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    Couldn't agree more! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I have to agree. In fact, it was watching the full video of the first night that I managed to concentrate on the songs as opposed to the gig itself, where I was just so happy to be there and enjoy the spectacle. On playback, some of the lower keys really grate, and HBTS is the worst example.

    However, what the video brought to my attention is the fact that Mike's guitar playing seems much more focussed and natural now. I loved his solos, I loved Daryl's solos, Nic is just a monster on the drums (though without the jazzy inflections and some of his father's 'swing'), and Tony is - well, Tony. Even his keyboard patches were better this time round.

    I'm happy to take the whole package as is, and I'm so happy be seeing them on the road and seemingly enjoying themselves than pondering what was in the past and what might have been in the setlist.

    Mutual agreement time! Absolutely with you there. I honestly think the band part sounds fantastic, really tight, and Nic is absolutely smashing it out of the park. I really like his drumming, similarities with his dad (and much more so than Chester) but you can tell he has other influences too... Mike finally seems to be getting through solos without frequent bum notes(!) (noticed that also at Hyde Park when he supported Phil) and seems to have got better with age. Tony, yep, is Tony. Daryl always the consummate professional.

    I really hope Nic goes on to great things. If he keeps developing at this rate he could be respected as much as his own drumming heroes. Massive respect to him. It's an old cliché that you can't have a good band without a good drummer and he is already a special drummer.

    True, although in Geddy's case I thought it was actually better, I personally always found his voice a bit too screechy and dropping half a key sounded actually better, at least for me. It didn't really affect the dynamic of the songs. Judging by the videos of the Birmingham gig I saw, I can't say the same for the majority of the songs performed.

    Agreed. In Rush's case, the tone of Geddy's voice changed (inevitably) but it all still came together nicely. With Genesis (and no discourtesy intended as I've been a massive fan for 40 years) the music is as strong as ever (and I think massively improved and tightened with Nic on the drums) but the tone of Phil's voice has changed radically, as has his power. It's the natural result of aging plus his physical condition so perfectly understandable, but the key changes to accommodate this are at the outer limits of what they can get away with.

    That said, I think the arrangement on Duchess is better now than it was in the early 80s. LoC sounds better to me too. However Mama, Domino (first half) and Home By The Sea don't sound 'right' to my ears. It's personal taste though, there are no right or wrong answers.

    Still can't wait to see them at the O2.

    OK, in an ideal world (which of course it's not, but we can dream):

    Behind The Lines/Duchess


    Broadway Melody of '74 / Carpet Crawlers

    Land of Confusion (new arrangement sounds good)


    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / Musical Box (a la Chicago 78)


    Firth of Fifth / Apocalypse in 9/8 / Sure As Eggs

    Throwing It All Away (I have to give in to inevitability somewhere)

    Domino (ditto)

    Blood On The Rooftops

    Fading Lights /Cinema Show / Afterglow

    Turn It On Again

    Los Endos

    I Know What I Like

    The Knife

    [and I just can't bring myself to give in to inevitability when it comes to IT, TTT (unless instrumental like Monkey/Zulu), Jesus He Knows Me etc. That said, I Can't Dance would be ironically funny!]