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    both, Anthony and Daryl play the FoF solo in a different way compared to Steve. Personally, I do like Anthony's approach more - but as always that's just a matter of taste.

    For me, their best song is "The Day Before You Came", atmospheric, superb lyrics that tell you everything about her future by focusing on her past, pop songs don't really come any better.

    interesting - same here. And there’s an awful cover version by Steven Wilson.

    Coming back to the new tracks. I like them both, Don’t shut me down is my favorite

    Watched the show recently and had tears in my eyes. I do want to see the show and although Genesis are different to the Collins solo shows (wheee everything is focused on him), it really hard to see Phil this way singing Genesis tracks. And not drumming etc.

    Mama sounded really good in this new version but of course it makes you wonder how the other tracks might work. Soon we will know

    I went back and watched Nic’s interviews on YouTube from March and April of this year. In those interviews he says that there were three songs that were particularly hard for him to learn and that after learning them none of them made the setlist. He does say he had the songs learned (I stand corrected—in an earlier post I suggested perhaps he hadn’t managed to get those songs down). The 3 songs he mentions specifically as being difficult to learn were Apocalypse in 9/8 (he said he found it impossible to count to so he had to memorize the drum section); Los Endos; and Second Home By the Sea. Whether that means those are the three “hardest” songs that didn’t make the setlist—hard to say for sure. He also said the band was completely ready to tour before the first delay due to Covid. The concert—musically and visually—was totally prepared. That would lead me to believe that no changes have been made to the setlist since then.

    I think the lighting designer Woodroffe said in his BBC interview (the one where Gabriel called him) that they have recorded a full run during rehearsals. Simply because they didn’t know whether or not this show could ever be staged in front of an audience.

    so, I also don’t expect they changed anything since last autumn.

    Had mixed feelings about the 2007 setlist but this is just my thing. I so wanted Blood on the rooftops to be played and was tired of No son of mine and plenty of IT tracks. In the end they did a big tour in stadiums etc so that had to be played.
    but still I have this feeling they missed a chance to do special stuff. Don’t think they will now

    I have never collected bootlegs or torrents and was always a bit reserved about audience recordings as they simply might spoil or even destroy the experience. So I never heard that 1982 gig. Getting older, I am more and more thinking I should.

    Don't agree to your assessment. HIMBG is not at all following the same formula like Face Value - for some fans it's even ranked higher than FV. It also has no real fillers. One might argue that could be Do you know, do you care, but also this track is very unique in Phil's music history.

    Also, especially Inside out and We said hello goodbye have aged well.

    Well, it's obviously a matter of taste then.

    Regarding But seriously. It's a fine album and the production is good. But it should have some sort of "thicker" sound.