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    Probably food poisoning. :) Anyway, everyone at the beginning of the concert looks terrible. Check out Phil. The beginning of the concert is sweaty and pale. Brad looked bad too.

    Obviously just the climate of where they were playing. That said, the stage design lent itself to that "hot, dark, sweaty" mood that the tour created.

    If memory serves me right, it was this tour that there's footage of Take Me Home where Phil's voice has totally gone....but still you see him battling on through it?

    Where did those 30 years go?!!

    Thanks for posting - it was a good reminder.

    And, it has to be said, that Old Medley is such a well thought out composition. A real treat on that tour.

    I wouldn't say 'many'. He did an album of Motown songs. He had a hit with You Can't Hurry Love, a Motown cover. A Groovy Kind Of Love. Two Hearts. Separate Lives. Then there are True Colours and Can't Stop Loving You, but neither of those were big hits.

    Not that it matters but with the exception of YCHL, the others were for films.

    Just for housekeeping.....Two Hearts isn't a cover....PC wrote it to sound like a Motown classic.

    Separate Lives was written for a film by Stephen Bishop...PC and Marilyn Martin sang it originally, so again not a cover.

    I have my own ideas for what a setlist could have looked like, but if they added three songs we know they rehearsed - The Musical Box (Closing Section), Abacab, and Supper's Ready (either Lover's Leap for the acoustic section or Apocalypse In 9/8 as part of the medley -- that alone would have been much better.

    Unfortunately it's all hypothetical now....but I like the idea of Firth of Fifth...Apocalypse as a piece....that would have blown the roof off!!

    IKWIL would then have worked well as one of the encores.

    Ok, a totally random thought that I can't get out of my head, so I'll share it.....the Fading Lights "BAM" segue into Cinema Show certainly split opinion on this tour (mainly as it was something different and unexpected which isn't a bad thing; and it certainly jolted everyone awake!); and the DWTMK/Carpet Crawlers was a previously-tried version.....well, what if the Fading Lights section they did segued into Carpet Crawlers? Would that have worked?

    It would certainly have put two really poignant songs together as one 'piece'.

    (For what it's worth, I'd always found Carpet Crawlers a bit of a weird encore / closer...up until the last shows where it really worked well. A really poignant way to end the last shows).

    Wow - what a last show! They were given a really good send off...a fitting end, and some quite emotional moments (in my opinion).

    Needless to say, they sounded tight, strong, powerful and LOUD! It's fair to say Phil practically sang himself hoarse....he really went for it for the last show.

    They got a standing ovation when they first walked on, before a note was even struck...and the audience remained standing until the end of their applause for TIOA.

    Watching Phil air-drum from the back of stage while he watched Nic drumming on 2nd Home By The Sea was one such emotional moment for me. Again, during Firth of Fifth he sat proudly front of stage watching Nic whilst air-drumming along.

    Fading Lights got me...the lyrics, as said on here previously, so poignant on the last night. The segue into Afterglow got me again, as did the applause and ovation at the end of Afterglow.

    It was a great touch during the band intros to thank the crew, and backstage support, lighting, sound people etc....and it was good to see some of them doing "the walk" across the stage during I Can't Dance. Phil was visibly moved by the prolonged applause during the intros.

    IKWIL was a highlight...the crowd were in good voice, and he had fun with it....we even had a 4 finger beat to clap along too.

    Throwing It All Away (by no means a favourite of mine) was also poignant....the video screen images showing the band through the ages. I hadnt really noticed it on the previous show I saw (or maybe it just struck me more on the last show ever).

    The ovation at the end of the show lasted forever...if they'd come back on for a 2nd encore it still wouldn't have been enough. Everyone on their feet, clapping, cheering, calling for more, with many visibly emotional.

    By pure fluke, due to the rearranged dates etc, I was lucky to see the opening night of the tour in Birmingham and, tonight the last ever show...ever.

    Its sad and emotional but they had a great send off.....the music and the memories live on.

    Genesis...thank you...for everything!