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    I’m sure they won’t do Supper’s Ready, but I’m

    confident that will do an Instrumental extract, possibly with vocals at the end, heavily echoed and backed up. As for an opener, my money would be some version of Behind the lines, or maybe Lane of Confusion, but

    Dance in a Volcano would be my choice

    Dance in a Volcano ...into Behind The Lines opening instrumental part...into Abacab would be a fantastic opener.

    Definitely not the only one. I'm not a fan, I wish they would play the whole song, and (I think) it's a symptom of the fact that they don't have a rotating roster of songs for a tour, i.e. they have to play half of dance on a volcano and half of firth of fifth every night, because they're never going to play all of dance one night and all of firth another night. I have railed against this kind of inflexibility in their setlists before to the point, I'm sure, of tedium. It's a real first world problem to complain of! I guess it comes from being a greedy fan, and wanting them to play more of their songs. They have such depth across all of their eras. I thought the 2007 setlist was terrific.

    One segue that particularly bugs me was TTT-IT. I love the full version of TTT! Cutting it in half and jumping into IT does nothing for me.

    <rant paused>

    Totally agree about full version of TTT!!

    It would also be good to hear something they've not done live before - Many Too Many (which I think was previously rumoured?), or Undertow?

    Hi - new to this site so please be gentle and apologies for any typos! I've enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on the hot topic of the set-list.

    Whilst we all have our own preferred set lists, it will undoubtedly be influenced by the following:

    1. Phil's mobility - on his recent solo tour he was helped onto the stage to take his place on the 'bar-stool' before welcoming the audience and then launching into Against All Odds. It was undoubtedly a lot more intimate, but far from the 'usual' explosive instrumental opener fans were used to. So, we may be wise to expect the same on the Last Domino tour....maybe starting with Domino (In the Glow of the Night)?

    Alternatively.....the band may start loud with a long instrumental (maybe Dukes Intro?) during which, clever stage lighting etc disguise the fact that PC has taken his position at the mic, as it segues into maybe Domino Part 2, or my personal preference for the start of the show Abacab.

    2. Phil's ability to drum - whilst there has been word of him trying to practice playing, we can't expect to see the old Phil running back and forth between mic and drums. It's surprising that there doesn't appear to provision for any double-drumming (which in my eyes has always been one of Genesis strong points in live sets) so, in spite of how good Nic is as a drummer (and he is great), this may affect the overall sound a bit, and also affect some of the set list choices.

    All that said, if Phil can only drum for a limited time, I can picture it bringing the house down if the band launch into Los Endos to close the main set with both Phil and Nic drumming together.

    3. Phil's voice - A lot is obviously made about how well Phil can still sing. I was lucky enough to see his last solo show at RAH London and, admittedly, I was nervous about how he would sound. I'd heard and read some things about the first show in Liverpool and his voice was undoubtedly fragile in places. All I can say is that his voice got stronger through the tour and by the time the RAH London show took place he was really strong - yes, the pitch may have changed a bit, and some of the high notes were a challenge in places, but you really didn't notice after a while. If they have 'backing' singers ( as has been rumoured) to 'help' with vocals on certain songs, this could actually add to the overall performance.

    All of the above taken into account, Genesis will want to perform their strongest material they can that appeals to fans from all eras - ideally a kind of "Best of Genesis Live" playlist.

    Personally, I'd like them to include some of the 'medley / segues' they've used in the past such as - Lamb...Watcher; 11th Earl...Squonk....Firth of Fifth; Dancing with Moonlit Knight....Musical Box; In The Cage....Cinema Show....Afterglow. If the set was 'built' around these, with other songs scattered around them I'd be happy - this should include some fan favourites as well as the 'hits' - Mama, Carpet Crawlers, Land of Confusion, Invisible Touch, Follow You Follow Me, Duchess (or New Duchess as they're calling it), Driving the Last Spike (a personal favourite), and obviously Supper's Ready (even if only an abridged version (but which part can you leave out?!)) would go down a storm with the audience.

    For an encore it would be good to hear Turn It On Again and finishing old-school with I Know What I Like (maybe with The Knife thrown in between for the purists?).