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    As someone who loves Abacab, I'm afraid I have no idea what that means. The album is as 'relevant' as any other album. If they played nothing from it on the last few tours, that does not necessarily mean the band shared your dismissive opinon of it. .

    I agree with you, not sure how it’s not a relevant album in the Genesis catalogue. Dodo/lurker, Me and Sarah Jane, Keep It Dark are pretty solid Genesis tunes in my opinion

    Christ, these whiny post-tour threads are dispiriting.

    I apologize that truly wasn’t my intent but I can see how it came across that way. I loved every tour that I’ve seen. I was really just curious to hear peoples perspective as to why they think the band might not want to play songs from this album. I meant no offense

    I know they rehearsed the song Abacab but ultimately it wasn’t played. It is now three straight tours now without any songs from that album. Is that the bands least favorite album? In my opinion it was a pretty important album in Genesis history since it was a transitional album to their more pop era. Curious what everyone thinks about this omission?

    Yes I was there! For me it was an incredibly memorable evening. I had a VIP package that included a nice dinner before the show. There was a trivia contest during dinner that I won! My prize was a set of drum sticks signed by the entire band!!

    As for the show, the band sounded great. Crowd was lively at times and dull other times. The energy from the crowd was much stronger during the 2007 show in Columbus. We did get a reaction from Tony Banks however when someone yelled “We love you Tony”!!! Set list remained the same. A wonderful and memorable evening watching my musical heroes one last time!

    Being a physician, I believe Phil is pretty significantly medicated. Knowing patients that have chronic back issues some of the medications that are used often cause them to have slurred and slow speech. It’s really difficult for me to see Phil like this. It does make me sad. But I commend him for giving it a go and I hope everything goes well.

    Yes I too have noticed that Phil talks significantly slower, it seems to have worsened in the last year or so. He was talking quicker when he first came out of retirement.

    It’s seems to have affected his singing ability as well I always felt his singing was always a bit delayed during the Not Dead Yet tour.