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    Ooh - first post from a long time listener & watcher.

    Well I've bitten the bullet and forked out some hard earned cash for this so let's hope they are keeping an eye on this forum (yeah right!) - just in case though - Tony, Mike & Phil here's my preferred setlist. I've taken into account the fact that Phil will not be drumming and his voice may not be quite as robust as it once was and songs from previous tours so my suggestions are :-

    (in reverse order - cos that's the way by brain works)

    White Mountain

    The Fountain Of Salmacis

    Watcher Of The Skies (prob instumental)

    Suppers Ready

    I Know What I Like

    Cinema Show

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    The Carpet Crawlers


    Dance On A Volcano



    A Trick Of The Tail

    Los Endos



    Many Too Many

    Say Its Alright Joe


    Keep It Dark


    That's All

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    .. and probably the other 80s/90s hits

    That should do it...