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    Has anyone actually received any physical tickets yet?. I booked on the phone for one of my two planned shows, and therefore it doesn’t show on the Ticketmaster application as an E Ticket (booked with Ticketmaster direct). This is for the first Leeds Arena Show and I’m wondering if tickets are going to be sent out?.

    I’m watching what the government are doing with these trial events for example 2,000 fans in an open air football stadium that can seat 90,000 - a little conservative if you ask me and that was on Sunday of last week at Wembley Stadium!. The World Snooker seems more realistic in that they are gradually increasing attendances over the fortnight to hopefully have full capacity indoors for the final if all goes well with the feedback they get from tests of those who attend. Currently I think they are around 300 in a 900 seated indoor Arena with no problems touch wood!. I think looking at 20,000 in Manchester Arena singing and Hollering their appreciation of Our heroes is pushing it?. Snooker on the other hand is a more or less library type situation were people don’t exactly jump about or sing for 90 mins!. Mind you I’m not saying Genesis fans have a tendency to jump about!, but I have seen the occasional hand aloft.

    I actually think over here the numbers are as low as they are probably going to go. Thankfully numbers have dropped considerably from 1250 deaths in January to 4 yesterday. Due to the superb vaccination program we have had over here. Problem is who knows how these new mutations are going to affect things by September?. Hopefully they don’t but as I said our government is cautious in the extreme. Probably for good reason but sooner or later you just have the face the facts that it’s here now. And we must get back to doing the things we enjoy sooner rather than later ie, concerts.

    I actually think this will be the soonest outcome, if you look at it closely. They have rehearsed all the songs and invested all that time and money into the stage set etc. If our government over here are so cautious for the coming months as Mike said it won’t be happening anytime soon. So why not cut your loses and look to performing where it’s practical to do so. If the United States are more accessible then why not for you USA fans?.

    the question is though is the US allowing such live events soon?, can anyone over there chip in with thoughts?.

    I also totally agree with you, I find myself totally envious of people who got to see Genesis in their prime! Imagine being in the crowd on a good night in say 1973 on the Selling England tour! If I close my eyes I can almost see and smell it! Or in 1976-77 on the Trick or W & W Tour? Would be incredible!

    yes it’s interesting to think like that, but it’s the same with every generation I guess. I’ve seen a lot of groups and probably you have to who fans of today would probably give the Earth to see but can’t. Here’s a few I saw.

    Oasis in their Prime / Soundgarden at the time of Superunknown coming out. Prince on the LovesexyTour / The Verve / Thin Lizzy etc etc.

    The two shows I would have loved to see besides Genesis on the Lamb Tour are Zeppelin at knebworth or Earls Court in 1975 and Sinatra at the Royal Festival Hall in the early 1970s.

    thankfully I do have the full Zeppelin shows at Both places on dvd and the Sinatra show in front of Princes Grace of Monaco which is a small consolation!.

    I have just checked the prices of those albums on eBay and the prices on Acoustic Sound are very favourable indeed , on eBay Nursery Cryme is over £300 - $400 at the moment so their prices for those three albums are very competitive and You would get a guarantee as well - in a nutshell if I had the money I’d be buying them now!. I didn’t know they were even released !. Acoustic Sounds only sell top quality sounding albums at the higher prices that’s their speciality. Anything over $200 must either be rare as hens teeth or sound superlatively brilliant.

    Stupid question.

    On that website (acoustic sounds) there are Genesis albums from the "hobson collection" or something for $250. What is the hobson collection?

    I know what it is now those albums were pressed on the Classic Records Label - they pressed some of the best sounding records of the last 30 years probably up to the level of the original UK pressings on Charisma in the early 1970s possibly a lot better. They are hard to come by and will cost those prices . Also the Classic Records were pressed on premium vinyl / lovely thick album jackets. I have one in my collection and paid over £100 each and not archive quality - which basically mean mint condition. I have an Alan Parsons Project “ I Robot “ album. Sadly none of those Genesis titles.

    I am mystified why there has been no revisiting of the box set packages. It really is beyond my comprehension when all these other artists are releasing shed loads of stuff. I mean look at Crimson a massive box set with everything related to “ITCOTCK” and what do we Genesis fans get an orange vinyl!!. Those box sets just sold for over £1000 on eBay for the set, its high time they looked to releasing stuff for the fans rather than living on memories and hopes of something more!. Look at Neil Young he’s practically releasing an album every two months from his Archives!.

    I’m guessing that no one Involved directly with the band and releasing of product looks at this site?, or they would appreciate our desire for more things to purchase. With the current concert situation a lot of groups are revisiting those back catalogues to raise money to keep afloat until things improve. I’m guessing Phil and the boys can’t be in the same situation?.

    On a similar note I had an open air show booked for June this year which has now been put back three months to September 21st. You would have hopefully thought that an Open air concert event in June would be feasible ?. How they consider three months is going to make a difference !!. And to boot all the hotel and transport particulars that I’ve had booked to re arrange (got a great deal on the hotel which for the new date is £40 more!!) . The group is Biffy Clyro if anyone is interested. So now every concert that I’ve got booked has had an alternative date pencilled in now, some of them have been changed twice and one show three times. As yet I’ve had no doubling up of dates which is a miracle but there is time !!.

    funny discussion

    I'd rather have the stuff that's unavailable re-released (i.e. the SACD) on an appropriate format (Blu-ray audio?)

    Then there's When In Rome ... Blu-ray?

    I don't need, and don't want anything in Dolby Atmos

    me to I honestly don’t know why they did the one release of these boxes, why oh why go to all that effort to just release them the once. There are probably thousands of new fans who want them as much as old fans who missed out like me. Surely the groups management see the ridiculous prices these are been asked for on eBay and consider to re issue them all again. Wouldn’t hurt to repress a couple of 1,000 of each !. They could gladly take my money now but ebays prices of between £200 for the last box to £600 for the first box is a rich mans hobby!. I would love to ask Tony Banks why they just put them out once !!. SACD is more popular today then it was in 2008 , look at the Analogue Productions and Mobile Fidelity labels they still sell loads of them?.

    Can’t see these shows happening at all this year just got news Steven Wilson has completely cancelled his tour now. Also Nick Mason Saucerful of Secrets have yet again cancelled the twice re arranged dates. No chance. Was feeling optimistic due to the vaccine roll out been such a success, but I didn’t factor in the people from abroad whom have probably bought a lot of tickets. Unfortunately I doubt they will be able to come to the UK to see these shows. Just ain’t going to happen, this virus is causing never ending cancellations and it’s showing no sign of getting any better sadly.