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    It was a new recording. Hackett said afterwards that a lot of stuff he did for this new version wasn't used in the end.

    Nevertheless, they were not in the studio at the same time.

    Thanks so much. If Hackett says they didn't use a lot of what he did, that means that they nevertheless did use at least some of what he did; and so he's on the new track at least to some extent. Do I have that right?

    And again, very much appreciate this information. Thanks.

    Did they work off the original version, or did they start from sratch? In particular, did they bring in Hackett to do new guitar work, or did they just use his guitar work from the original version? Thanks so much.

    Carpet Crawlers 99. Wondering if they brought Steve Hackett in to do a new part, or whether they just used his part from the original recording of the song. Does anyone know?

    Note: I'm begging: I'm new to the forum and can;t figure out how to start a new thread . I would be very much grateful if someone could please advise me how to start a new thread. Thanks.