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    Sweet. Phret, right? It's a shame that my CD/DVD-Audio habits aren't showing in this. Makes it look like i dont listen to anything Genesis related. :) It's just that when i want to listen to Genesis, i want it at the highest quality possible so i always go for the CD/DVD-AUDIO discs in my car.

    Ahh! That was you. OK, i have the connection now. Maybe someone can put together a list of all the active "Genesis fan" sites/services and sort it all out for me.

    So let me say, your strategy was brilliant. At first, it seemed like you were just trolling us fans, but now i see your master plan. If Mike does go back and remaster/re-release Smallcreep's Day, we may have you to ultimately thank.

    Anyone going to the Arlington, VA show? I havent bought tickets yet as i'm not sure i can go yet (family stuff). but if i go, i'd love to meet up with some fans. How does this kind of show work? Do people show up early to get good seats? If so, how early can you show up (or need to show up)? Where are the best seats in a typical venue? And is it mostly a "sit and listen" show? or a "stand and jam" show? Any other tidbits, i'd appreciate. and if anyone knows anything about the venue and any places to stay overnight near by, that would be helpful as well.

    One cool aspect of streaming music is the statistics you can get about your listening habits. i've been on Spotify for a few years and also bought the premium Last.FM subscription. I have Last.FM "scrobbling" almost all my music service (e.g. Spotify, Windows Media Player, MusicBee, YouTube, etc.). I also have a account connected to my Last.FM/Spotify account. So with all that, i can pull up all sorts of cool reports about my listening habits and how they compare to others. Let me know if any of your also do this kind of stuff. Maybe we can share our stats with each other and see what the other enjoys listening to, without having to wait for someone to post it. Or we could post links to our stats in this forum.

    Here is my last month's stats (it doesnt include CD's i play in the car, of which i am playing quite many Genesis & Solo stuff) I "think" this link will work:

    Last week, i was listening to music written and produced by Guy Chambers which includes a LOT of early Robbie Williams, but also Melanie C, Jewel, Kylie Minogue and World Party.

    That, BTW, got me listening to (of all things) the works of the Spice Girls! Including all their solo stuff (just like Genesis, the Spice Girls have a complex discography of group and solo work that intertwine). I'm not ashamed to say it either. :)

    I am thrilled i have discovered the rich history of Genesis (was previously just a fan of 80's work onward). Now i'm a Genesis mega-fan and am trying to find everything they ever did, having to do a lot of catching up, and realizing i have missed out big time and may be too late to the party. Thankful though for what i am able to engage in today even if it's not much.

    That said! Were any of y'all around during the heyday of Peter Gabriel's Full Moon Club, and can speak to the experience? I tried to go back and access the website and there is content, but certainly nothing to download and listen to. For example, i see on the PG Recording Compendium. I would love to have these but alas, no longer available.

    Liquid Selves (Peter Gabriel/John Paul Jones)

    Recording date: 1991/92

    Released: 1992 - animation clip by Karls Sims for Memory Palace/Barcelona & Art Futura

    Feed The Flame [Downside Up Demo]

    Recording date: 1991/92

    Released: 23rd May 2005 - Peter Gabriel "Full Moon Club" (mp3 download)

    Sky Blue (Demo)

    Recording date: 1991/92

    Released: 22nd June 2005 - Peter Gabriel "Full Moon Club" (mp3 download)

    Is there a master list of all the content PG released via that club? Did he also release CD's at any point with rare content? Are those cataloged anywhere with links to possible online locations that would let you hear them. I wish PG would bring that club back, as i would glady pay to join.

    Does anyone know if all the demo snippets/excerpts from XPLORA1 are online for listening/downloading anywhere? I tried to listen to the YouTube videos that play through XPLORA1 but i cant figure out which musical segments are which. Surely someone has these downloaded and collected somewhere together. Here are the tracks (according to the excellent and vital PG Recording Compendium).

    • N'Doh
    • The Eye
    • Taste Of Lime
    • Lovetown
    • Burn You Up


    Does anyone have the complete set of dates for the USA Tour of The Musical Box? it looks like the closest date to Raleigh, NC is the Washington, DC date. Anyone going to that (and are tickets still available)?

    What can you tell me about the Peter Gabriel tracks that didn't make "So" but were recorded around that time? Are these true "So" b-sides? or just tracks recorded around the time of "So"?


    This is the Road

    No More Apartheid

    Don't Break This Rhythm



    A Curious Business - anyone heard this one?

    Thank you in advance!

    It's hard to pick the top album because I have two competing criteria. In terms of the number of tracks I enjoy, NJR wins (love Inside Out, We Said Hello Goodbye, Take Me Home, etc.). In terms of ground-breaking and most "Genesis-like" I go with Face Value.