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    Spot on. You just described the upcoming election in the US perfectly. For me Trump absolutely falls into the “ANYONE BUT HIM”category. Biden may be a semi-doddering old man but at least he has some moral compass, doesn’t perpetually lie morning noon and night, and can empathize with others.

    When Trump won the first time, a US friend of mine told me she voted for him because she wanted to vote for anyone but Hillary. This seems to be a general trend these days. Don't give people any qualified candidates, force them to go for the least evil if that's possible at all.

    At this point, Ripples must have one of the highest average scores for TOTW?

    You missed out on Blood On The Rooftops:

    15 outstanding - 23

    14 very good - 5

    13 very good (-) - 1

    no other votes

    Or some of the Pet Shop Boys titles. Very... very what? They tend to use pithy one word titles for their albums, but are they necessarily related to the music?

    Because the album is very Pet Shop Boys? They always use one-word titles, sometimes it makes sense like "Pet Shop Boys, please." or "Pet Shop Boys, actually." Their latest album is called 'Nonetheless'. Open for interpretations. I recall an interview in which they talked about their album 'Super' and they said something like as simple as the title is, it was the end of a long creative brainstorming. I'm never sure when they cross the line from serious to ironic in their interviews.

    I know for a fact there are some kind of Genesis fans out there who try to get every release ever and keep their vinyls sealed and unplayed to keep them from any possible harm. Back in the times of studiVZ (a former German social media site) there was a Genesis fan group that had a bunch of this kind of fans who constantly complained how they got "milked" for all the various releases: loads of compilations, different releases in Europe and America if only for some number codes printed on the items, CDs and vinyls, rare misprints... yeah, completionists have a tough life.

    One of my all-time Genesis favourites. A calm, shorter song between the wildness of Watcher and Get 'em out by Friday, still intriguing atmosphere, beautiful interplay of piano and guitar, the bass adding the cherry on the cake, interesting chord changes that go through of keys but avoid getting forced, a little playing around with time signatures, a baroque piano intro and nice lyrics about old times and the ever-changing flow of time. All in all: lovely.

    Em(Maj7) chord, second inversion, above middle C : B / D# / E / G.

    D# and E are one semitone apart, creating the friction.

    Since it's played with a strange sound (apparently from the CP-70, at least live in 1983-1984, but maybe they used the pure acoustic sound of the strings ringing in the studio version, with the CP a bit out of tune to enhance the dissonant effect, I don't really know how they achieved this sound).

    Interesting, I always heard it as D# / F# / G. That would take the semitone between the F# and the G, leaving the D# as an outside note without context.

    I could mention again the erroneous credits on some of my dad's vinyl copies he got back in the 70's:

    Foxtrot credits all songs as Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/MacPhail/Rutherford.

    Seconds Out credits all Gabriel era songs as Banks/Collins/Rutherford; Volcano is credited as Banks/Rutherford/Hackett.

    Also, the BBC box credits Pacidy as Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Phillips/Rutherford.

    I have to admit I was tempted to make a mock bah humbug comment - I was thinking of something like I'd complain how overrated Steve Hackett concerts are, based on my recent experience when I went to see a show but stayed in the parking lot outside of the venue to save money. It was cold and rainy and I couldn't hear a thing, I really don't get the hype... :*

    I couldn't see this solar eclipse, however I remember the 1999 eclipse and it was once-in-a-lifetime experience, worth any hours of traffic jam. 8) Total eclipses are a mind blower. Partial eclipses suck.

    Out of the countless examples I could think of I'll pick out Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, particularly the synth/guitar double solo following the second chorus. That section was written by Hackett and it was one of the few times Steve's wild side made it into a Genesis song. Within this passage, the synth makes it very first appearance on the album, and compared to Tony's other Pro Soloist solos this one has a markedly different sound. He used a preset which was supposed to be an acoustic guitar sound, of course it sounds nothing like that but nonetheless it is quite surprising and unique. I wonder if it was Steve's suggestion to employ this sound as he was always keen on dueting his guitar with a keyboard instrument and he audibly tries to achieve a similar guitar sound. The synth lines are dominating though, Steve's guitar phrases appear rather improvised, Tony's synth lines are composed by every little note. (Actually, Mike's bass playing deserves to be mentioned too, he does some far out complicated stuff in this section.)

    In the background, the hammond plays some really unusual chords, even for Tony's standards. The hammond used to be his main keyboard up until Foxtrot; with the ARP Pro Soloist having become his new toy on Selling England, the role of the hammond has changed to the instrument serving for the basic background. Its swirling sound (put through the Echoplex) is nevertheless unique, different from his own previous hammond sound as well as from any other hammond player, to the point it turned into a Tony Banks trademark too, at least at the time. At the ending climax of this instrumental section, as synth and guitar go down to join the bass with just one note, the hammond comes back to the forefront with these strange two chords going back and forth. I'm not sure if it's just the hammond, it might be doubled with the Hohner pianet. Imo this is the part when Tony comes closest to resemble Keith Emerson.

    Overall this is one of the strongest examples of Tony surpassing himself because of his competitiveness to Steve and Peter. He felt he needed to prove himself and that made him give 200%.