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    The rock and roll hall of fame has become less relevant over the years as far as I am concerned. Once they started inducting clear pop and rap while overlooking major rock influential artists it kind of fell into more of a "who can we induct and get ratings" deal than something genuinely about celebrating rock.

    That said, Kate Bush absolutely should be in there, and 20 years ago. She is one of the most talented and creative music minds in rock history, and she paved the way for a lot of female singer/songwriters that have come along since.

    This whole fan vote business is likely a sham anyway. Doubtful it will have much impact with the music industry execs in charge of the "hall of fame."

    I wonder if he is actually trying to say that he would be happy if someone criticized the fact that they didn't play Can Utility and the Coastliners live with Genesis? Maybe because he wanted to play it more often and they only played it 3 times? Trying to decipher but that might be what he is going for here and it just gets lost in translation.

    Not sure about the reference to Across The River, just makes me think of the PG song. If so, I agree that it "goes places" 😁

    A lot of that looks likely, and happy not to see I Can't Dance 😁

    I think you're missing Firth of Fifth which sounds like another one they may be doing, if just the instrumental section as they have done over the years. I agree with the inclusion of Watcher in some capacity. Somehow I see that as a good possibility, and something this setlist desperately needs just to mix things up a bit. I imagine something from the Lamb would slip in as well.

    Something else that bugged me, is when Phil lately said about Nick's drumming that it's the first time he has a drummer he doesn't have to tatter at.

    Now, I understand he has a tour to promote, I understand Nick's his child and I'm sure he is pretty good but considering he worked with Bruford and Thompson that wasn't neither a fair, nor an elegant remark. Chester played with Zappa and Weather Report, he wasn't certainly daunted by the complexity of Genesis music and as for Phil's solo output, well....

    I remember this as well but couldn't remember where I saw the quote. He seemed rather dismissive of all the drummers he has had in the past and I wasn't sure where that was coming from. He has had nothing but top end drumming talent to work with so I found that a bit odd.

    I finally got around to listening to this today and I concur with others here - that doesn't sound like Phil on HBTS. More like a backup singer. Grainier voice and a different tone somewhat. I did hear Phil's voice though on the opening line to HOMH. They seemed to otherwise cut around his vocal parts which is interesting. Maybe the takes here didn't have his vocals in all parts as he was working on them. Who knows? Interesting listen though!

    Terrific interview, thanks for sharing! Really gives you a good picture of his experience behind the scenes. It must have been quite a transition to playing progressive rock from what he was doing earlier. He is quite the professional in being able to make that switch and be the best guy for the job even if prog music wasn't necessarily in his background.

    It is too bad to hear he and Phil don't talk anymore. I would personally much rather Chester on the current about-to-be tour than Nic, just because Chester has been there and played these songs and it feels like he should be the one playing them alone up there if anyone. But he sounds very at peace with his life and good for him!

    Rush is one of my top 3 favorite bands. I saw them live more than any other band I've ever gotten to see. For me the period from AFWTK to PW is their best stuff. The stuff prior is good and full of just rocking energy but I don't rank it nearly as high. I fall off a bit with HYF but there are still some really strong songs in there and on Presto. The 90s were a bit hit or miss for me in their catalogue but I feel Vapour Trails is a fantastic and sort of raw album. Not big on S&A, but Clockwork Angels is among their best albums and such an incredible way to end their career, not that it was necessarily planned that way.

    I find a lot of people like Counterparts but for some reason I've always struggled to get fully into it, don't really know what it is. The songs aren't bad, but they don't grab me the way they do for others.

    Rush is an interesting group in that their fans tend to kind of like different periods all over the place so they pretty much could break out any old deep cut live and make a lot of people happy. I loved that about them, you never were quite sure what would show up on a tour. They had their standards but then suddenly Power Windows gets 5 - 6 songs in a set many years after not playing those songs.

    I miss seeing them live but cherish every show I saw.

    Ok, I gotta admit I’ve watched the clip 5 times and I still don’t see the back-up singers. It’s becoming like one of those paintings where everyone else sees something in it except me lol. Would some kind soul direct me to where I should be looking in the clip when the back-up singers are visible? Thanks.

    Look at 9 seconds in, between Daryl and Mike you will see them. At 48 seconds you can also see them to the left behind Phil.

    I have to say that I am not looking forward to the backup singers. Pink Floyd had backup singers on their studio material so that would be expected and their music suits it pretty well in some cases. Phil had them on his own material so that would be expected. But Genesis music doesn't really need backup singers unless Phil's voice really isn't up to the task. In past cases of songs with backup singing on studio versions, when played live Phil would handle the main parts and Tony/Mike/Daryl would handle the rest. Some cases the backup vocals would be left out and it worked just fine.

    I remember the Police bringing on backup singers and it was just awful. I fear something similar for Genesis...

    I read your details in the posts that followed, but it was the initial post that I think set the tone of the conversation from there. I was quite a bit surprised to see the direction of the thread, which originally was about the string musicians...

    I find the materials on the archive site to be a lot of fun. The performance contracts and tour itinerarys are interesting to look at and see the other side of touring. I'm not sure about the "constructive feedback" here, I mean there is a way of giving feedback that is helpful, and calling the website a waste of effort doesn't sound constructive to me. Could it be improved? Sure, but so could just about anything with enough time and money. However, I'm not griping about how the materials are presented since I'm not paying for it. I'm just glad to have access to it, it's a bit of fun to peruse.

    Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen that. Looks like he's going with the concert toms and maybe triggers on them. Hard to see everything in this picture but interesting!

    I wonder if this is the same kit Phil used from 1983 - 1987 or so, or a replica? I think Nic was using this same kit a couple of years back and always wondered that.

    ok, so this one again shows the "later" cover image.

    Is it just me complaining? I'd rather see the original artwork on future releases

    I agree, I would like to see the original image as well. It was a fun thing to do with the re-releases but I feel those new images should have been something either on the back or inside of the albums and not on the cover. Kind of feels like a re-writing of history this way with the new images replacing the old.