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    Went to see the show last evening at the Lovely York Barbican, first rate performance’s from all members of the group. The vocalist’s theatrics and interpretation of the songs visually was absolutely fantastic. Beyond my wildest dreams seeing the show performed that well and with such conviction. The drummers background vocals were also wonderful. Well done Musical box!!. Although I’ve seen them before at the same venue three years ago to the week this show really was special for me and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    and the encore of WOTS made my hair stand up like it does when I hear it on Three Sides Live.

    Wish I could go again as it’s really not to be missed.

    I hope one day they will at least re issue the 2007 sets, if anyone has any concrete arguments of why that wouldn’t be a good idea I’d love to read them. I nearly bought them the other month but the seller wanted to much dollar, to find out two weeks later that he had dropped his price to what i offered him and he sold them within 30 Mins ( was pretty gutted I can tell you ). These box sets were signed off and agreed in 2007 so why not revisit them again. Looking on Discogs vinyl albums are re issued time and time again but why the small sacd box sets haven’t is anyone guess!.

    I think people who charge such high prices wouldn’t take reasonable offers, George Michael’s album Older on vinyl is getting re issued (limited on vinyl first time around and was going regularly for £1500). Folks even though they know it’s imminent are still asking £600 and £800 for their copies. I hope they fall flat on their faces for being greedy!.

    I saw the full set on eBay last year in Germany and I forgot to bid on them and they went for £400 or something which is what I’d pay for them. Was slightly gutted that I forgot to place a late bid. I wish they would do these again. Sooner rather than later and I don’t feel they have any excuses not to. All the work has been done and it would be just reprinting everything.

    Like probably everyone on here I am appreciative of good musicianship and I myself feel that SEBTP is possibly Genesis most musically adventurous and difficult album to play. I am not musically trained and only go on what I’m hearing, But I feel myself that album is the most uplifting musically via its complexity of music playing and what it presents to the ears of the listeners.

    anyone agree?

    I have put this on my watch list out of interest . I have now been offered a£750 discount!

    that’s very generous of them considering the full set cost that to buy new. They certainly are cheeky expecting someone to be that desperate to pay such a ridiculously high price. If anyone is thinking of buying it at that price they must have have bought Twitter and therefore money is no object.

    I think what’s interesting about Genesis and their popularity with the general public is that many people won’t have a clue there was a “Calling All Stations” era of the group in fact if you played that album to many folks familiar with the Mega popularity period they possibly wouldn’t have a clue who it was!.

    To me Genesis went sort of full circle to an unknown quantity more or less like how they started.
    i definitely feel they were more cool when they appealed to long haired students in the early 70s than they did in the I Can’t Dance period which I feel is terribly dated and “of it’s time”. Trespass and Other albums of that era are timeless and will remain cool I feel and appreciated for Decades to come.

    I myself like to believe anything in the World is possible and nothing can be totally written off, that is everything apart from Roger Waters and David Gilmour seeing eye to eye (now that is even further away from possible than this).

    But yes BackDrifter your probably correct, nice to discuss it though!.

    Remote I know but not totally out of the question, I Mean nothing is impossible. I don’t know if anyone has every asked them their thoughts about performing at Glastonbury. Especially in the legends slot. I guess that would more likely be suited to Phil Collins on his own.

    I know that the general consensus on the forum is that Genesis are now over as a touring outfit, but part of me feels that if Glastonbury came knocking for a one off headline slot on maybe a Sunday or the Sunday legend slot they may well be tempted. This would give them a lot of exposure on the Tv Worldwide and thus increase record and cd sales. Does anyone else think this is possibly one of the only reasons another show could happen someday?.

    Fair comments from you both I guess if there’s only 20 people who would reply it wouldn’t tempt any record company to re issue. I guess the only way

    for it to happen is if the record company realise people are paying such high sums on a regular basis for these sets. I’m guessing that they ain’t aware. I would say that I’ve seen each set sell For between £150 and £ 300 on over 50 occasions in the past three years. If money wasn’t an issue for me (which it is) I’d have already bought them by now.

    Would it be possible for Christian to do a poll of who would buy this and who has it but may buy another if it was updated to bluray possibly?. And point it in the record companies direction. Anything would help out cause and I’m sure this would. I would like to see the original back out again, I feel it’s really needed for a lot of folks.

    But it just feels as though the format has waned, Genesis did try Selling England By The Pound as a blu ray audio. But it didn't exactly fly off the shelves.


    again another title which the flippers are selling online for top dollar!. I honestly don’t get the powers that be not having another attempt at these. Times have changed the equipment has decreased in price somewhat to replay the discs. Even groups like Marillion are re issuing box sets twice or three times and selling out for example the set for “Misplaced Childhood” has come and gone a couple of times and sold out on each occasion. I agree regarding blu ray becoming the popular format at the moment, but the ability of being able to put more albums per disc although great would possibly decrease sales, as I myself like to see one album each disc. I think with bluray You could possibly get a full set of these on one disc?. Although I’m not sure on capacity which I think is around 50gb per disc in comparison to 4.7 or 8gb approx.

    It would be super if they released each box set on Stereo SACD although Stereo and Multi Channel layer discs are equally fine.

    If anyone points whoever pulls the strings across to eBay and sees the full set of these for well over £1500 then maybe that would do the trick. I haven’t seen any of them sell for less than £175 and that’s the red set primarily and I’ve been watching these sales for around 5 years.

    Does anyone who can do this occasionally view posts in this forum or is it just fans who frequent this site?.


    SACD for me is still a very viable option to be honest as I still buy them now I have a player that’s compatible. I have bought a few recently and some of the high end audio labels still use SACD ie, Mofi and Analogue Productions to sell their titles. If they did re issue then the work has already been done, It would be great also for those fans who have got into the group since 2007 and I’m sure there are a lot. Fingers crossed that whoever is involved thinks let’s do it again and see what happens.
    I know this isn’t the forum but a lot of artists re issue albums which are been sold for high prices on the used market. I would hope that Genesis management have been made aware of these silly prices - I noted on here someone was wanting over £300 for a set!. Reissuing product quickly puts a stop to blatant profiteering. It also lets true fans get things they would cherish, I know I would I have nearly bought one of these used sets for over £200 on a few occasions but quickly come to my senses until I considering it once again!.

    George Michaels estate are re issuing one of his albums on vinyl which has been selling regularly for over £1000 on Discogs and the profiteers are panicking now thinking their ridiculous sudden windfalls are rapidly disappearing!.