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    I cannot believe Jimmy Page seriously blames Phil, even more so after this long time. The videos of the gig and the following interview is on youtube. Mr Jimmy Page must have been on more drugs than just drinks. Robert Plant did one of his worst performances. Phil and the other drummer did their very best to save the day.

    This is the gig:

    This is the interview:

    If you haven't seen it, brace yourself. Embarassing is a euphemism.

    Oh yes I saw that - "Visibly shocked fans gasped as the normally reserved veteran rockers tussled in an undignified manner, at one point ending up on the floor in an unseemly melee of flailing limbs. Witnesses reported shouts of 'You b*st*rd' and 'Get your f*****g hands off me' in a display of violence and profanity contrary to the normally urbane duo's customary gentlemanly demeanour.

    The band's management were unavailable for comment."

    Yes and all this because Genesis singer Peter Gabriel refuses to take up his band leading duties! You know who you are, you don't give a damn...


    Yea, I can't wait to go on facebook and rant all about how we should take more breaks from facebook and stuff.

    Well on a serious note, besides the actual unimportant stuff, there's at least one person (a friend who has cancer) to whom facebook is the sole channel of communication I use. I do have her e-mail address so there would be a way to get hold of her, it's just she has been exhausted a lot lately and she used facebook as the easiest channel to let all her friends know she is sorry for being behind her mails...

    As for WhatsApp, well I have all the phone numbers and I can still send short messages. Or call people. Only those who live abroad will get expensive to chat with this way.

    If this thread already exists, feel free to merge or close.

    We used to have this thread on the old forum, for some reason it went back and forth between the 'Other Bands' sections and the 'Genesis' section, which caused some amount of confusion - let's use this one for any music. :thumbup:

    So I'll start:

    "Annie are you walking with your turtles, are you walking Annie?"
    (Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal)

    "Hey Andy did you hear about the swan?"
    (R.E.M. - Man in the Moon)

    "Relax! Come to West!"
    (Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax)

    I have to add a note to this one, there's a story behind I mentioned years ago on the old forum:

    I had this song on a cassette when I was a little kid and as soon as I got my first English lessons at school (being a non-native speaker) I swear I heard them sing "Relax, come to West, don't you wanna *mumble mumble* come to West?" I really believed this was some Cold War themed phrase, "the Western world is so much more awesome", something like that. So I was really surprised when I first read in a rock encyclopedia about the real content of that song. Homosexuality? I listened again and I heard it as "Relax, come to wet". Until much later in the internet days I saw it's actually "Relax, don't do it". 8o

    Also, as a non-native English speaker, "The Battle of Epping Forest" had a surprising number of German sounding bits. Right before the Reverend part begins, Phil and Peter sing something that appears to be just "lalala" - I heard it as "Oh Liebling!" ("oh darling!"). The first two words of "Georgie moves in on the outside left" made my brain understand something which translates as "idioty mousse".

    And of course, always remember

    "The seat bunny!"

    (Phil talking to the audience on Seconds Out, first few seconds of The Lamb)


    Thanks for your efforts! A few notes though:

    Isn't That's All in E minor originally so this would be 1,5 notes lower in C#?

    And I think I remember Follow You Follow Me was in G originally so it would be 1 note lower in F.

    Same with Carpet Crawlers, the intro is in E but from the verses onwards it was in D, so they probably took it down one whole note?

    By the way, I am one of those people that do not have perfect pitch but I have very good relative pitch: give me a reference note (this is a C or whatever) and I can tell you all intervals and chords and everything, without a reference note I am lost though.

    Going from C minor to E minor is quite a distance in the circle of fifths, if you add a semitone (C->F or B->E) it would actually be smoother, at least in theory...

    Ant has never actually owned or used a Prophet V - the synths he played on Slow Waves, Soft Stars are the Roland Jupiter 8, Casio CZ5000, ARP 2600 and the Polymoog.

    Thanks! I must have got it confused with the Jupiter 8.

    Still, he must have used some synths there he never used elsewhere? The sound is quite distinctive. I think I read somewhere Ant borrowed synths for this album.

    I really like this album. Out of the guitar tracks, 'Bubble & Squeak' right away caught my attention; off the synth tracks, 'Behind The Waterfall' remains my favourite. Most of the synth tracks remind me a lot on 80's SciFi shows, they have this certain spacey sound. I just love the sounds of the Prophet V Ant used on this album (and only here), I recognized it from the early Level 42 albums on which Mike Lindup and Wally Badarou used it too.

    Overall, this is the album I find best for a foggy night. I connect most of Ant's albums with a certain daytime, season and weather. 'City of Dreams' is for a late night time with a clear sky, 'Pathways and Promenades' is for a Spring afternoon with a little rain, etc.