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    First impressions on the 2CD: I would have preferred a chronological track-listing but good to see "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight", "Duke's End", "Fading Lights" and even "The Cinema Show" and "Firth of Fifth" on there alongside the usual suspects.

    I'm new to this forum but did a bit of research on Friday night as listening with headphones on it struck me that these sounded like different takes (especially Phil's vocals) to what I was familiar with. Seems I'm more familiar with the originals (and the 1994 remasters) than the 2007 remasters which by all accounts are remixes in terms of prominence/effects of parts of the song (rather than cleaned up / compressed etc.). So I was surprised with, for example, the vocals on "Turn it on again" with hardly any reverb on the "I... I... get so lonely" part (which gives the song the whole dynamic, I think), and the keyboards and drums on "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight". Anyway, I know this has been discussed at length previously.

    Packaging: I really like the design / illustration. Very clean. The title (with question-mark) and font are effective (much better than R-Kive). Unfortunately in the car this morning I tried to get CD1 out (which backs up against the first panel of the tri-fold) and it tore a couple of centimetres of the spine without me being rough with it which is really disappointing. The booklet is good (all recent pics though I was led to believe there were some rare ones in there - perhaps I assumed they'd be archival if rare - maybe just new and rare...?!?).

    Any other forum members surprised that Phil's quote "It's a democracy as long as we agree with Tony." was used? It's clearly tongue-in-cheek but also given prominence on one of the photo pages (and from what I've heard on the "Not dead yet" audiobook, many a true word said in jest).

    I'm unsure as to whether to invest in the 4LP given my comments on the remasters above, especially at the £70 mark. If it was nearer £50 I'd be tempted.

    Overall, I know compilations aren't particularly popular to the die-hard fan and an iTunes playlist could replicate this very easily, but as far as I'm concerned it's a nice nudge to re-listen and includes some deep-ish (for a comp.) cuts.