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    I gave this one 15/15 because it's honestly one of my favourite Mechanics songs of all time.

    The first time I heard it was on the tour, and it blew me away.

    I love the beat, which is modern without feeling like a pastiche or like they're trying too hard (which some of Rewired feels like to me, though admittedly I only really listened to that album over a decade after it came out and it sounded dated). Mike is so good at those drum loops, it's reminiscent of Mama.

    I love the directness of its lyrics - the other two new songs are very general in their message, but this one is person-to-person and sexy in a way you perhaps don't expect the Mechanics to be (though they are more often than one would think).

    When they do it live, at the end Tim and Andrew sing the two different chorus pieces on top of one another, which works so nicely.

    I'm not saying none of these have, they're off the top of my head and ready to be corrected if need be: rap, reggae, Country & Western, industrial, metal, dance

    I've been thinking about some of those in particular this morning. I'm not saying they ever overtly do a song in those genres, but I think there is influence from each at least somewhere in the Genesis/solo oeuvre.

    Reggae -

    Phil's Dance Into the Light album has a reggae vibe at times, maybe?

    Rap -

    Would we consider Peter Gabriel's 'Steam' to be verging on rap at one point?

    There is at least the influence of hip hop in 'Mama', as Phil has stated with regard to being inspired by Grandmaster Flash

    Country and Western -

    Phil's 'The Roof is Leaking'

    I would also go so far as to say that if Paul Carrack put on a southern accent for Mike + The Mechanics' 'My Crime of Passion', it would be a country song

    Industrial -

    The Brazilian

    Mike + the Mechanics - Underscore?

    Metal -

    That heavy supporting guitar on Calling All Stations would not be out of place on a Rammstein album

    Steve's solo work has a lot of metal in it, especially his two recent ones

    Dance -

    Mike + The Mechanics 'Now That You've Gone' is completely a 90s dance track, to the point where I can imagine Ricky Martin or someone singing it

    One of the greatest things about Genesis, for me, is how much variety there is in their back catalogue. When you take into account the solo albums and projects of each member, it seems there is almost a bit of something for everyone.

    Is there a major style or genre that has not been tackled in some way by either Genesis as a collective, or by one of the band members on a solo project?

    The last I saw an update of them working on it was in October. Tim was busy in Phantom of the Opera until last month, so I don't know how much he could contribute during that time, but he's free now. With one month to go until the tour and no announcement about anything yet, I feel like it's unlikely it will be done by then, but who knows!

    From this year, if anyone's interested in a little virtual tour :)

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    I agree. The only upside to Facebook is the activity level and the instant networking possibilities.

    All in all, I've always preferred 'old-fashioned' message boards, I just wish more people used them too.

    I agree with pretty much everything that's already been mentioned.

    My favourite is probably Genesis - Access All Eras, and The Movement is great for news and bootlegs. Meek's Genesis cafe group often comes up with new videos, so it's worth a follow as well.

    Trespass is in my top 5, possibly even my top 3. I love that it has an almost folk rock vibe to it, which I attribute almost entirely to Anthony Phillips as you can hear it even more on The Geese and The Ghost and some of his other solo work (not to mention on non-album tracks like The Shepherd, Pacidy and Let Us Now Make Love).

    Contrary to what others have said, White Mountain might be my favourite track. The melody is beautiful, and the atmosphere when the song is performed live is phenomenal (from the recordings I've heard, at least). The lyrics are wonderfully dramatic, especially this moment: "Fang, son of Great Fang, the Traitor we seek/ the laws of the Brethren say this!" You can almost act it out, it's fantastic.

    Stagnation is likely the objective best track, and my second favourite. Tony's solo is fun to mime along to :)

    Looking for Someone is a good opener (I like stark opening, attention grabbing songs like this and Moonlit Knight), and The Knife a decent closer, though I agree with those who say it perhaps goes on a bit too long.

    Visions of Angels I find quite sweet and pleasant.

    The only one I find I don't have any attachment to is Dusk.

    I thought I would create a thread to keep track of any bits of news that come in about The Mechanics' upcoming album.

    Back in July, Clark Datchler (of Johnny Hates Jazz, who also did some writing on Let Me Fly) posted that he, Mike and Andrew Roachford were working on some new songs. According to Tim Howar's website, the album is scheduled for 2019.

    What sort of things would you be hoping to hear on a new album?

    Haven’t listened to that one for quite a while, but some tracks appear on the radio every now and then (Germany seems to like Everybody gets a second chance)

    My Crime Of Passion was a Track I used to like.

    Compared to Rewired and The Road, Word Of Mouth is weaker in my opinion

    Wow, weaker than Rewired?

    My Crime of Passion might be my favourite on it - I've always found it a little bit country.

    I know I am terribly biased, but:

    1. Acting Very Strange. Mike's voice isn't the best, but I still like it, and I find the songs to be catchy and enjoyable. Mike's already showing how good he is at writing a pop song.

    2. The Fugitive. I like the kind of funky vibe, and his Al Stewart-esque vocals. It's richer than Mike's, but it has more songs that I skip.

    3. Wise After the Event/Cured tie. I find both albums charming, but I prefer the music on Ant's, and the vocals on Steve's, but only by very small margins.