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    Tough to say how many points ... I'd say 12. I like this a lot but it's not "very good" for me.

    If I'm not wrong this was the only track off ATTW3 in which Daryl played guitar and Mike was on bass. I noticed this again when I was listening through the BBC box. It shows very clearly Daryl was a much better lead guitarist and Mike a much better bassist, a pity they would switch roles for most other new songs then.

    Have never noticed that. But then again, anything from 1978 onwards is Mike playing lead on the record anyway so this (and Jesus he knows me) are exceptions.

    A new track was released from their upcoming album "Nonetheless".

    This is "Loneliness"

    (not the best they have done ...)

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    FISH will be on tour later this year. First dates for Europe were announced recently. I think I'll see one or two shows, probably in the Netherlands. Will be his last tour, so I want to say goodbye. I have enjoyed most of his albums but haven't seen him live for a while ...

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

    For me, this is without a doubt one of their top 3 tracks. 15pts.

    In addition, I must say I really enjoyed Steve's version on his "Selling" tour!