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    Lots of great stuff on here and it highlights what a loss Hackett was to be. I think the whole album holds together well without being too samey. In the CD era, Inside and Out would have been included, though Pigeons and Match of the Day probably best left as pleasant B-sides. If they could have continued to produce albums of this quality, a good balance of long and shorter songs with enough to reward repeated listenings, I'd have been happier. But I don't blame them for the changes that were to come and they did still produce some great stuff. But Wind is the last album where I really liked every track- even Your Own Special Way, despite the bland solo.

    It's my personal all time favorite release by the band.

    I don't rate "One for the Vine" as highly as some do, though; to me it sounds like a smoothly-done medley of song bits from a concept album.

    Tony has mentioned it was something he had been working on since around the end of the Lamb tour/Beginning of the Trick sessions.

    It is also interesting how taste evolves with the years; I used to like YOSW, now I wonder what I was thinking, I thought Mouse was pure genius, now I think it is Banks at his most self-indulgent. Vine was perfection and now it feels cobbled together. I found Steve's instrumentals just OK, now I think they are absolutely brilliant.

    To me, W&W is 'brilliant' beginning to end and One for the Vine cobbled together? It is a masterpiece and ranks right up there with Firth of Fifth and any other of the more noteworthy Banks tracks.

    Who's "Over Your Head Carter"?

    Unarmed with a reference that makes sense, I'm assuming you mean Jimmy Carter, owing to his age. Should you ever get to be his age, and still have a mind as sharp as his, you'd be grateful to be propped up by pills, much as my mother is, being 2 years older.

    I mean't it's over YOUR HEAD, in that, you don't understand. Carter's little pills was a product that came out long before you were born. Has nothing to do with Jimmy Carter, Bonham Carter or whatever, GET IT?

    I am a casual fan. I find him a fantastic vocalist and performer, and a decent writer. I like many individual songs, from his rockers to his more reflective works. Just have never committed to an album.

    His album "Live Bullet" is what brought me into his camp, I've only seen him twice, once in '77 and last year. Great performer, puts his all into it.

    Can someone explain who is responsible for the costing of the book and why they have decided to put the book out at such a relatively high price? I'm sure I'm one of many fans who would love to have such a book but, frankly, to expect people to shell out this kind of money for a book of photographs is a bloody cheek. Even if I had the disposable income to afford it, I still wouldn't buy it.

    I feel we live in a world where the majority of folk know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    You are under no obligation to get it and your complaining isn't going to lower the price. The man has worked hard throughout his career and as I mentioned, putting these things together and publishing them IS NOT CHEAP. Do you think the man gets a discount or something working with printers, publishers and such? I don't think Robert will cry for your patronage so fine, DON'T BUY IT.

    What are you talking about? John Martyn managed to continue performing despite being in a poor state of health. Phil has only recently finished a world tour and as far as anyone knows his health has not taken a sudden downwards turn since then. Seriously, Mark, this kind of scaremongering does nobody any good at all.

    Falling on stage during his tour, that's fine? You are obviously not objective when it comes to Phil, you think the man can do no wrong and scaremongering? To whom, the band? This Forum? The whole point is moot anyway as they ARE NOT going to reunite. For one thing, he can't drum anymore and his singing has diminished, A LOT. But again, you're not going to see any of it because your objectivity missed the bus.

    What you do with your spare cash/money is entirely you're choice, this is another book we'll be buying.

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    For sure, if it isn't within someone's budget or whatever, well, that isn't Robert's fault. I like his work every bit as much as Gallo's, I greatly enjoy his Lamb book and am looking forward to his next publication in May.

    Doubt Phil would be fit for any reunion. Maybe seated but his health would likely be an issue. Anyway, I doubt a reunion is ever likely given the age of the guys plus Peter has said he could no longer reach certain notes on classic Genesis songs (his era)

    A Genesis reunion is off the table and has been and of course. I know Rutherford's "never say never" is a popular quote but the band concluded things back in '07. Phil could never be involved anyway, his health very much precludes that chance.

    I hope it might include a tour performance without overdubs. Although it was interesting to hear a latter-day Gabriel sing parts of these songs (and thus help me imagine what if), what I have heard of the original Shrine recordings makes me think that they should be fine, warts and all.

    The original, untouched Shrine was just fine (to my ears), I wasn't crazy about the overdubbing at all. The purest that I am, much prefers to hear something as it was rendered, as you say, 'warts and all'.

    I have a Lamb mug. When they did nothing in particular to mark its 40th I got myself the mug as my own personal tribute. I think it was from Burning Shed.

    It holds tea and keeps it reasonably hot, and conveys the tea into my mouth efficiently. I really couldn't ask for much more of a mug.

    I have a Lamb t-shirt, a couple of Lamb refrigerator magnets and a tour program, signed by all less Collins.

    As I mentioned, the '93 gig was the most full filling out of the other PG concerts I'd been to. The '86 show I attended was good but not quite on par with the aforementioned. A couple of things from that concert DO stand out though, during "No Self Control", the lights that were raining down on him almost in an attacking mode came close to hitting him. And, when he fell back into the crowd during "Lay Your Hands on Me", he barely emerged back on stage, wearing nothing but his pants. Security really had to fight to retrieve him, the crowd wouldn't let him go.

    'they do respect her but they love to watch her strut'. I try not to take it too seriously but I struggle with it.

    It's just a song. But at the same time, there are certainly a vast amount of 'strutters', trying to draw attention to themselves. No one tells them to 'strut'.