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    That chart is a real eye-opener. The mutation is here in the states now too. Due to the increase in cases, in California, they've started bringing in freezer trailers to hold the bodies of COVID victims. On average, more than 180 people a day are dying of the coronavirus in Los Angeles.

    Very depressed sad and desperate right now. My Father in Law and best friend died at the age of 83 on the morning of new years Eve . Robbed of his last few years of life by Covid. Having shielded more or less all year and shielding at home for weeks had to go hospital with a fixable heart problem and caught Covid whilst there. Dead 8 days after he tested positive. Am very angry at world. Hopeless govt and selfish stupid people to blame . It need not be as bad as this. I'm a support worker and have cared for a learning disabled man who had it and four staff went down with it. All survived. Am still negative so will visit Mrs Farmer tomorrow who has been isolating with her vulnerable mum for over a fortnight since her dad went in . I think the neighbours have been gossiping! All we wanted was for us all to survive this. It s bollocks. My parents in their 90s struggling with isolation all year , getting the vaccine on Sunday..One good thing. My mate , my wife's dad has just missed out..

    This is very sad news. I'm just now reading this. I am so very sorry your father-in-law and good friend has died of this disease. Thoughts and prayers to you and your wife and family. Life is too short as it is. Let alone having to worry about all this virus crap. I agree with you. Too many idiots out there. It's time our governments started investigating whether or not this was germ warfare.

    Today, I can honestly say I'm ashamed to be an American. God save our way of life. We will never be the same. Acts of homegrown terrorism on our federal government, instigated by the President of the United States. This is treason - attempting to overturn a democratic election that he lost by more than 7 million votes. They used to hang criminals like this for much less. I hope our national Guard and military personnel are able to arrest as many of these people as possible, including Trump and his cabinet who have licked his ass for the past 4 years.

    I hope everyone recovers quickly. Our adult daughter has had a tough time getting over it. Her family is having signs and symptoms as well. No smell or taste. Here in the states we have so many deniers.

    I'm sitting here in California on December 31st at 5:00 a.m. watching Australia bring in the New Year!

    Even though many of the horrible aspects of this past year will be with us long into the new year, I can't express how glad I am to be rid of 2020.

    I'm hoping each of us around the world will have a healthy happy 2021. Stay safe!! :):thumbup:

    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday. Ours was very quiet, just my wife, Mom and myself. Our two Beagles kept us entertained. Watched a few Christmas movies. No big dinner or friends and family. We're going to plan on getting together with family in late January if everyone's coronavirus free. Our daughter, Tammy, has been sick for 2 weeks with the virus. I hope 2021 will be a much more positive year for all.

    Growing Up Live is re-issued as a triple vinyl (see below)

    The first in the series was1983’s Plays Live which was released on August 28 on double vinyl, followed on September 25 by another double vinyl: Live In Athens 1987, which was recorded in the Greek capital on Gabriel’s tour in support of his fifth solo album, So.

    October 23 saw 1993’s Secret World arrive on 2LP, while Growing Up Live from 2003 was reissued as a triple album pressing.

    Here's a funny Christmas first wife, we were married in 1993, divorced in 1994, gave me a used George Harrison CD for Christmas in '93. Mind you, I'd been burglarized a month or so before Christmas. All my CDs, about 500, we're stolen, plus my new Cerwin-Vega floor speakers(worth $500 each) and my television. I had marked many of my CDs with my driver's license number. Imagine my surprise when I opened the George Harrison CD and saw that it was mine, one of the stolen CDs. Of course, I asked my wife where she bought it. I went to that music store and saw all my CDs. I called the police and they met me at the store. The officer told the store manager that he must give me back all the CDs that I had marked, about 140. The others that weren't marked I could buy back at $1.00 each. I bought back maybe 40 more. I was really upset that more than 300 CDs had to stay in the store. I knew they were mine . The officer asked the store manager if he thought it might be a bit strange that someone would sell their 500-CD collection for pennies on the dollar? The officer also asked if he could describe what the person(s) looked like. To my shock, he described two people, one being a black man and the other being my wife. This set into motion a series of very disturbing discoveries about my wife. She apparently had hooked up with some drug addicts and had sold our property for drug money. We divorced after 11 months of marriage. I wonder if anyone ever purchased any of the 300 or so CDs that I wasn't willing to pay to get back? I could only get back the ones I could prove were mine. Sad story, I know, but funny in that my wife was clueless to the fact that she was giving me a CD for Christmas that was in fact mine already, and that she had stolen from me. The homeowners insurance settled my claim for $10,000. I was happy about that, but would rather have had my stuff back. How's that for a Christmas story?

    In our house, we love the Christmas classics by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Johhny Mathis, Perry Como, Burl Ives, Teresa Brewer, plus all the Mannheim Steamroller albums We also like the classic rock Christmas songs by The Eagles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Greg Lake, Sammy Hagar.

    So sorry to hear that David Saunders aka NedFlanders123 has passed away. :(

    He has a post just above in this topic.

    R I P David

    What!!? My heart goes out to his family, especially his wife, Janice. I'm shocked to hear this. He posted not more than a few days ago. So sad! ;(