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    It's been hotter than hell lately here in California. There is no more lockdown, yet half the people haven't been vaccinated. No one has to show proof of vaccination to enter a store or restaurant. No masks required. I predict COVID round 2 will be here by fall. I am surrounded by friends, family and neighbors who have all been sucked into the conspiracy hype. They refuse to be vaccinated.

    All my grandkids have asked me to make them CDs of 60, 70s and 80s music. Between myself and their parents, they've been exposed to it all their lives. They especially love The Beatles and a couple of my granddaughters can even tell you the song title the moment a Beatles song begins. I'm very proud of them.

    On this day, 12 July, in 1958 The Quarrymen made their first recording, at Phillips Sound in Liverpool - a rare McCartney/Harrison composition In Spite Of All The Danger, and a cover of That'll Be The Day, both sung by Lennon, both performed into a single mic.

    63 years... if you go back the same amount of time from that date, we're still in the 19th century during the reign of Queen Victoria and Grover Cleveland was US President.

    Where does the time go? In the blink of an eye, 63 years have gone by. Thanks for that bit of history. In 63 years from now, it will be 2084. I actually hate to think what the world will be like.

    Well, now that the Republican senators have blocked the investigation into the January 6 insurrection, IMO they have committed treason. If a foreign country had invaded our Capitol building they would have definitely voted to investigate. What a bunch of chicken shit cowards. Not one of them deserves to be a representative of the U.S. government. It's obvious to me that they are all self serving pieces of crap.

    We all have our opinion, and here in So Cal Johnson is known as the British Trump. He has let it be known that he has a fascination with Trump. Just as Tony Blair was George W. Bush's puppy dog, Johnson plays into Trump's antics in quite the same way. Johnson's in the same mold as Trump, IMO.

    It certainly is emotional for me. I'd always known of Remembrance Day, but never had that tie to anyone who fought in the wars. It brought a reality to me that I'd never known before. That sense of loss. I never knew him, but it brought up all these images of my Grandad being brought up by his single mom during those very tough times. I have to say, I shed some tears. What a waste for these good men to die so young. Remembrance Day will always mean so much more to me now.

    I just found out recently that I have a WWI hero in my family. My great-grandad William Hughes, who I'd never heard of all my life, was killed in action on October 12th, 1916, I believe in Macedonia. My cousin is doing one of those DNA genealogy things and this is how we found out about him. He was only 32 years of age and left behind a wife and two boys, one of whom was my Grandad George who was only 4 when his dad was killed. I'm very proud of his service.


    There needs to be a special prison built to hold Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz, and all the scum who have shown that they are willing to be treasonous in order to push their personal agendas at the peril of the citizens of both the United States and Great Britain. The lies they have spewed regarding the coronavirus over the last 15 months have been directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, if not millions of lives, and there are still those people who admire and trust these idiots who had no plan to protect the most vulnerable among us, and ultimately don't care about anyone but themselves. I spit in their face. What bothers me even more is it appears nothing is being done to make sure they pay for their crimes. I did hear this morning though that the Manhattan attorney general is convening a grand jury to perform a criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his family.

    You’re right about that. You can’t go wrong with a great sandwich. I was just speaking in comparison to all the other amazing deliciousness on this thread. But a good chicken salad sandwich can be heavenly.

    I use Kraft sandwich spread instead of mayo when mixing chicken salad. It's creamy, has bits of pickle and tastes great!

    And then, at least here in the states, there's the absolutely necessary completely in depth coverage of any and every car chase, hoping for multiple fatalities or at least a major accident where someone innocent has been terribly injured, maimed or killed, all for the interest of two in-studio news anchors listening to the minute by minute ramblings of a traffic chopper pilot, wherein the anchors either ask him questions he's already answered or bringing up possible scenarios; ie, who's in the car, are they high on drugs, etc. Sickens me that this is what local news has become.

    When reporting on a flood, CNN will inevitably have reporters stand waist deep on a flooded street, while the in-studio anchor pleads with them to please be safe out there. Sensationalism is the word of the day.

    I'm going to get my second Pfizer shot on Wednesday. I hear the second shot's side effects are more pronounced. Had some muscle aches for 2 days after the first shot, so not sure what to expect after the second.

    You may find Toto dreary, but IMO they're a great band that puts on one of the better live shows I've seen over the years (and I've been going to live gigs since 1973). Steve Lukather is one of the hardest working songwriter/guitarists in the biz. Why would Bieber have better sense than to plagiarize Toto? The guy's been nothing but a punk as far back as I can remember. Both Lukather and Toto vocalist Joseph Williams have new solo albums out and I recommend both to anyone who appreciates great talent.