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    This book is definitely going to be the gold standard for books about The Lamb.

    And many people who've written books about Genesis in general or specific eras/topics could (should!) really learn from Bell in terms of the development of an argument, in terms of making transparent how they came to a conclusion and in terms of providing pointers to their sources.

    I thought we had.

    But, thinking about it, the subject of ecological impact was brought up by the original poster in the original post, the forum owner no less, so actually, I don't think we were off topic.

    Let me remind you, then, that this thread is about Steve's participation in the Cruise To The Edge and also the ecological ramifications of said cruise.

    Human fertility as you suppose it to be in fourty years is not part of the topic, neither is an electric vehicle wherever it is operated (except, perhaps, if it was driven on the cruise ship).

    Now that that's sorted, glad I could help you. You're welcome.

    Back to topic.

    I've seen websites with far worse and far more antiquated UX/UI than at genesis-museum. But that's neither here nor there.

    The simple truth is: They got the stuff Chalklands is looking for. So, good for them! What alternative would you recommend, foxfeeder?

    Supper's Ready, me too. It's like Premier League football in Germany, Munich always takes the top spot, and the interesting thing is who is on #2 and #3.

    For me, #2 and #3 are Time Table - the utterly overlooked song on Foxtrot with its haunting beauty - and Can-Utility.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's best of but I really hope not. We want the whole damn thing all of it not abbreviated. I'll take multiple releases and get them all if they were an option

    Yeah, well, we'd all like the whole shebang, but this is Genesis, and they and/or their management and/or the people who put together their releases don't give a flying flamingo what we'd like.

    It's almost certainly not the whole thing - if they include the Lyceum gig 1980 that's two CDs. Invisible Touch tour would be 2CD, so all the rest would have to be squeezed onto CD5? Not likely.

    I'd find it so cool if they didn't care at all and went ahead, released a box set, called it "We know what we like (live)" and put out some 4 CDs with live versions of I Know What I Like from every single tour from 1973 to 2022. :)

    I've also subscribed to various YT sites as well on music to get recommendations which often pop up from time to time. ;)

    I've subscribed to a wonderful podcast by a radio station that specializes in classical music. Each podcast takes around ten minutes to introduce a musical masterpiece. Not just "it was written in ... by ...", but they also bring in conductors or musicians who explain what makes this piece so very special for them. So many things waiting to be discovered!

    My latest acquisition is a recording of Maris Janson conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra playing Shostakovich's Violion Concerto No 1, with Hilary Hahn as solo violinist.

    These days, I listen to many classical recordings on YT before I buy the CD. It saves money and shelf space that isn't cluttered up with a recording I do not particularly enjoy. I found this concert there, too:

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    So you wouid prefer the American system and have a directly elected PM, How would that work? How would an MP be elected to Parliament and then elected as Prime Minister?

    I'd like to point out that there are other voting systems besides the UK and the US systems.

    They patch some of the issues with UK and US systems, but, of course, they also bring their own disadvantages.

    (actually, I am surprised to see how many different basic voting systems there are, according to wikipedia)

    There was this song where I always misheard the lyrics as "driver's seat." Obviously. Doesn't make sense, right? It must, of course, be "privacy."

    Do you remember this song? The song begins with the lines "Doing alright, a little jiving on a Saturday night..." and it is called... Driver's Seat.

    Openness for interesting topics is, of course, to a certain degree a prerequisite for a forum.

    Having said that, I must also point out that it is the core purpose of this forum to provide a platform, a marketplace, an agora in which we all can discuss everything that has to do with the band known best as Genesis, its precursors, the solo careers of its artists, their music, books and what have you.

    Other topics that to not appertain directly to this cosmos should be introduced only sparingly. A number of threads documents that many people do not quite see it my way, and that's okay. I marvel why people would regularly outline what they are about to eat, are eating as they type, or have just finished eating, but there it is and it doesn't do harm.

    There are, however, certain topics that are, by their very nature, likely, perhaps even inevitably bound to raise controversies, and heated exchanges. They can change the climate in a forum. Some of them do so to a degree that it affects other areas of the forum (the "one bad apple" metaphor comes to mind).

    This very thread is, or has the potential, to become one of them, and I would like to thank everybody who have replied in it so far for the restraint in the wording they have shown.

    If this thread could sink into oblivion I, for one, would appreciate that.

    I'm very much looking forward to spending a couple of weeks with my family at my parents' place, and a week on an island in the North Sea. We planned to go there through the Netherlands, but recent developments made that unfeasible.

    I really need that vacation. I just hope I get through the remaining seven working days without telling them they can, ah, "copulate away" with their intellectually challenged requests.