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    Not really. For me it's a totally different approach, no tracks released on the internet before hand, unlike PG!

    The hype is being built by hoping you get invited to a spatial audio listening session. Only 3 of these so far in London, attended by 25-30 people per event - a run through of the album in darkness. Over 10000 applied for the London playbacks, I believe there is a session in LA next week. probably more to follow.

    Excitement is built by listening to those who were there gush about how great the new album is etc....

    No release date confirmed yet - Sept 29th seems to be the general consensus. Should be a good one!

    This may seem like a mundane question, but does the book address how the photos were gathered for the slides that were used on the tour? I've always been fascinated by old photos of NYC, especially those taken in the more gritty areas of the city (which back in the 1970s encompassed large sections of the city that have since been cleaned up and gentrified).

    The tour, and preparation are dealt with in an 80 page chapter - which I've not got to yet.

    I've quickly skimmed the chapter though. There are quotes from the guys putting the slides together - Theo Botchuijver and Jeffrey Shaw in which they recall a 'pivotal trip' to NYC to gather material and numerous meetings and phone calls with PG.

    If you're on the fence about this book, I'd say just get it. I know it's expensive for a paperback, but I'm really enjoying it so far and learning a lot despite considering myself quite knowledgeable about The Lamb.

    The Musical Box Lamb tour this year is also preceded by a documentary with Botchuijver talking about the slides and show - very interesting. Maybe it's on Youtube?

    It's a good read! I highly recommend this book. This is interesting for anybody who wants to dive deep into the world of The Lamb.

    The author also hints more books about other albums will follow. Looking forward to reading them!

    Me too - about half way in, lots of interesting information in there. The image on the last page or so seems to suggest Foxtrot next, but I also read a footnote on one page mentioning the Wind & Wuthering 1976-77 edition. Seems this book is print on demand - I ordered it 8th March and it arrived with 'Printed 9th March 2023' on the very last page - maybe that explains the high cost of the book?

    I've read it and there is no mention of Headley Grange. It talks about the "genesis" of the album, but nothing is telling me how detailed that gets. So based on the review, it sounds like a good book, but I'm not sure it will go any deeper than the interviews we have already heard and read about.

    Yes, the stay at Headley Grange is pretty well covered in the first few chapters.

    Ok, so my Disc one starts with Pacidy, followed by Shepherd. Assuming all copies are like this?

    Also, the count in by Phil before Get 'em Out By Friday has been chopped out.

    Is there a consensus yet if these session versions replace the best we have already?

    UPDATE - according to a thread on SHF, North American copies have the error, UK/Europe does not

    I don't understand. Why don't they just make a box set with all the complete recordings of the BBC sessions and concerts? Some tracks might appear more than once, so what?

    This. I know a lot of us have full good quality versions of the early BBC Sessions, Wembley 75, Knebworth 78, Lyceum 80 etc etc, but it would have been nice - in my opinion - to have the full concerts officially released. That said, I'll probably end up buying it.