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    Good morning

    If I want to sell my ticket now how do I go about that. I know I can sell it back to AXS but wondering if I can just sell it via ebay instead. I can transfer the ticket into who ever buys its name through the app but wondering if there is anything stopping me sell it myself instead of through AXS. Its a superb 2 seats as well these seats are nopw going for £800 each! I just dont think the gig will be any good in my opinion with Phil Collins not really on form for past few years. Also with Covid I actually think its a very dodgy enviroment to be in!

    I'd be more than happy with that set list, especially if the played entangled.

    Hoorah Genesis reunion on the cards....not sure if Phil Collins is up to it though, his voice is very frail, seems not to have improved much either from his numerous solo gigs over the last few years either.

    Also getting a ticket will be fun, all the PC ones got bought up electronically by touts in seconds. Hopefully they might use newer ticketing technology to stop that and have names attached.