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    Haha. I remember Tabletop Genesis talking about how when they would do Say It’s Alright Joe, some crowd members would heckle them over that long visual intro. And Phil would be thinking, would you shut the bleep up, I’m trying to perform here. I guess there are some songs which the band is partial to, but not the fans necessarily. And vice versa of course.

    If you haven't heard it already, I can't recommend Groenoordhaal, Leiden 1981-10-03 highly enough. The sound quality is not great, but it's absolutely hilarious. The crowd was full of people who were not particularly fond of the Abacab-era tracks, and they booed them vociferously. At first Phil played it off as a lark, but by the end I think he was rather irked indeed. As if to mollify them, the band played a sublime Firth of Fifth. I have many boots that sound better than this one, but there are few I love more. :P

    As has been said upthread, it's hard to pick a period where their songwriting/album-crafting and live performances were both at their peak. For quite a while their reach exceeded their grasp, and it took several years of playing some of their most complex pieces before they were able to really do them justice on stage.

    My personal peak for their compositional phase would have to by 1973-74. There's a really good reason The Lamb and SEBTP consistently rank towards the top of most fans' best-album lists. But my favorite period as a live band was 1976-1977. I think the crucible of touring The Lamb really honed their chops, and the shows from the ATOTT and W&W tours have a loose, almost jammy feel that brings their compositions to life — without, as someone else said, the feeling of sloppiness.

    Yeah, but a better than average boot. I just noticed yesterday that there is another one from the Toronto Lamb show called "Back in Toronto/1974" but have not heard it yet, too pricey on Amazon for a boot.

    I love a good boot recommendation, but is this not available on the Genesis – The Movement torrent board? I'm morally opposed to paying for boots; that seems counter to the spirit of the whole thing. ;)

    Hi all,

    Brand-new member here, so it seems appropriate that I should make my debut commenting on this video, which I just found yesterday. What an engaging hour of video (this one plus the Supper's Ready reaction video). I'm a sucker for music theory and "what-makes-this-song-great" type breakdowns, so this was right up my alley. And I continue to be surprised that even after 35 years of close , repeated listening, these songs evoke such a transcendent joy. Masterful music by a very special group of musicians.