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    There was this song where I always misheard the lyrics as "driver's seat." Obviously. Doesn't make sense, right? It must, of course, be "privacy."

    Do you remember this song? The song begins with the lines "Doing alright, a little jiving on a Saturday night..." and it is called... Driver's Seat.

    Openness for interesting topics is, of course, to a certain degree a prerequisite for a forum.

    Having said that, I must also point out that it is the core purpose of this forum to provide a platform, a marketplace, an agora in which we all can discuss everything that has to do with the band known best as Genesis, its precursors, the solo careers of its artists, their music, books and what have you.

    Other topics that to not appertain directly to this cosmos should be introduced only sparingly. A number of threads documents that many people do not quite see it my way, and that's okay. I marvel why people would regularly outline what they are about to eat, are eating as they type, or have just finished eating, but there it is and it doesn't do harm.

    There are, however, certain topics that are, by their very nature, likely, perhaps even inevitably bound to raise controversies, and heated exchanges. They can change the climate in a forum. Some of them do so to a degree that it affects other areas of the forum (the "one bad apple" metaphor comes to mind).

    This very thread is, or has the potential, to become one of them, and I would like to thank everybody who have replied in it so far for the restraint in the wording they have shown.

    If this thread could sink into oblivion I, for one, would appreciate that.

    This is not the case in UK though. Over 50's that are fully vaccinated have the highest rate of deaths.

    Could you please provide a link to the source of those numbers?

    I have grown extremely suspicious about any Covid numbers given without a source. No offense to you.

    I'm very much looking forward to spending a couple of weeks with my family at my parents' place, and a week on an island in the North Sea. We planned to go there through the Netherlands, but recent developments made that unfeasible.

    I really need that vacation. I just hope I get through the remaining seven working days without telling them they can, ah, "copulate away" with their intellectually challenged requests.

    I have added a general spoiler warning to this whole thread, seeing that people refer not very obliquely to songs mentioned (no criticims, it's hard to refer to a song without referring to the song). And seeing that having two parallel threads about the very same topic (one with, one without spoiler warnings) will only cause confusion and redundancy.

    So there. Do not read this thread if you want the whole Last Domino setlist to be a surprise.

    I'm not sure I've heard musicians talk that openly about the limits of their musical abilities and how they need other people to get their music to the point&level they want them to go to.

    Ray's thoughts of PG4 and its influence (that word may be too strong) on his album make me curious about the record.

    You serious?

    Yes I am. And I do not share your assessment of Hang In Long Enough at all.

    As for other songs you praise about the album, well, I share your opinion about some of them, but I would like to point out that what may have been important and personal and autobiographical for him need not, and in this case, is not something I find particularly pleasant or interesting musically.

    That's just my opinion about the album. Your views may vary, and that's perfectly fine, too.

    I went through a typical youtube rabbit hole last week: Genesis albums ranked to worst to best. I saw several of those videos, Abacab did consistently poorly, the general feeling however was not hatred, that was reserved for IT, rather indifference.

    Isn't that peculiar? With many people foaming at mouth when Whodunnit? is mentioned and with the famous booing concerts I would have expected it to be the other way round: hate for Abacab because of its music, and indifference to IT, because its music is pop.

    Big boost for NC there, which bar the odd exception was doing quite badly. Doesn't seem to be much love for it on this board, which surprises me.

    I have ranked the albums by the percentage of songs I skip. On Nursery Cryme, there are none. Foxtrot has Watcher which has become too pompous for me, Wind & Wuthering has the dreadful Your Own Special Way...

    At the other end of the ranking, while I like a number of songs on Trespass, I only like them one at a time. So when I'd enjoy Looking For Someone I'd skip much of the rest, but the same could happen with The Knife (and skip the rest) or White Mountain (and ... you get the picture).

    The albums in between are, well, in between.

    Plus, Nursery Cryme got the mixture of fast/slow and loud/quiet right, I think. It'd work just fine as a setlist, albeit a short one.

    Nursery Cryme

    Wind & Wuthering


    Selling England By The Pound

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    A Trick Of The Tail



    Invisible Touch

    We Can't Dance

    Calling All Stations


    And Then There Were Three

    From Genesis To Revelation


    ... This list is valid until probably ten minutes ago :-) ...