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    Just saw that nobody voted for The grand parade so far. Was listening to that tune the other day and thought it's quite underated and deserves more spotlight. What do you think?

    Absolutely. There's a lot to it, the lyris warns against conforming and being just another "lifeless package" while Eno goes to town on Peter's vocals to great effect. Phil turns in some tasty fills along the way and the whole thing builds brilliantly before winding down. And the tune is less than three minutes long which is a feat in itself.

    If I were to list a few of my favourite concept albums (and why not? It's Father's Day so I can do what I want!) then I would choose the following:

    Songs For Swingin' Lovers by Frank Sinatra. Released in 1956, this is one of Sinatra's most popular albums, featuring such classic cuts as I've Got You Under My Skin and You Make Me Feel So Young. Longtime collaborator Nelson Riddle arranged the charts for the songs which are a buoyant, finger-snapping celebration of being in love.

    Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa. Released in 1979, the album is based around "a stupid little story in which the government is going to do away with music". Zappa at his most musical and irreverent.

    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. The Floyd's 1975 album deals with absence and the breakdown of communication with a few sly digs at the music industry along the way.

    I only mention those three records to illustrate just how broad the idea of a concept album is.

    So reading through these comments about IT I now know there are of versions of Mama and IGGB I never knew about and don't own. Off to e bay for me now. More money I have to get rid of

    I might be wrong but I do believe the longer versions of Mama and It's Gonna Get Better are available to download from the Movement site. If they're available there, then that means the band have no issue with it - probably because the CD single that features them is out of print. So, please, if you haven't already given your money away to someone on Ebay, check out the site.

    Makes me wonder if, had the album been released in the CD age, if any of those EP tracks would have been included.

    Personally, I like putting everything that was recorded during the album sessions onto the record as it gives a broader impression of where the artist was at the time (even if it means including crap like The Day The Light Went Out on And Then There Were Three!). So my fan-edit of W&W includes the EP tracks and it doesn't alter the mood at all. Yes, Match Of The Day and Pigeons are short and somewhat throwaway in terms of the subject matter but the balance is redressed by Inside And Out which is altogether longer and just about the most serous subject the band had written about at the time.

    Which just goes to prove the old saying, "never judge a book by it's cover", all 3 are great albums.

    I can't speak for the Hackett album (but he's long since lost relevance as a recording artist anyway) but, having heard the Marillion albums I will attest to their unmitigated awfullness. I mean, if you like that sort of thing, then fine, but I much prefer Marillion after the sub-par Peter Gabriel wannabe left the band.

    Fair, I don't think he claimed it was a concept album per se. He does talk about it the theme or themes that run through it, but doesn't say that he conceived of it from the beginning as a concept album.

    I guess there is one concept on Peter's third album, that of banishing all cymbals from the music! Was the aim to create a claustrophobic effect? Well, whether it's a concept album or not, I think everyone can agree on this forum that it's one of Peter's best efforts and it still stands up well today as a flagship for intelligent lyricism in pop and also for being one of the best sounding productions of the eighties.

    Ok, I'm really rusty here.

    Hello Rusty.

    Yes, the new Zurich bootleg is definitely an upgrade. The Movement site has a Live Database listing all the known bootlegs of not just Genesis but also Phil, Peter and Mike And The Mechanics. It's always worth checking the list out because you can see how the sound quality has been rated. The torrents which you can download are listed in the Interactive section. As long as you have a torrent client (such as BitTorrent) and a means to decode the torrent (like Trader's Little Helper) you're good to go.

    Any problems, give me a shout.

    Getting even further off topic, but... yes, that sense isn't something you really get on Genesis albums, is it? The (original) ending of "Anything She Does" is the only thing I can think of that even comes close. (In contrast, another favorite band of mine -- pre-1980s Chicago -- has quite of bit of that on various albums.)

    When I remixed Abacab, I used as many of the count-ins from the bootleg of that album as were available. That kind of element wouldn't really fit their earlier music but certainly when they had their own studio, where everything sounded so fresh because it was put down on tape immediately, it fits perfectly.

    I love the "agh!" at the end of Anything She Does. When Mike was interviewed about the album some years ago as part of Radio One's Classic Albums series, he said that the song had quite an organic feel to it which was why they included that at the end. Of course, Phil's done stuff like that a few times - at the end of Somewhere Over The Rainbow on Face Value we hear him say "okay" and then at the end of You've Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long) he can be heard quoting Ringo's "I've got blisters on my fingers!". He also can be heard saying something at the end of We're Sons Of Our Fathers but I can't remember what it is.