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    what if he had chosen to mix the mixes and you are not satisfied or have a different opinion? Well, it's the i/o concept to have them both! People who buy the CD do not even have the chance to decide, they get both.

    I would rather he had chosen the mixes from the live shows, and have just 1 CD. Were these the same as the first released versions?

    A message from Andy:

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    So Lovely to see and hear Andy. Love and Best Wishes to him. xx

    No. I was called, and they explained what the case was, but then the defending side and the prosecuting side each got to veto a few jurors each based on what we looked like. The prosecutor turfed me out. And I was ready to send the guy down! (Provided the evidence was convincing...). It was all pretty silly.

    Sounds odd.

    I don't think Lana del Rey and the BBC are happy with each other. There was some trouble. She came onstage 30 minutes late ( may have been due to her stylist arriving late ) and had her set cut due to curfew. Apparently missing 6 songs.

    I enjoyed the Arctic Monkeys and Sparks. Sparks were so much fun!

    Just seen some Cat Stevens who was really good. Hoping to see some of Editors a bit later.

    Camel cancel 2023 Tour.

    Very Good Luck and Best Wishes to Andrew for his recovery.

    From Camel's Tour page:

    CAMEL TOUR 2023

    It is with great sadness and regret that Camel Productions must announce the cancellation of Camel's 2023 tour. Shortly after rehearsals, Andrew Latimer became troubled by a sharp pain in his lower back that advanced into his leg and foot. He was sent for diagnostic tests which quickly revealed a severe condition that requires urgent surgery. Recovery time is uncertain and it is this uncertainty that prevents us looking at other options such as postponement. However recovery is suggested to take 8-12 weeks minimum so there is no possibility of Andrew continuing with the tour. And without Andrew, there can be no tour so cancellation is unavoidable.

    We know this news will be immensely upsetting to fans as it is to the band. We are all so grateful for the support of fans who purchased tickets and particularly appreciative of the many emails from fans near and afar who shared their excitement. Throughout his career, Andrew Latimer has had numerous physical challenges on tours and has always overcome them. Camel look to the future for another opportunity to write The Final Chapter.