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    Kind of agree with you on this one. It would kick ass if they walked out and played Squonk or something. Also not keen on Turn It on Again for a closer as that's been done before too. Very curious to see in what aspects they branch out given the time gap since the last tour and probability of this being their last. Based on the spoilers so far, the evidence would suggest they won't, at least not much.

    Personal choice would be opening with Dance on a Volcano, which then maybe segues into something else.

    And, as the encore closer, I Know What I Like would be cool.

    As the "Last Hurrah" we all need to do them proud and loudly show our support, gratitude and appreciation for the 50+ years of music we've enjoyed.

    As a band, they've always been about much more than just the 'front man' - always about the 'ensemble' with powerful music, strong melodies, captivating arrangements, exciting lighting and visuals. We will still get that on this tour.

    If his solo tour is anything to go by, Phil's voice will get stronger as the tour goes on (you just need to watch/listen back to his first Liverpool gig in 2017 compared with, say, Peru in 2019). Undoubtedly he's a bit frailer, but vocal chords are like a muscle and get stronger the more they're used. Yes he's lost some natural range (who hasn't after 30 odd years!) - and you can see how much effort it takes now to get some notes - but he's still got some power when needed.

    They will put on one hell of a show, I'm sure - let's get behind them and show our support and love.

    Same boat here!

    I suppose so. Most of the songs on the CD set were slam dunks all along to be played on this tour. Bummer that Squonk is not on the CD, but I’m still holding out hope. One of the teaser vids of the band rehearsing features an image behind the band that sure looks like Squonk. As for Apocalypse in 9/8 I’ve pretty much given up hope. Given his comments in an interview Nic Collins finds it too challenging to play, unlike drummers for dozens of cover bands (sarcasm intended).

    Has anyone noticed "Domino Medley" on the tracklisting? Intriguing

    I seem to be the only person that wouldn’t mind if Abacab was the show closer. Honestly my main concern is that the encore will be a low energy affair like it was in 2007. Ending with Carpet Crawlers was super moving on that tour but I don’t think it would be as emotionally effective this time. I also really don’t want them to close with Fading Lights. Fading Lights is a powerful song about accepting mortality but I personally would want the show to end on an energetic song like Abacab that leaves the audience wanting more... whereas Fading Lights would leave the audience depressed lol closer needs to leave us on a high not poignant....I Know What I Like was always a great closer in the past..."It's your show...."!

    This tour needs to be a celebration of their best material throughout the years......almost a "best" playlist.

    On this basis I agree I Can't Dance and No Son should be dropped.

    Behind The Lines would be a strong opener...maybe segueing into Abacab to keep a fast-pace opening. (I've previously said opener should be Dance on A Volcano...segueing into Behind The Lines...segueing into Abacab.)

    Land of Confusion is a strong song which should still be included.

    I actually agree with above re Home By The okay song but would much prefer Driving the Last Spike in its place.

    The Dancing with the Moonlit Knight / Musical Box medley would work well as a main-set closer (maybe, and we can all but hope, for Supper's Ready to follow) before going into Los Endos (with Phil on drums duetting with his son to bring the show home to everyone's delight)

    Turn It On Again works so well as the Encore opener....maybe then followed (and closing the whole show) with I Know What I Like? ("It's your show....."!)

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out how much “gap time” the band will have available given the fact that a) Rutherford has said the aim is for a 2 hour setlist, and b) the band sees certain songs as falling into the “must play” category. In that category I identified the following songs: Land of Confusion; No Son of Mine; TTT circa 2007/Invisible Touch (assuming Phil’s voice can handle the vocals in TTT); Throwing it All Away; Follow You, Follow Me; Domino I and II; HBTS/SHBTS; Carpet Crawlers (it’s fairly easy on Phil’s voice and he loves that song); I Can’t Dance ; Los Endos (I’m praying it’s in the set but they’ve never played it on stage with just one drummer). If you throw song intros and banter in as close as I can figure that leaves 40-45 minutes or so for other material. Based on the promo vids and other sources it seems that Behind the Lines and perhaps Squonk may be in the offing. Abacab has been suggested as well (I guess based on some comments made by Nic Collins, though doing the instrumental outro with a single drummer would potentially rob the song of much of its power live). Assuming those were all played in their entirety (a big assumption I know) that would leave about 20 minutes or so. If we subtract time for the break between the main setlist and the encore(s) that would seem to leave 15-16 minutes. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a) whether this list as I’ve given seems likely and if not where I may be off base; and b) what might fill that 15-16 minute gap.

    They could always skip No Son of Mine and I Can't Dance, and add that time to the 15-16 minutes to maybe give us what we all really want.....full length Suppers Ready?!!

    We live in hope!!

    I’m sure they won’t do Supper’s Ready, but I’m

    confident that will do an Instrumental extract, possibly with vocals at the end, heavily echoed and backed up. As for an opener, my money would be some version of Behind the lines, or maybe Lane of Confusion, but

    Dance in a Volcano would be my choice

    Dance in a Volcano ...into Behind The Lines opening instrumental part...into Abacab would be a fantastic opener.

    Definitely not the only one. I'm not a fan, I wish they would play the whole song, and (I think) it's a symptom of the fact that they don't have a rotating roster of songs for a tour, i.e. they have to play half of dance on a volcano and half of firth of fifth every night, because they're never going to play all of dance one night and all of firth another night. I have railed against this kind of inflexibility in their setlists before to the point, I'm sure, of tedium. It's a real first world problem to complain of! I guess it comes from being a greedy fan, and wanting them to play more of their songs. They have such depth across all of their eras. I thought the 2007 setlist was terrific.

    One segue that particularly bugs me was TTT-IT. I love the full version of TTT! Cutting it in half and jumping into IT does nothing for me.

    <rant paused>

    Totally agree about full version of TTT!!

    It would also be good to hear something they've not done live before - Many Too Many (which I think was previously rumoured?), or Undertow?