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    Ok, so for what it's worth, here's my version of the ultimate farewell show setlist.

    I think it would come in at roughly 3 hours and gives a good representation of all eras of their career as a band.
    In my head it flows well, with several "wow" moments where the audience get hit by something they wouldn't necessarily be expecting - as well as leaving some of the "staples" out.
    I imagine the stage design, lighting and visual effects to be those of the Last Domino tour as they truly were really impressive.

    So, here goes....the anticipation is building...the lights start to fade....the backing tape (American Beauty theme "Any Other Name"?) plays in the darkness before slowly fading out leaving everyone in the dark silence for a few long seconds.
    Then....the staccato sound of drumsticks 4 times in quick succession a flash of stage lights the band launch into a powerful opener:

    Dukes Intro / Dukes End......(transitions into)....Watcher Of The Skies (closing section)
    Turn It On Again
    (PC has to wait for the audience applause to die down..."Good evening....thank you for coming to see us on this special evening. Tonight we'll be playing a lot of old songs....and some even older songs. We hope we've put together a "best of" setlist that you'll enjoy". He turns and gives Mike the nod, who then starts the opening notes of....)
    Dance On A Volcano....(transitions into)....The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway...(transitions into).....Abacab
    Land Of Confusion
    (PC says that "story songs have always been a big part of Genesis history...this next one is one of our favourites from the last album we wrote together")
    Driving The Last Spike
    Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
    Firth of Fifth (full version)
    (PC then thanks the crew "past and present who have kept Genesis on the road for over 50 years". He pays tribute to Peter and Steve for their role in the band's history..."they may even be here tonight watching, you never know". The band are introduced, with Phil thanking them for their time together and telling them all he loves them. A real poignant moment, leading into.....)....
    Fading Lights....(just before the instrumental break it transitions into)....Fly On A Windshield / Broadway Melody....(the audience gasp as they realise Steve has joined on guitar)....(transitions into).....Carpet Crawlers...(Again, the audience gasp and applaud as Peter joins Phil on vocals).
    (The audience give a rousing ovation as Peter and Steve take their bows and exit stage left. The warm, sentimental feeling continues with...)...
    Follow You Follow Me
    That's All (to start picking up the pace again!)
    Tonight Tonight Tonight (audience expect it to transition into Invisible Touch so are stunned when the full version is played)
    The Cinema Show (full version).....(transitions into)....Afterglow
    (PC thanks everyone for coming, "and for your support over the years....we love you. We're going to leave you with's for you....")
    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight.....(transitions into)....Musical Box (closing section)
    In The Cage....In That Quiet Earth...Apocalypse in 9/8...As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (in other words the "Invisible Cage" medley, or as the band have referred to it in rehearsals "In The Quiet Cage with Supper"!).

    As the final chords and drums bring the song to a powerful close, the stage lights start to dim...the applause and ovation continue once the band have left the stage.

    For a good few minutes the chanting for "more" wanting it to be over. Then.....the cheering and applause starts up again as the band start coming back on stage....they launch into...
    Invisible Touch
    The Knife
    I Know What I Like

    And then if the audience still wanted more (which we would be)....
    Los Endos (bringing the show to a close with the powerful instrumental anthem (just as they started it) showcasing their individual musicianship and together as a "sum of the parts").

    The final applause is deafening and the ovation goes on for many minutes as the band take their last bows.

    (Like previous posters it was tempting to put a few things in that have never been done live before (On The Shoreline? Feeding The Fire? Mad Man Moon? Blood On The Rooftops?). Likewise, leaving out some staples (eg I Can't Dance, Throwing It All Away, No Son Of Mine etc) would be deemed controversial maybe.....but, it's my fantasy setlist and I think it works!)

    Genesis, thank you for the music!x

    Probably food poisoning. :) Anyway, everyone at the beginning of the concert looks terrible. Check out Phil. The beginning of the concert is sweaty and pale. Brad looked bad too.

    Obviously just the climate of where they were playing. That said, the stage design lent itself to that "hot, dark, sweaty" mood that the tour created.

    If memory serves me right, it was this tour that there's footage of Take Me Home where Phil's voice has totally gone....but still you see him battling on through it?

    Where did those 30 years go?!!

    Thanks for posting - it was a good reminder.

    And, it has to be said, that Old Medley is such a well thought out composition. A real treat on that tour.

    I wouldn't say 'many'. He did an album of Motown songs. He had a hit with You Can't Hurry Love, a Motown cover. A Groovy Kind Of Love. Two Hearts. Separate Lives. Then there are True Colours and Can't Stop Loving You, but neither of those were big hits.

    Not that it matters but with the exception of YCHL, the others were for films.

    Just for housekeeping.....Two Hearts isn't a cover....PC wrote it to sound like a Motown classic.

    Separate Lives was written for a film by Stephen Bishop...PC and Marilyn Martin sang it originally, so again not a cover.

    I have my own ideas for what a setlist could have looked like, but if they added three songs we know they rehearsed - The Musical Box (Closing Section), Abacab, and Supper's Ready (either Lover's Leap for the acoustic section or Apocalypse In 9/8 as part of the medley -- that alone would have been much better.

    Unfortunately it's all hypothetical now....but I like the idea of Firth of Fifth...Apocalypse as a piece....that would have blown the roof off!!

    IKWIL would then have worked well as one of the encores.

    Ok, a totally random thought that I can't get out of my head, so I'll share it.....the Fading Lights "BAM" segue into Cinema Show certainly split opinion on this tour (mainly as it was something different and unexpected which isn't a bad thing; and it certainly jolted everyone awake!); and the DWTMK/Carpet Crawlers was a previously-tried version.....well, what if the Fading Lights section they did segued into Carpet Crawlers? Would that have worked?

    It would certainly have put two really poignant songs together as one 'piece'.

    (For what it's worth, I'd always found Carpet Crawlers a bit of a weird encore / closer...up until the last shows where it really worked well. A really poignant way to end the last shows).