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    Yup, the sold out! All the way back in 1968, they wrote a song called Silent Sun to get a record deal. Now if that isn't a sellout moment, I don't know what is!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Although, being Nancy Nitpicky, I must point out this doesn't strictly work as Alehouse was from the Foxtrot sessions. But your track sequence would work nicely leaving aside the time-travel issue.

    I was the opposite - NC was one I'd leave completely untampered.

    True, but the song itself was older. Trespass outtake?

    The only ones I'd dare to tamper with are Nursery Cryme, I'd inject Twilight Alehouse in there, and Wind & Wuthering, switch Inside And Out with All In A Mouse's Night.

    The tracklists would be:


    The Musical Box

    Harold The Barrel

    For Absent Friends

    Twilight Alehouse

    Return Of The Giant Hogweed


    Seven Stones

    The Fountain Of Salmacis


    Eleventh Earl Of Mar

    One For The Vine

    Wot Gorilla?

    Blood On The Rooftops

    Your Own Special Way

    Inside And Out

    "Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers... In That Quiet Earth"


    Spot The Pigeon would also work IMO a bit better as it would be entirely lighthearted songs.

    It's a series of CD singles from We Can't Dance era. No Son of Mine, I Can't Dance, Jesus He Knows Me and Hold on My Heart.

    The last one came with a box you could compile all the others in. Apparently other editions of said singles were also released, hence the slight mistake in mine.

    Hence the high prices. Also, the 76 - 82 box is the japanese version. The prices are based on the median at discogs.

    And no, not sealed, but in near mint condition. Except for the Invisible Series which is "very good" condition.

    In case someone's interested, I've got a few boxsets for sale:

    The blue box 1976 - 1982 350€

    The black box Live 1973 - 2007 250€

    The Invisible Series 50€

    - there is a slight goof with this one, as the guy who I bought it from had two Jesus He Knows Me singles instead of two Hold On My Hearts.

    Phil Collins: Take a Look at Me Now 150€

    - this is the one with all the double CDs

    Located in Finland

    P&P not included

    I seem to recall an interview, where Behind The Lines had originally lyrics by Phil. But they were quite nasty, so apparently they were replaced with Mike's.

    Also, isn't You Might Recall by Tony? He was credited for it in that old Genesis Discography