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    ^ I agree with all of this and I couldn't put it any better.

    I made a few efforts to check out Wilson's solo work and side projects, however in my book I found him to be a solid to good song writer and singer, yet it never went beyond the "yea, nice stuff" point. The special something just wasn't there. I haven't seem him live though, I think I should take that chance for once.

    Wasn't Peter talking in some interviews in the early 2000s about ideas concerning the Lamb story? A musical, a film, something had to be done with it. My guess was too that recording the vocals for Archive 1 plus Carpet Crawlers '99 must have set him on this track. Who knows, maybe he realised the most obvious path would be a Lamb reunion tour with his old band mates.

    Banks and Rutherford could both do a great lyric as well as ones that were awkwardly clunky (Banks) or maudlin (Rutherford). Collins sometimes could write a good lyric (e.g., Take Me Home), but I find many of his phrases kinda trite and obvious (e.g., Another Day in Paradise).

    Me being a non-native speaker, I had to look up the words "clunky", "maudlin" and "trite" as I wasn't familiar with any of them. I get what you mean - thing is, my mind just works this way, I don't know why - I was thinking right away that "Clunky, Maudlin & Trite" would be a cool name for a funny cartoon show about three dorks who try to be superheroes! ^^

    Other presenters on the same channel have played DWTMK and FoF.

    Lucky you! That would be a dream come true.

    At least we have a station here (SWR 1) that plays classic rock bands' longtracks in an evening show. They played Supper's Ready in full length.

    I am not either a regular radio listener, I hear radio mostly in other people's cars or homes. No surprises when it comes to Genesis songs: Follow You Follow Me, Land of Confusion, actually I can hardly recall any other Genesis song coming up more than once except these two. For Peter Gabriel it's Solsbury Hill or Sledgehammer, other Gabriel songs don't exist; Phil Collins gets still most airplay of all Genesis men. I can't even count how many times I've heard Another Day in Paradise. For Mike & The Mechanics it's Another Cup of Coffee or Over My Shoulder, sometimes Word of Mouth.

    11 for a good track. The live version is even better. Again and again we had these, well, interesting observations of how different us fans perceive songs. I can only speak for myself but I just can't get into the mindset of you guys who speak of too much musicianship in regards of this song. I respect your views but it is completely alien to me.

    It was even better live on the two tours it was played on with Phil's fun hero/villain intro, Mike's sterling bass work and Daryl's fast outro guitar.

    If I'm not wrong this was the only track off ATTW3 in which Daryl played guitar and Mike was on bass. I noticed this again when I was listening through the BBC box. It shows very clearly Daryl was a much better lead guitarist and Mike a much better bassist, a pity they would switch roles for most other new songs then.

    I have never heard Abacab on the radio but I noticed an inofficial edit of Land of Confusion I heard in the radio a few years ago. The entire mellow middle part plus the keyboard solo and the following third verse and chorus were cut out. The second chorus led right into the outro.

    You just reminded me I completely forgot to mention this: in the days after Christmas I was visiting my dad and his wife; when we were having breakfast my step-mom had the radio playing, it was an internet radio station I wasn't familiar with ("Schwarzwaldradio") which caught my attention because they played those kinds of hits from the 60s to the 2000s that all other mainstream radio stations ignore. Right in the middle of some 70s/80s songs, lo and behold, a Genesis song came up. Guess which one? It was Calling All Stations. First time I ever heard that one on the radio.

    This sounds like no time has passed since the classic 70s/80s Billy Joel era. His voice has hardly aged and the song is so much his signature style. Just the drums are strange, I would like a version of this song without these drums.

    The recent discussion about Burning Rope and Phil's comments on that song has got me thinking how vastly different the Genesis members' styles are in terms of lyric writing.

    Who would you pick as your top 3 of best Genesis lyricists? I allowed 3 votes because I don't want one person to win with flying colours, I am really curious who will make it as #2 and #3. You can count in lyrics from solo work too, imho this makes sense since some Genesis members have left quite few lyrics within Genesis work.

    I read the Foxtrot book in German and it is incredible, I was overwhelmed by all the detailed work that went into it. The only little thing that bothered me slightly was some awkward wordings that I believed to be coming through translation from English - due to the author's name I had believed him to be British, it took me a little time to realize he is German. Anyways, the book was worth every word, it is really a unique insight into the band and everything around them at this specific time.

    It was when I started looking on progarchives for Genesis members' solo releases, the player had Star of Sirius as the only track which was a good start as it sounds a lot like classic Genesis. Then I found Voyage of the Acolyte and Spectral Mornings in a second-hand vinyl store, got them and loved them right away.

    Well yea, the list I compiled is by no means complete, I was partly led by what I have in my collection - which means those that were easily available in record stores -, partly by what appears to be official or half-official, partly by what seems to make a good compilation in my opinion. Lots of the ones to be found on discogs do not meet any of these criteria for me. Disguising an entire album with some more or less randomly added bonus tracks as a "compilation" is a bit too cheap for me.

    There are indeed a few compilations listed on discogs that stood out for me as so bizarre I was tempted to include them just for the sake of hilariousness. I'd have to search the discogs list again - one of them starts with More Fool Me out of all Genesis songs, another one puts two FGTR tracks and jumps right to Illegal Alien, etc..

    Anyways, a particularly interesting one I could not find again was compiled by our German Genesis fan club who runs this forum, it has Genesis tracks as well as solo tracks and picks only the most unusual choices. I guess Christian can help here.

    Re Duchess: Turn it on again Tour Edition, The Platinum Collection and The Last Domino have all different versions of Duchess. The TIOA Tour Edition has the single version - very short intro, early fade-out. The Platinum Collection has the album version with complete intro, the fade-out is the same as in the single version. The Last Domino has the album version and fades out later, it makes you wait for Guide Vocal to enter at any second.