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    I'm happy to say that I finally have tickets to my first show (Boston) in hand! Genesis was a band I always liked but inexplicably never had tickets to see.

    I will probably fall into the minority here. I grew up in the 80s so I prefer Phil over Peter. Admittedly I'm not as familiar with PG's work as Phil's. I don't mind longer songs when I'm listening at home, but I'm not nearly as interested in hearing 20+ minute songs being played in concert as a general rule, regardless of who is on the mic.

    That said, I'm not one who wants to hear only hits either. I would love to hear what I consider staples of the PC era: Dodo, Man On the Corner, Another Record, Home By The Sea, It's Gonna Get Better, Driving The Last Spike.

    I know most of these songs don't fall into either of the camps that will be attending the shows. I'd honestly be happy to hear ANY of these songs played.

    I saw Iron Maiden on their possible last tour 2 years ago and it was an absolute hitfest, with a few bones thrown out to the folks who were there from the beginning. I expect Genesis will probably do the same.