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    I saw this movie on the 30th and I much enjoyed it. Overall, I've really, really loved the sequel trilogy and I actually prefer it to the original trilogy although I of course love that as well. I think that the original Star Wars if my favourite original trilogy movie because of its sheer, sweet simplicity. It was the first one and it constructs a magical space fantasy world right before your very eyes. The movies Rogue One and Solo I also enjoy although they have their faults.

    As for the prequels... I really, really dislike them now, to the point where I cannot even watch them anymore. If you guys remember back on the old forum, I watched all these movies in order on DVD, from 1 to 7 (and then 8 when it was released in late 2017) and at the time I tried desperately to defend the prequels but I cannot after multiple rewatches of the other, better, movies. They are completely, irreparably broken in comparison to me.

    I will admit that the Rise of Skywalker is kind of corny at times and runs out of steam towards of the end but I still found it very visually impressive, appropriately dark and epic, and satisfyingly aggressive in its action. I just wish its climax were a bit less silly. It gets an 8/10 from me although I can't give it a score higher than that.

    My ranking of the Star Wars movies is (from best to worst): The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Rise of Skywalker, Solo, Return of the Jedi, Rogue One, The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith, Attack of the Clones.

    Happy Christmas to everyone here, and a happy new decade as well. :)

    Like I said, I promise I'll post here a lot more often next year (I made this promise last Christmas, and I didn't keep it, but this time I will).

    It's decent of you to say it but I think you're being harsh on yourself. The Leave rhetoric was persuasive and co-ordinated, while the Remain campaign was terrible and rooted in presumptuous complacency. Many leave voters now feel they made the wrong choice.

    At least you can absolve yourself of direct responsibility for the ensuing Johnson government!

    This is true. I may have voted Brexit (massive mistake) but didn't vote Johnson.

    Just to be clear: Until 2017 I was a Tory because my parents were. So I voted Tory in 2015, Brexit in 2016 (worst mistake of my life) and Tory again in 2017 (although very reluctantly as by that point I was upset with them). I stopped supporting the Tories in 2017 and started supporting the Liberal Democrats. I voted Lib Dem in this year's local elections. However, I then switched to Labour for this election because of tactical voting, and I feel like I want to support Labour from now on.

    So yeah... I'm partially to blame for anything that happens. You guys don't know how much I regret my Brexit vote, it made me depressed in 2018 thinking about it knowing I was so gullible. I'm so sorry everyone. ;(

    Yep, I'm still alive, and I've decided to return after a very, very long break. I don't think posted here in maybe over a year now. I can't remember.

    I'm really sorry. I'm back though :) But while I was gone I managed to correct a lot of problems in my life - like my lack of a social life (I've made a huge number of friends this year - dozens upon dozens - and I'll explain how soon, it's very weird but it's an interesting story!) and I'm of course still listening to a lot of music, the odd bit of Genesis included.

    I'm honestly really pleased this forum is still at least active to some degree. :) I'm going to make an effort to post here semi-regularly now.


    Just signed again to say thank you for this. I look forward to reading it and re-living the memories of our discussions.

    As I promised in that "goodbye" thread I made, I'll drop by this forum two or three times a year to say hello.


    - NSOV


    So some of you guys might be wondering "Where is NoSon? Why isn't he posting?" and I thought I may as well finally break the news. I felt guilty for not posting for multiple weeks, as if I just vanished without a trace, so I'd prefer it if I just let it out: I'm just done with the forum. :huh:

    I highly appreciate the fact that this new forum has been created for all the old TIOA members, but I just have nothing else to say or discuss. I tried this by making a few threads but to tell you the truth, I really see no reason in discussing the exact same topics yet again, just on a new forum. There comes a time when you have to accept that. I've discussed every aspect of Genesis many, many times - enough times to be really tired of it. Yeah, they are in my opinion, the best band of all time by far. But even the best band ever can become boring to talk about. ?(

    Furthermore, I am also really, really burned out on music in general - not that I don't like music anymore, but I'm listening to new stuff very rarely these days. I might listen to the occasional new album by a comfort zone artist like Newton Faulkner or Elbow, but recently whenever I do hear music, I mostly listen to old favourites over and over to block out the abysmal pop/rap crap the radio plays at the gym. So I can't even discuss music anymore. That fiery passion I had for music throughout the late 2000s to the mid 2010s is sadly gone, replaced with a desire to just listen to my favourite songs/albums over and over. Even new prog albums are sadly uninteresting to me.

    I hate to have to admit it, but there just isn't anything left for me on here anymore. It just isn't the same here - it lacks the retro 2000s charm of the original forum - and even if it was the same forum I'd still very rarely have anything to talk about anyway. Chatting is fun, but it's not worth it if it's just small talk for the sake of it.

    None of this means I won't drop in a couple of times a year to say hello, but I'm afraid that my days of frequent forum-posting are long over. Sorry, guys. :|

    Thanks for all the wonderful discussions over the years, everyone. I won't forget them and I'm so glad to have made friends with so many of you. You guys helped me through some tough times in my life.

    'Til the next time, farewell. :)

    - NSOV

    P.S. I'm seeing the Book of Genesis at Charterhouse on June 2nd. So there's a fair chance I might bump into some of you. 8o