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    Since this tour was my first (and as of yet only) opportunity to have seen them I couldn't complain about the setlist. It brought back some of the classic stuff they got away from on the WCD tour (ITC medley and Los Endos) and even an older surprising one in Ripples. The only thing I remember being disappointed about was I Can't Dance starting the encore set. But even that I was ultimately fine with. The start with BTL into Dukes End and then the lower key TIOA I thought was brilliant and an emotional moment for me to finally see them play live. Starting with BTL was perfect for me and I will always remember the experience of that first note of the song.

    Leads me to a thought though: With many of the songs tuned down in a different key for Phil's voice, did anyone else enjoy any of the songs more that way? I have to say I quite like the lower key of IKWIL, something about it feels better than the original, at least in that setting. In a weird way it seemed to fit the nostalgia trip with the videos behind the band in that key.

    I have always put Duke up there in the top 3 albums of theirs. Phil's singing voice finally begins to sound like himself here rather than fitting into what existed before, Tony's sound gets an update and songwriting becomes a bit more concise, and Mike has an album of lead guitar under his belt to begin to develop his style here.

    It sounds like they came together as a group here in the 3 man era. It's an interesting bit of conversation earlier in this thread regarding ATTWT vs Duke. I have always felt ATTWT a bit more disjointed in terms of the completeness of some of the songs, as if some were never fully developed into their full potential. I love the lush keys and overall atmosphere of that album, along with Phils take no prisoners drumming. That said, this one falls short of the more complete Duke album in my view.

    For anyone lucky enough to have seen the Duke tour, what a show! I can only imagine from the bootlegs and the tour video. The Duke Suite, what a brilliant piece of music. And what's great is that it was hidden within the album in somewhat plain sight. That, plus Man Of Our Times, is enough to push this into my list of great all time albums. Add in the rest and it's just icing on the cake.