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    For me personal it's not only for entertainment and sentimental purposes (although I'm too young to have experienced any of their shows), but also for learning.

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get to see them in their pomp. To be fair, I ‘only’ started at the Wembley 87 shows and although many will say this was the band at their peak, I would have preferred to have seen any of their tours between 1971 and 1982. They were an outstanding live band back in the day, and even in 1987 and 1992 (when it was way too commercial for me).

    The Three Sides Live video (particularly In The Cage medley) has some brilliant drumming from Phil and there are some tasty moments in the Mama Tour and Wembley vids too. Hopefully you’ve got a copy of the (unofficial) Lyceum 1980 video as well because that’s worth a watch. There are many more, plus of course his solo material. But for me something was noticeably wrong on the 2007 tour and, obviously, it wasn’t long after that tour that Phil put his sticks down for good.

    Nic is developing into a superb drummer and there are some similarities with his dad, but you can tell he has other influences too. He’s his own man, and rightly so. But to enjoy Phil at his peak (and the band at their peak) I hope you look back in time because there’s a ton of treasure out there, official and unofficial.

    I digress. Enjoy your drumming. I’m jealous because it was always my first choice, but I’m no good! And enjoy this band’s rich back catalogue.

    This might be going against the grain but.... thank heavens for that. I've been a massive fan of this band since I first took serious interest in music 42 years ago and I have tickets for two of the O2 shows. However, despite having its strongest rhythm section since 1992, this band is a pale imitation of what once was, and we all know why that is. It's not a criticism, it's just fact. Father Time catches up with all of us in the end.

    It will be nice to enjoy the moment at the O2 and give them the cheering send off that they deserve, but looking ahead I would rather watch and listen to recordings of the band at 100% than this incarnation.

    Each to his/her own. The albums up to and including Wish You Were Here were fantastic to my ears, and the last three of those outstanding. Dark Side achieved its legendary status for good reason: it works perfectly as a concept piece and as individual tracks. It was also decades ahead of its time. The balance of the Waters years was a case of diminishing returns. Some occasional highs when they regrouped, but for me that early 70s period saw them produce some of the best rock music (prog or otherwise) of all time.

    Weirdly, I had a dream about them too the other night. An awards ceremony like the Hall of Fame (except it was all a little surreal in that usual dream fashion) and I was introduced to the band as a fan, but suddenly Phil decided they had a gift for me - which was to sing the opening lines of In The Cage at the show. Absolutely froze when my time came, at which point I said I could step back and do the drums. And then it felt like my arms belonged to someone else. A rapid retreat followed.

    There is bound to be some psychological insight into this one.

    Ok, it’s time for true confessions: I’m such a techno idiot that I don’t quite understand how that site works. Can you download files from there, and if so using what software? (Like I said, I’m a complete idiot when it comes to all things tech lol). As for the shows you mentioned, I have listened to all of them on YouTube. I’m particularly fond of Hammersmith and Forest Hills. I understand that The Marquee show is “iconic,” but for me Abacab, SR, and The Lamb/Watcher aren’t quite as on the mark at Marquee as at those other shows. I’d add LA, Dallas, and Columbia, Maryland to my list of faves from that tour, but none of those recordings is of the same quality as the ones you mentioned.

    Sorry for not responding sooner. All you need is a torrent app like Torrex Pro or Vuze. I use both but prefer the former. Download the app, then (once you are a member of the site) you download the torrent link. App should automatically open and pick up the link. It will ask you where you want to save it to and the download process starts. Just remember that you are seeding/sharing as well, so leave the app open after you have downloaded as this will help others too.

    Wembley, 2 July 1987 was my first. Fantastic gig, even if full of IT material that I wasn't a fan of. Had a great position too, between mixing tower and stage. Paul Young + band got terrible treatment in the support slot, bottled by a crowd who really weren't interested in his flavour of music. I also remember the sound of that gig was way more powerful than comes across in the Wembley video, which sounds very polite by comparison.

    Then Knebworth 92. Great gig, and we had a brilliant position again - very similar distance from stage as at Wembley. It was a really energetic performance with a stunning stage / light show. In contrast, Earls Court 92 felt like a band going through the motions (as does the video of the Earls Court shows, to me anyway).

    Couldn't stomach seeing them on the CAS tour. End of. Ray Wilson is a great singer and could have helped them forge a new path, but the material was/is beyond awful and they didn't fully gel as a live band.

    Then Twickenham 2007. Great show with some really high/emotional moments, but inconsistent too with Phil seeming off pace at times (drums).

    Of the shows I attended, Wembley would come out tops, then probably Twickenham but only because the reunion setlist was better than in 92. Performance-wise they were much better at Knebworth 92 than Twickenham 2007 but I like the older material, so Twickenham nudges ahead. The Earls Court gig was pretty average as far as I am concerned; definitely the worst of the four times I've seen them. It's not that they put a foot wrong, it's just there was no passion in the performance. It felt like a box-ticking exercise.

    Would have loved to have seen earlier tours, particularly the 75-77 period, but the Duke and Encore tours were fantastic too. My brother saw them at Hammersmith in 1980 and he still says that was one of the best gigs he ever attended.

    Thanks to The Musical Box it's been possible to get a good flavour of the Foxtrot and SEBTP tours.

    In terms of solo tours, I would like to give a shout out to Steve Hackett for his Momentum acoustic tour. I remember seeing him in Southend on that tour (supported by Mae McKenna) and it was bloody brilliant. There was also a meet and greet afterwards. Great vibe.

    Couldn't agree more! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I have to agree. In fact, it was watching the full video of the first night that I managed to concentrate on the songs as opposed to the gig itself, where I was just so happy to be there and enjoy the spectacle. On playback, some of the lower keys really grate, and HBTS is the worst example.

    However, what the video brought to my attention is the fact that Mike's guitar playing seems much more focussed and natural now. I loved his solos, I loved Daryl's solos, Nic is just a monster on the drums (though without the jazzy inflections and some of his father's 'swing'), and Tony is - well, Tony. Even his keyboard patches were better this time round.

    I'm happy to take the whole package as is, and I'm so happy be seeing them on the road and seemingly enjoying themselves than pondering what was in the past and what might have been in the setlist.

    Mutual agreement time! Absolutely with you there. I honestly think the band part sounds fantastic, really tight, and Nic is absolutely smashing it out of the park. I really like his drumming, similarities with his dad (and much more so than Chester) but you can tell he has other influences too... Mike finally seems to be getting through solos without frequent bum notes(!) (noticed that also at Hyde Park when he supported Phil) and seems to have got better with age. Tony, yep, is Tony. Daryl always the consummate professional.

    I really hope Nic goes on to great things. If he keeps developing at this rate he could be respected as much as his own drumming heroes. Massive respect to him. It's an old cliché that you can't have a good band without a good drummer and he is already a special drummer.

    True, although in Geddy's case I thought it was actually better, I personally always found his voice a bit too screechy and dropping half a key sounded actually better, at least for me. It didn't really affect the dynamic of the songs. Judging by the videos of the Birmingham gig I saw, I can't say the same for the majority of the songs performed.

    Agreed. In Rush's case, the tone of Geddy's voice changed (inevitably) but it all still came together nicely. With Genesis (and no discourtesy intended as I've been a massive fan for 40 years) the music is as strong as ever (and I think massively improved and tightened with Nic on the drums) but the tone of Phil's voice has changed radically, as has his power. It's the natural result of aging plus his physical condition so perfectly understandable, but the key changes to accommodate this are at the outer limits of what they can get away with.

    That said, I think the arrangement on Duchess is better now than it was in the early 80s. LoC sounds better to me too. However Mama, Domino (first half) and Home By The Sea don't sound 'right' to my ears. It's personal taste though, there are no right or wrong answers.

    Still can't wait to see them at the O2.

    OK, in an ideal world (which of course it's not, but we can dream):

    Behind The Lines/Duchess


    Broadway Melody of '74 / Carpet Crawlers

    Land of Confusion (new arrangement sounds good)


    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / Musical Box (a la Chicago 78)


    Firth of Fifth / Apocalypse in 9/8 / Sure As Eggs

    Throwing It All Away (I have to give in to inevitability somewhere)

    Domino (ditto)

    Blood On The Rooftops

    Fading Lights /Cinema Show / Afterglow

    Turn It On Again

    Los Endos

    I Know What I Like

    The Knife

    [and I just can't bring myself to give in to inevitability when it comes to IT, TTT (unless instrumental like Monkey/Zulu), Jesus He Knows Me etc. That said, I Can't Dance would be ironically funny!]