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    Ok, I gotta admit I’ve watched the clip 5 times and I still don’t see the back-up singers. It’s becoming like one of those paintings where everyone else sees something in it except me lol. Would some kind soul direct me to where I should be looking in the clip when the back-up singers are visible? Thanks.

    Look at 9 seconds in, between Daryl and Mike you will see them. At 48 seconds you can also see them to the left behind Phil.

    I have to say that I am not looking forward to the backup singers. Pink Floyd had backup singers on their studio material so that would be expected and their music suits it pretty well in some cases. Phil had them on his own material so that would be expected. But Genesis music doesn't really need backup singers unless Phil's voice really isn't up to the task. In past cases of songs with backup singing on studio versions, when played live Phil would handle the main parts and Tony/Mike/Daryl would handle the rest. Some cases the backup vocals would be left out and it worked just fine.

    I remember the Police bringing on backup singers and it was just awful. I fear something similar for Genesis...

    I read your details in the posts that followed, but it was the initial post that I think set the tone of the conversation from there. I was quite a bit surprised to see the direction of the thread, which originally was about the string musicians...

    I find the materials on the archive site to be a lot of fun. The performance contracts and tour itinerarys are interesting to look at and see the other side of touring. I'm not sure about the "constructive feedback" here, I mean there is a way of giving feedback that is helpful, and calling the website a waste of effort doesn't sound constructive to me. Could it be improved? Sure, but so could just about anything with enough time and money. However, I'm not griping about how the materials are presented since I'm not paying for it. I'm just glad to have access to it, it's a bit of fun to peruse.

    Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen that. Looks like he's going with the concert toms and maybe triggers on them. Hard to see everything in this picture but interesting!

    I wonder if this is the same kit Phil used from 1983 - 1987 or so, or a replica? I think Nic was using this same kit a couple of years back and always wondered that.

    ok, so this one again shows the "later" cover image.

    Is it just me complaining? I'd rather see the original artwork on future releases

    I agree, I would like to see the original image as well. It was a fun thing to do with the re-releases but I feel those new images should have been something either on the back or inside of the albums and not on the cover. Kind of feels like a re-writing of history this way with the new images replacing the old.

    All I know is that he did the GWF on the segway at the show I went to in June 2003. Not sure if that was considered the Still Growing Up tour at that point? Can't quite remember that... I do remember much of the show pretty well though. The phone he used for Come Talk to Me came loose from the booth while he was singing so he had to kind of improvise with it. Pretty funny to see!

    Im no professional musician, but I presume they could transpose his keyboard on the fly, so he could play it in the same key, but it would sound a semitone or two lower

    Yup, covered that above 😉

    I always figured the pros would relearn the parts without going the transpose route but if that option is available I guess why not use it.

    I don't think he has to relearn it in a new key. He can play in the original key and use a setting on his keyboard to transpose the key down. I think that's what he did on the 2007 tour - he looks like he is playing in the original key even though the song has been lowered.

    Ah okay, I never really looked that closely at any videos from 2007 to see that he used the transpose setting. I just assumed he painfully learned everything in a new key. Much easier that way for sure. In that case he should be all set!

    ASAEIE is actually quite challenging to sing too - sustained and fairly high notes. Might be possible if they key the whole thing down a 3rd or more. If they do that, then Apocalypse might come more into range as well.

    That might work for singing it, but poor Tony would have the task of relearning that solo in a new key 😳 Not that he hasn't done it before on In The Cage for example, but that could be a heavier lift.

    Thank you . I misread your post . ( Thought it was odd I hadn't heard of of a GWF tour!). I have s poor memory for detail but was certain about that. It's not on the Growing Up DVD which was shot in Milan and I saw it at NEC in Brum .

    I didn't word my post very well so I could see the confusion, though a Games Without Frontiers tour could be interesting haha!

    Yeah, I saw the Growing Up tour twice. The first time he didn't do GWF, and the second one which was a different leg of the tour he did. Not sure which leg of the tour the Milan show was offhand.

    Yes a Segway. That what they're called. I remember the Brian Pern stuff. When I watched that it brought back that memory. But I'm certain it was Growing Up , I didn't go to Games Without Frontiers tour.

    Sorry I meant he rode it during the song Games Without Frontiers on the Growing Up tour. This is what I was able to find on youtube:

    Totally agree about the instant gratification comment, especially as it relates to music. I find that sometimes if I like an album straightaway I am suspicious that perhaps I won't like it in the long run, whereas something a little harder to crack might lead me to think it's worth the effort. Hasn't happened with AMSP, but who knows if there is still something there for me.

    I do love Separator as well, and it might be my favorite on the album. The guitar riff about midway through, coupled with the atmospheric synths and Thom Yorkes vocals at the end make it a big Radiohead moment for me.

    On True Love Waits, I kind of consider it like a bonus song at the end, not even really part of the album if I think about it. It did feel a bit silly that it finally got a release, but since I feel that version surpasses the original, I guess I'm ok with it being there.

    That's interesting that you enjoyed AMSP. I think it combines some of their established elements into a gentler overall sound. I've heard quite a few non-fans say they enjoyed it. Similarly many kind of came back to or discovered them via In Rainbows, which was a much warmer album for them at the time - it's my personal favourite along with The Bends and would be my suggestion for a way in if you don't already know it.

    Some felt they then returned to being somewhat cold and unapproachable with the next album, The King of Limbs. While I'm a huge fan of them, I do understand why many find them aloof and inaccessible.


    I would agree that In Rainbows is probably the best way into the world of Radiohead. It combines a lot of their elements into one album without being difficult to access.