even if he is fully vaccinated, he may be at risk of getting seriously sick. Maybe he is not the one who tested positive, but he must have been exposed to the virus in one way or another in the 4 to 5 days before the virus was finally detected. And remember, the statement speaks of "tests", so at least two of the guys are infected. I have tickets, and I couldn't care less about my tickets. I just hope they all take care of themselves in the coming days. This tour seems to be doomed since the very begining. In French, we say "une mauvaise bonne idée" or, if I translate: "a good idea gone bad".

    Once good thing about if the American leg has to go before the European leg is that Youtube recordings and setlists will appear

    I know from experience some artists don't permit recording of any note at gigs but the few bad eggs would still do it . Personally im in favour of recording once its not disturbing others

    It's funny because in 2007, I knew the complete set list before attending the concert in Montreal. I even had had a chance to see a video of their performance in Dusseldorf. So I felt very relaxed when they finally hit the stage. I was siting at the sixth row, at roughly 60 feet of Tony Banks, my hero, and I even saw him say "Merci" (I was able to read his lips from that distance) . What a nice gesture from him, even if the crowd never got to hear him or read his lips, he still was gracious enough to thank us in French!!!

    Does anyone know the ticket prices? I'm going no matter what, but do I need to hold off buying a car? :)

    I am on the pre-sale list for Detroit.

    I guess it is safe to expect the cheaper seats to start at $75-90 and the front row center seats should be around $250-300. Genesis is still ranked as a major band and they are likely to charge the maximum price available on the market.

    From what I've been hearing, the earliest date for an officially approved vaccine is spring 2021. But it will not be administered overnight. They will start by health staff, first responders (firefighters and police), then they will take care of the most vulnerable population (seniors), and then the rest of the population. This will take time. And that is only for the first dose. Apparently, a second dose is necessary to ensure immunity. At the very earliest, the whole process could be completed - if things go well, and things never go well -, by early 2022. I think the end of 2022, early 2023 is more realistic. So, forget any full scale shows with full audience before that.

    Their best bet would be to announce as 12-month postponement. I don't see how any large-scale gigs can take place for the next year.

    I agree. Just think of all the preparation, the material, the trucks, the insurance, the hotels, the whole thing has to be prepared way in advance and as of now no one can be sure that we're all going to be able to gather by thousands in a given space by the end of the year. Unless you desperately seek presidential reelection, but that's another story...

    Here is the set list I expect them to play on the LD tour:

    Turn It On Again

    No Son of Mine

    Blood on the Rooftops or Many Too Many

    Land of Confusion




    Domino/ The Last Domino

    Hold On My Heart

    Follow You Follow Me

    In The Cage/ Cinema Show/ Afterglow

    Throwing It All Away

    Drum Duet

    Los Endos

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch

    I Can't Dance

    Carpet Crawlers