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    All In A Mouse's Night would be a better choice to be replaced, that way the EP as a whole would be more comical.

    I already posted my revamped tracklist for W&W elsewhere, but here it is again:

    Side A:

    Eleventh Earl Of Mar

    One For The Vine

    Wot Gorilla?

    Blood On The Rooftops

    Side B:

    Your Own Special Way

    Inside And Out

    "Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers... In That Quiet Earth"


    Abacab, just gotta love the pounding beat of that one. And it's so different from pretty much anything that had come before.

    Another one would have to Eleventh Earl Of Mar, the intro sets up the magical, autumnal feel of Wind & Wuthering perfectly, great bouncy beat, and the whole band are just one fire, especially Banks & Hackett.

    1. Selling England By The Pound

    2. Wind & Wuthering

    3. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    4. A Trick Of The Tail

    5. Foxtrot

    6. We Can't Dance

    7. Duke

    8. Abacab

    9. Nursery Cryme

    10. Invisible Touch

    11. Trespass

    12. And Then There Were Three

    13. Genesis

    14. Calling All Stations

    15. From Genesis To Revelation

    For the worst cover of all time. Scorpions win it easily. Virgin Killer. Is picture of a picture of a naked 13 year old girl provocative pose with glass front cracked which obscures her genitals!

    Could it be a question of it was 1976 and ok for then ? Err no.

    Ah, good ole Scorpions. Almost 50 years and people still freak out. Job well done, RCA. Also, I'd say Blind Faith's album had more questionable album cover. And there are a whole lot more worse covers out there. Check out this metal band called Riot. It's just... bad.

    Apparently I'm not noticing something here. Perhaps a non-native speaker thing. Could you please explain? What is so special about the line and the way it was sung back then?

    Harold Demure is gay. And apparently a somewhat feminine type of such.

    I suppose the definition of a hit varies from person to person, and there are several lists or varying sizes for them. USA Billboard goes to 200, for example. But Top 20 or 40 would be considered a "minor hit" at least. I think the only album of Tony's to chart were A Curious Feeling (21) and The Fugitive was 53 or something. So in that regard, Steve did a lot better.

    Hit albums? I guess we don't share the same concept of ''hit''. Are we talking Face Value or So magnitude? Because those are hits. I might be mistaken but I don't think that Steve came ever nowhere near to Mike and the Mechanics. As for Tony, I really don't know, I don't have the figures so you might be right but I again, I really have no idea. I am still convinced though Steve couldn't write a hit to save his life.

    He had several solo top 20 or 40 albums, and GTR reached #11 on Billboard charts.

    I like big, graphic (fantasy style) covers (= Mike Rutherford: a bit busy), so stuff from bands like early Marillion, Iron Maiden, Asia, Yes and so many heavy metal bands, are dear to my eyes.

    There's also a goofy reaction video by this christian couple of Supper's Ready, where they get all uncomfortable about the 666 bit. The song's title or the last part seem to give the woman no inclination what the song is about, but as soon as someone utters 666 it's... "oh no, this is not song about the Devil, is it?"

    With Tony, A Curious Feeling is the obvious choice. Especially if you're into the 70s Genesis. On the other hand, if you prefer the 80s, then Fugitive.

    Steve's got a vast and varied discography ranging from prog rock to classical music with several high points and some low points as well. Spectral Mornings and Voyage of the Acolyte are easy access points, but personally I would also suggest Guitar Noir and To Watch The Storms. Especially Sierra Quemada (from GN) is one track that for me sealed the deal that I gotta investigate this guy's solo work.

    Sometimes I feel like the most generic Genesis fan... The first side might be second best a Genesis album has had, but the b-side just leaves me cold. And since I also consider Homes to be one tune, choosing the best three was an easy task.

    Having only (seriously) discovered the band in the early 2000s, I was fortunate to see the band in Helsinki on the TIOA tour. I can still remember first walking then running through hallway of the stadium when the first notes of "Duke's Intro" boomed from the speakers.