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    For all of you who are still unfamiliar with the differences between the mixes of i/o (but also for everyone else) I have found a very interesting video:

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    A certain Ian Shepherd uses the example of Panopticom to show how the mixes basically work and how they differ. He actually compares all three mixes (the In-Side Mix in binaural, i.e. downscaled to stereo).

    In between, he also philosophises about the idea of three mixes at all or the freedom of the three mixers.

    Recommended for all those who want to see the three mixes clearly juxtaposed and/or want to get an impression of the In-Side Mixes.

    (By the way: I compared the Bright-Side Mix and Dark-Side Mix for the i/o article series in the same way).

    Well - all infos are here.

    i/o Deluxe Boxset

    A more extensive box set is to be released in spring 2024, which will contain the 2CD, the Blu-ray and the two vinyl sets. Additionally comes a casebound book with expanded liner notes and a poster.

    I'm pretty sure

    • they won't release any stuff from the last 20 years (Full Stretch was probably the only exception because it's nothing important)
    • they won't release any unheard stuff or something that wasn't (at least unofficial) released before
    • they won't release anything with unsure or third-party copyright

    Why not? It seems to me they do not want to do anything complicated and they want to hold back really valuable stuff.

    So I presume everything that will be offered in the next time is at least for me not of particular interest. (That's why I have cancelled my subscription.)

    Really? Four tracks that were knitted together from scraps as a gag and a demo that's around 50 years old? Sorry, without me. I'm out of the subscription.

    Honestly: I have the impression that PG had the idea of continuing this full moon thing, but no thought was given to the realisation. Now really valuable tracks are being held back and only cheap leftovers are being pulled out of the archive. Nothing that's worth the monthly fee to me.

    And I don't think that's a generous attitude towards the subscribers - the most loyal fans.

    So, I'm out.

    Well, what he said (already in 2023) is that he wants to have a break from all that and spend time with his familiy and then come back with new music.

    From what we know from Real World is that they want to fill the gap inbetween with music releases from the archive. I must admit that I wasn't very happy with the december offer for subscribers and there was nothing for the January new moon. In my opinion this is not 3 £ worth.

    We already have contacted Real World to discuss this.

    Beside that it seems that Peter wants to come up with new music this year and maybe it will again be something with the dimension of a whole album. Or at least an EP...

    I realy doubt that there will be something like an Australian/NZ/Japan Tour. These states are very far away from England and possible venues are also very far away from each other. The transport of the equipment (and also of crew and band) would cost a fortune. And also the many off-days between shows.

    And even they could calculate a version that would be possible - they couldn't be sure that this calculation works. Not all North America dates were sold very well.

    It would be great for the people over there - but I think this will remain a dream...

    (In comparison: Even the best selling Taylor Swift just heads for four locations in this area. But she can sell several shows at each stop - unlikely that this would also work for a Peter Gabriel.)

    I presume they will not offer tracks that they can make money from in any way. Especially if they are aware that all spectacular stuff will be spread out through the internet within minutes.

    So it will probably be stuff that is kind of nice, but only interesting for a limited group. The stuff they've put out so far fits right in. Only the Back To Front recording fell out (but that likely came to generate interest in the subscription again).

    I can think of instrumentals of i/o tracks or re-releases of old promo stuff (that came e.g. with the former Real World Notes CDs).