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    Just realized how cool "Another record" is. Haven't voted for this track, but it's really something else

    That song has grown on me too. The Abacab album in general has grown on me. I used to call it their worst album but now I believe that FGTR more deserves that bottom spot, with Abacab one rankin above it. Still, I enjoy FGTR. Even the worst album by Genesis is a nice little collection of songs.

    Welcome back, and congratulations on finding a community of intent, so to speak.
    It's not easy to make real friends in today's asinine, rapacious world. :) :thumbup:

    Thanks Lazlor, and I agree, making new friends isn't easy. However, I always knew I wanted to be a furry throughout the 2010s, I just couldn't admit it to myself due to insecurity and fear of not being accepted. The community however is very warm, accepting, tolerant and involving, plus very artistically talented.

    I returned to this forum shortly before Christmas, and if you remember I said that I had made a very large number of new friends since I had last logged onto this forum. I'm not sure how many of you remember this but on the old forum I often mentioned my social anxiety and my difficulty in finding friends during university and beyond, and for the most part I only socialised online, mainly on this forum. But after the original forum closed I found myself wanting to make real-life friends more and more, especially in 2018 when I had become depressed from the loneliness.

    So how did I make friends? Well, the answer to that can be found in my avatar! I finally joined the furry fandom, a fandom which to be perfectly honest I had wanted to be a part of for years but never really found the time to get involved in (also, years ago I just had too much social anxiety to even go out and meet people anyway). For anyone unaware of this fandom (although it's become pretty prominent), it's a fandom for people who like animal characters, and I've always been fond of them. What I'm wearing is a fursuit, which are animal costumes many furries wear. I didn't make the costume or even come up with the character but I'm very attached to him. His name is Wasabi, and he is a Star Wars-themed ferret. I know that the idea of furries may sound strange, and it is, but remember that we all enjoy a band where costuming was a big part of the act in their golden age. If Peter Gabriel can be a flower, I can sure as hell be a ferret if I want. ^^

    It's a blessing to finally be able to go out and meet my friends while dressing up and expressing myself as well, and I appreciate the opportunity so, so much. Having friends is something I always wanted and last year my dream came true. Before, I had to rely on old school/uni friends who I was becoming increasingly distant with; I almost never talk to old school/uni friends anymore, they've all moved on with their own lives now. That's why I wasn't on the forum for so long, because I found new friends in furries, but then I felt like I had abandoned this place and so came back. :)

    Yes, it matters to me. I haven't enjoyed a full album of Peter's work since Security; but, to each, his or her own.

    OK :)

    Personally I've become increasingly bored these last few years with trying out new prog rock bands. Which is weird, because several of my favourite artists are of course prog rock. My favourite three are all prog: Genesis, Porcupine Tree and Marillion (although Marillion has admittedly a fair amount of mediocre stuff; however, their best work is magnificent to me, and Hogarth is one of my favourite vocalists). Camel and Pendragon are #4 and #5.

    I'm not undermining prog rock as a genre, or denying the amount of work the bands put into their music, but the older I get, the less music I feel I need. And I find that when I do seek new music that gives me a listening experience that I cannot get from many other places; sounds I've never heard before. Sigur Ros, whom I started listening to in 2016, is an example. I also got into R.E.M. over the last two or three years. Fabulously inventive rock group, easily America's best in my book. Much of the newer prog rock I've tried in recent years just hasn't given me the same happiness and satisfaction as bands like those.

    To be honest, I feel like in this dark and difficult time we're living through, I mostly just want to hear easy music: some nice upbeat rock, a bit of metal, acoustic/folky stuff, ambient music, some nice jazzy chillout/lounge, with the occasional bit of prog thrown in. I've learned that sometimes, the simplest music can be the most affecting. There's just too many prog rock bands out there to explore and it got really exhausting once I'd finished exploring all the classic prog groups back in university and tried to move onto more challenging groups. That was back when I used to post their album covers multiple times a day on the old forum. :)

    But, as you mentioned, this is a matter of personal preference. The prog rock I do enjoy is still awesome at the end of the day. It just nowadays takes a particularly interesting and different prog rock band to impress me, and I prefer ones who don't make too many lengthy/over-complicated songs. :)

    I really need to explore Rush more, to be honest. They were one of several of my university bands (remember that era? Where I tried to get into a huge pile of prog rock and it paid off tremendously, because I liked a majority of what I heard?), well sadly Rush never made it into my "love" pile, so I stopped regularly listening to them. Same thing happened to Supertramp.

    OK, for 2020, it's time for me to listen to more Rush 8)

    The first Genesis song I ever listened to, and that's why it's part of my username. I love this song and it still makes me emotional to this day.

    By the way, One For The Vine hasn't been my favourite Genesis song in years now. My favourite is currently The Musical Box. In fact... I hate to admit it, by One For The Vine has fallen down my ranking of my absolute Genesis favourites by several places. In fact I don't think it's even my favourite on WAW anymore. Is it a good song? Hell yeah! But I've found that I perhaps overrated it a bit all those years. As I grow older, my tastes continue to change. I'm 27 now! :O When I joined the forum, I was 18!

    I've warmed up to this album over the years. On the old forum a few years ago I remember making a divisive post about how I was struggling to get into this album. But I've found that, while the album is messy in places and contains very little of their strongest material, it's still an OK album. Nothing special, but enjoyable. :)

    I chose Abacab, Me and Sarah Jane, and Dodo/Lurker.