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    I don't think so. It's still a couple of weeks ahead and the only question would be health issues. But I think I read somewhere they are all vaccinated, so we can assume they won't get sick, at least not for long.

    What remains unclear is the general situation in the US and Canada regarding indoor shows and large crowds.

    In Canada [Toronto , Ontario at least] our Government said that it is Ok to have full attendance shows now. I am not sure about Montreal , Quebec or the US cities.?

    ALL of the CDs are recently remastered including LIVE AT THE ROXY 1991 including the the ,

    " The Killer Whale Tank . rant from the song , New Orleans Is Sinking " And the "HIGHWAY GIRL" rant.

    ROAD APPLES on blu ray combined with SASKADELPHIA on 1 disc.?

    plus a newly remastered , LIVE AT THE ROXY 1991.?

    They work better if you microwave them first.

    You can only put so much information on , vinyl. Older people want to hear as they first heard therm. On vinyl.

    However , most recent vinyl is made with the original master tapes which have been remastered from digital already,

    So again you can't put as much digital information with those vinyl limitations. I stick by my argument that the DVD audios are much better sounding AND THEY HAVE many get Genesis visuals that vinyl just can't do.

    I don't know if any one here has even heard of the Canadian band called , The Tragically Hip???

    They are releasing a 30th Anniversary version of their second album called , Road Apples.

    It will have both a vinyl + a Blu Ray disc and CD/blu ray versions of the box sets.

    The CD version has 5 discs.

    1. The full red book CD remastered in , 2021

    2. Live at the Roxy 1991 , remastered 2021. It has the version of the song New Orleans Is Sinking [the Killer Whale Tank version].

    3. A CD of SASKADELPHIA. The amazing 5 lost songs from the original Road Apples album.

    4. A CD of unreleased songs and alternative versions of Road Apples songs.

    5. Road Apples on Blu Ray [Atmos , 5.1 etc...] including 5 songs from Saskadelphia

    The vinyl version will also have this Blu Ray Disc too.

    For anyone interested go too

    Not a big fan of MFSL...I really prefer other people who remaster / remix stuff like Steve Wilson and Nick Davis.

    I think that Steve Hoffman thinks that he is the only person who knows how to remaster CDS the best sounding way. At his web site any one who doesn't agree with his way of doing things are instantly banned.

    He also promoted the one sided misinformation about a so called " loudness war ".

    Where some albums too loud? Yes , but the vast majority were not.

    To me the best sounding TOTT by far is , The RHINO Audio DVD NTSC , DTS , DOLBY DIGITAL of TOTT.

    I have all the Rhino audio DVDs from Foxtrot to Invisible Touch.

    I think he's trying to be funny.


    Mick cannot sing to save his life live. He is running around too much.

    Actually , I responding to another post in which the poster said that sitting down makes you a worse singer.

    That is totally untrue. GO ENGLAND GO!!!

    Phil could have actually sung the high falsetto bit in 2007. I think he just chickened out. He sings higher in falsetto for I Know What I Like at the end of the choruses - Bs and Cs; the highest note in Cinema Show is an A.

    What still blows me away is that Phil was an extra in Beatles movie and even played on a Beatles song.^^

    He really ought to get himself a better chair! With all ergonomic products today there may be a chair that allows him to be in a more upright position?

    Sorry , that is not true. Sitting down actually makes singers better. WHY?

    Think about just singing.? When you are sitting down you are NOT...

    ...running around the stage making it harder to breath and sing.

    Sitting down is a vocalists is a dream. You can control your DIAFRAME and BREATHING a lot more sitting down. Maybe , we will hear the old Phil.?

    That is why so many other pop stars lip sink. Dancing and singing do not mix well.

    Why do you think that MICK JAGGER sings so badly live. ???

    I wonder if they will do one solo song from each present member?

    I have a feeling that they will play a lot of Duke because Banks once said that he was most proud of that album.

    Thematically a lot of Duke song's lyrics fit a last tour concert. The Duchess and Duke's Travel's and Duke's End which nicely sets up the end of Los Endos at the very end. Check their last live album for songs that they played and most of those songs may not be played this time. You don't want to many repeat songs on a new live album and / or live DVD.

    We know that they are going to play ABACAB , some part of Between The Lines unless their 2021 tour video is a set up to fool us about the set list.?

    Songs that I would love to hear :

    All of The Musical Box , The Chamber With 32 Doors , Mad , Mad Moon , The 11th Earl Of Mar ,

    Entangled , all of The Fifth Of Firth , Looking For Some One , The Last Spike...?

    I guess that I am just dreaming.? :P