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    Whaaaat? They actually shot the audience footage at a Yes concert? Well that makes me feel a little better about the fact that in one audience shot you can clearly see someone sound asleep. Beyond that I agree that the non-concert footage was horrendous, especially during the second half of Cinema Show and Apocalypse in 9/8.

    Agreed...the inserts of film for SR and the finale to los endos are shockingly poor. But the original show recording is still gathering dust somewhere...maybe one day it can see the light of day in full glory!

    A little unusual. I was about 14 rows from the front at Birmingham and about 5 rows from the back at Manchester! I enjoyed the shows equally. Loved having the different views. Sound was better at Manchester. Don't know if was the place but I think it was position.Specatular views.

    To be fair not a great camera. Looks even further away than it felt.

    Always good to get a different perspective...did you notice anything different with the performance?...maybe a bit more confidence in Manchester?

    i have seen some fairy recent quotes from Steve, where seems to be having a slight dig at Tony and Mike..Will try and find them

    Feel that some irony that touring with Seconds Out, when he left when the album was being mixed and was pretty much mixed out of it...but he was in the recorded shows so guess he is eligible 😄

    I was thinking that the compilation is an easy way of selling some show tickets. Like saying ' hey remember us, we are back and if you come and see us, these are some of the songs you will hear'


    Not sure they will play in this order and may still be a few surprises, but not sure why Los Endos only on the US version?

    You need to watch the clip from breakfast TV yesterday. That'll dampen your excitement. One year on from the documentary and Phil is even more of a shell of the man he was then.

    yes have seen it, agree hd seems even frailer, although thought his speech seemed slightly better. Hopefully along with the band and backing singers can pull it off...should still be a good night out, first big gig for nearly 20 months, so everything crossed 🤞

    just watched the doc again...even more excited about show now!...Duchess is one of my favs and the version played sounds great, even without vocals.

    Seeing one of the London shows which is at end of Uk gigs...reckon Phil's voice will be either stronger by then or knackered of the two! 🤔