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    Ugh. I hadn't heard about Lisbon. Seems like the vaccines are effective, so it's a question of how much damage is done before herd immunity is achieved. Fingers crossed it works out but if the variant has a toe hold in the unvaccinated population, I agree anything in the autumn is in jeopardy.

    Where I am, we are completely open. No capacity restrictions, no mask mandate. And we did that at 50% vaccinated. Hope it doesn't blow up on us 😬

    Latest figures in UK show that some fully vaccinated people have died from Delta variant.

    According to Phil, his peak as a player was the Lamb and the Brand X albums. Mike's is difficult to ascertain but it's fair to believe that it went hand in hand with Phil's. Tony has imo no peaks and no lows. He's just solid and doesn't really budge from his spot, both a good and bad thing perhaps.

    I guess Phil should know shouldn't he?! The Lamb show I saw was certainly amazing. They were firing on all cylinders! The 70's stuff was very demanding to perform too.

    I watched 'The Pursuit of Love' too. Loved the series. :)

    Sounds promising for the UK based fans with the report out that o2 Arena is going back to full capacity in August

    Here in the Republic Of Ireland there's talk of trial events taken place over June/July but still feel were a long way off allowing Arena sized gigs. Dublin shows will be cancelled if the others can go ahead

    I don't think the O2 should be saying this. It's too early to make such an announcement.

    Out here whenever there is a case of clotting linked to AstraZeneca the media go hystericall over it. I had my first AstraZeneca shot and I'm fine. I suppose they are obliged to report these cases but it seems to me they make people more reluctant to get the vaccine.

    They should still report the truth though, we deserve to know that.

    I heard about the J&J today. Apparently 26 people collapsed after taking it in US, 4 of which went to hospital. Not enough testing on these vaccines it seems!

    I'm a bit wary taking the vaccine because of these variants. Until this proves reliable then I will take it.

    If I'm forced to take it, so be it. They may stop me all together going out unless I have the vaccine. But that will not happen for a few more months.

    I'm wary of the AZ vaccine with the recent blood clot cases, and we're not really given much choice. There are more available because they are much cheaper.

    Yes, I know the "benefits outweigh the risks". Heard this over and over again! :rolleyes: Very rare risks I know too, but some people are the unlucky ones, aren't they?

    I know quite a few musicians, from part timers who play small gigs to a couple of A-listers. In the last two weeks they've all started taking bookings for indoor and outdoor events beginning in July. Music venues of all sizes in England are gearing up in anticipation of reopening.

    The caveat is that if opening stuff up over the summer causes serious increases in infection rates or deaths and hospitalisations, there will be rethinks on Autumn and winter events.

    We're at a point where something like 60% of the UK will have immunity very soon due to vaccines and people recovered from infection. By September we will easily have hit that 75% needed for "herd immunity" though there remains concern over new variants (escaped mutants as the scientists actually call them!) and in all likelihood we won't be able to welcome many visitors from abroad. I don't know how many ticket holders are from outside the UK, I'd assume most are UK residents so the current concerts in the UK are fairly likely to go ahead.

    Not sure how you get 60% of the UK? Bear in mind that most people have only had one shot of vaccine. Also, some concerts are still being rescheduled for 2022.