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    That's great news! The double CD is still missing in my collection and I have always waited for a new version and a remaster.

    Does anybody know which tracks they recorded but didn't use for the live album?

    Apparently the album was recorded over 4 nights (3, 4, 6 and 7 December 1982). According to The Movement website, tracks played those nights but not released on Plays Live were Lead A Normal Life (recorded in Normal!), Kiss Of Life, Milgram's 37, John Has A Headache and Lay Your Hands On Me.

    LANL was released in 1988 on a WOMAD benefit album called "Raindrops Keep Pattering on Banana Leaves", while KOL was released as a 12" B-side and can be found on the recent Flotsam & Jetsam compilation. The other 3 tracks have not been released as far as I know...

    Hi All - this is my first post here as a new member!

    This thread made me think about what deluxe or expanded versions of Genesis albums could include and so I have made up my own list - it's quite long so I haven't included it in the post, but you can check it out in the attachment below.

    I've included all of the studio albums except the debut and worked on the basis of a 3-disc CD set for each one, with disc 1 being the original mix of the album, plus related B-sides and single mixes, disc 2 being (in most cases) live tracks from the related album tour (most of which have either been released officially or are available on good quality bootlegs), and disc 3 being the Nick Davis remixes. I haven't gone as far as looking at possible DVD or video content...

    Although I'm old enough to have bought all of the boxes when they came out originally I would still welcome definitive versions, especially if they include the original mixes and unreleased/rare studio or live stuff.

    Any thoughts or suggestions for improvement welcome!

    Genesis Deluxe.pdf