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    And if Tony and Mike REALLY don’t want to bring Peter or Ray back they could always get Martin Levac. The fella sounds exactly like Phil. Not saying that I want them to do that, just pointing out that they COULD. How would y’all feel if they got Levac? I’d personally prefer a Gabriel and Hackett reunion with Chester on drumming duty.. regardless I don’t think either’s gonna happen

    And if Peter and Ray REALLY don't want to come back to Genesis.

    exactly. Vax proof has to be shown and it needs to be an official document or App/code. The vaccine used has to be approved by either UK or EU.
    still I am wondering what they will do since numbers are rising in the UK, especially Scotland.

    Yes, numbers are rising, and vax proof just isn't enough to keep people safe. You can still catch the virus and pass it on when you're fully vaxed. Wearing masks would at least give you some extra protection, but it's not enforced only suggested.

    Maybe it is the vaccinated who have not to proof with a negative test and therefore are spreading the disease. And imagine just how many cases it could have been if there were no rules - no vaccination - no negative test - no recovery. Possible that the numbers were the same or higher or lower. Who knows.

    If they let the tour go ahead anyway regardless of people's health it can surely end at any time during the tour. But that is just what the venues tell you as they only plan from a day to day basis.

    It 's possible it is the vaccinated who are spreading. A lot of the fully vaccinated in UK could soon be ready for a booster vaccine. Talk is it could be ready soon. Also, it's less reliable in older people.

    (whispers almost inaudibly)

    I hope the tour goes ahead and I refuse to pour endless amounts of cynicism over it. If it IS postponed again, OK. Is there any need to keep saying so?

    Just letting off steam because there seems to be a concerted effort to bring everyone down. And we really don't need any more of that.

    True. Generally speaking though, the discussion about people's safety and the virus is very important'

    I didn't like the discussion about Phil though.

    You know, posts on this and other threads, about the Covid situation, and how it has made concerts going/planning so difficult, does make me wonder:

    How would all these keyboard warriors/self-appointed experts/conspiracy theorists/moaners have coped with nearly 6 years of hardship and uncertainty over whether we WOULD "get through this" during World War 2? God forbid anything like that should happen again, but if it did, how would they cope with the food rationing, restriction of freedom, lack of even many of the basics, and general air of futility? Personally, I doubt they would!

    Thank God we had Captain Sir Tom to remind us what real people can do.

    I agree, and often say this. It's ridiculous the way some people carry on about mask wearing and distancing!

    In the US 83% of new cases and 97% of hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated. So yes, the resurgence has been significantly fueled by those who haven’t been vaccinated. Game, set and match scientific facts.

    This is not the case in UK though. Over 50's that are fully vaccinated have the highest rate of deaths.

    I agree completely, though I must admit some confusion as to how my name got changed from Moonlitknight to SquigelyFox.

    Just noticed this, and reported it.

    Yep scared of that too

    Coming from Ireland after getting my full vaccine and cert to prove it. Real kick in the balls

    I'll get my money back for everything except the flights but my mental health will take a big hit because of spineless decisions. I should be able to make my choice and if I feel comfortable going to a concert then it should be honoured

    You're only looking at it from 1 point of view though. I don't see these " spineless decisions " you speak of, and find it an insulting thing to say to those involved.

    Does the app only apply to arenas or larger venues?