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    I've listened to the bright side through, then the dark side, and on these first casual couple of listens I couldn't point to a single difference I noticed. Maybe the dark side Four horses version is a little more orchestral and less techno-y than the bright side mix?? I could be way off with that though.

    I've been playing both for a while and am starting to hear the differences a lot clearer. The one that stands out is the much bigger splash at the end of Road to Joy on the dark side!:D

    Ayana Witter-Johnson said yesterday on Radio 3 that she is out on her own tour next March/April. Not that means much, if PG is touring again it does not mean it will be the same band. Having said that this is one of the most acomplished line ups he has ever had, and if he does more gigs I feel he might like to have the same band.

    Maybe not useful data...but fun to put together and to have as a record when we start considering what the setlists may look like for (fingers-crossed) future concerts/tours.

    Don-e seems to allude to future shows in one of his Instagram/Facebook reels with the comment 'There's gonna be more man, there's gonna be more" I can't make out the word he says before that line, but who knows?…count=9&source=story_tray

    As to whether they're songs nobody knows, I think that depends on the perspective of when people attend the concerts.

    For example: for someone who saw the show in April, I could imagine the setlist would be somewhat daunting-since almost half of the setlist are songs that no one has ever heard before! I know for myself at least, I would hate to attend a concert of one of my favorite artists-and almost half of the songs are completely unfamiliar to me!

    For someone seeing the concert in later months (like myself, in October) I imagine it'll be a very different experience. By the time I go in three weeks, I will already know and have enjoyed all of the songs except for two! So for me, I'll be going to a concert where I actually know almost all of the songs. And it's all just because of which month I'm going.

    I'm not sure I agree with you, but each to their own! I saw the second show of this tour in Verona and loved every minute of it despite not knowing any of the new songs, Panopticom, Four Kinds Of Horses, excepted. I quite like not knowing what to expect. He did a similar thing back in September 2002 at Theatre De La Mutualite in Paris, 5 old songs, 9 new. But as i say we all like different things!

    Interesting article in the New York Post. Seems the MSG show was actually sold out in the end, this might explain why! Might be worth those of you in USA who don't have tickets yet to keep scouring the ticket sites as prices are coming down the nearer the gig date. You'll need to disable any ad blockers you have to read the article.…ickets-2023-prices-dates/

    Yes despite my childish sniggering I did think how irritated I'd be by fireworks during FS. I went on that tour too and found the closing performance of that heartfelt touching song, with just PG and TL, very moving. It would definitely be marred by bangs, pops, sizzles and flashed during it.

    But the sneeze though... "And the monster I was - ACHHHAAA! (sniff) - so afraid of..."

    Funny you should say that, but I always have a snigger during Growing Up. First time I heard it I thought he sang "My GOATS like to travel" ................ and it's stuck in my mind ever since.

    I was pretty transfixed with this live. first time in Verona. I loved the strings and the backing vocals and being sat in that amazing venue. So, I do like this version, but as mentioned above I find the live version more satisfying. At Verona, just before the end of the song, in the final fading few seconds someone shouted "we love you Peter!!" and the crowd erupted. I think it was a reaction to the song, rather than just PG himself.

    Watched Squaring The Circle last night, really enjoyed it. PG features in it quite a bit, discussing the covers of his first two solo albums. Some nice shots of Storm Thorgeson and Po Powell being interviewed with a big print/poster for LLDOB on the wall behind them. it's dominated by Floyd, but then that's to be expected. Some great comments for Noel Gallagher as well.

    I saw the Verona show and the last one in Dublin. I wasn't quite sure what to think about the Verona show. The setting was amazing, the weather ... well ... not. The show was okay, but it somehow lacked a bit of magic that also the stunning venue could not compensate.

    I thought about selling my ticket for Dublin after the show in Verona, but didn't in the end. Which was good,

    Dublin was putting things right for me. Indoor, nearly perfect sound, almost no fuck-ups (I think Peter's microphone was switched off during one line of the song Panopticom, that's it!) and a great atmosphere in the venue, which was also not too big. It was also good to hear the new songs a second time, that was more enjoyable.

    Logistically, it was a little nightmare for me to go to Dublin. I arrived late and left early on Monday morning, but it was worth it. Sorry I couldn't meet anybody.

    In a nutshell: What a show! But watch it inside!

    It's interesting the different experiences different folk can have at the same gig!. I too went to Verona, and for me it had an almost surreal/magical feel to it. I was, though, in a great position, in the cheap seats sitting on a pile of papers to keep my bum dry! For me the sound was perfect. Milan the following night was excellent and I'd say the best indoor sound of the three indoor gigs I went to. Birmingham I went to with a couple of mates and that was brilliant. We'd spotted a few empty seats near the front on the side, so a perfect view and sound. My gripe with indoor 'barns' is that they can never seem to completely get rid of echo and this was particularly true for me at Manchester. I actually sat in four different spots, varying from the cheap seat I'd bought and as it wasn't sold out I ended up on the side near the front, and on the floor, third row. Ironically the cheapest seat high up at the back had the best sound! All the other spots, the sound was very good, apart form the dreaded echo. Has to be said the Manc audience were the most 'up for it' and enthusiastic. In my book this series of concerts is up there at the top of all the PG gigs I've seen.