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    It's obviously not about concerns regarding the quality of the performance. They simply never thought about it. They have done it in the past - quite often actually - and maybe we are a bit looking at it with thoughts about how Steve Hackett does it in mind.

    Genesis only did a new compilation for this tour, no extras, nothing. They don't want to.

    I don' think "we look at it with thoughts about how Steve Hackett does it in mind".

    We love Genesis ("we really do"...) and many of us cannot reach for a show in presence, like those from Italy like me...

    So we'd only like to watch the concert. Don't tell me Youtube is enough...

    As for Genesis "don't want to"... why? Musical business? Ah yes, money: this is a good reason...

    I think it is a very questionable reason, not very appreciable for someone who has had so much.


    To be more precise: The rehearsal shows were filmed - that became the basis for the Kino Lorber documentary.

    No other show was filmed and there will be no concert film from the tour like When In Rome etc. Speaking of When In Rome, the setlist of The Last Domino? tour is pretty close to that. A concert film on blu-ray also wouldn't be easy to sell and to make profitable, things have changed a lot in the business. You can think of a few more reasons why they won't do it - in a nutshell: They simply never wanted to do it.


    It doesnt work that medley they are doing.

    Also firth of fifth just starting with the drums is pretty lame too.

    I think that right after the acoustic section, instead of playing Duchess,

    they could suddendly fill the arena with the atmospheric intro of WATCHER OF THE SKIES (only the intro),

    continuing with FIRTH OF FIFTH + I KNOW WHAT I LIKE as they do now.

    Next piece could have been DUCHESS.

    I think that variation would have been simple to do but very impressive and friendly with old fans.


    That's All into LLDOB (Phil was pushing to give that a try, don't know if it stuck)


    Have you noticed that in the new "The Last Domino" compilation, setlist provides TLLDOB right after That's all ?

    I think this is a guess that compilation setlist will likely be very very close to concert setlist...

    And so first medley will be Fading lights (first 2 verses + a little instrumental) - Cinema show - Afterglow, but more generally, rewriting cd setlist, mantaining its order, it is:

    1. Duke's End - Turn It On Again
    2. Mama
    3. Land Of Confusion
    4. Home By The Sea (+ second home?)
    5. Fading Lights - Cinema show - Afterglow
    6. Hold On My Heart
    7. Jesus He Knows Me
    8. That's All - The lamb lies down on Broadway
    9. Acoustic: In Too Deep - Follow you follow me
    10. Duchess
    11. No Son Of Mine
    12. Firth Of Fifth - I know what I like
    13. Domino
    14. Throwing It All Away
    15. Tonight Tonight Tonight - Invisible touch
    16. I Can't Dance
    17. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight - Carpet crawlers
    18. Abacab ???