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    David Gilmour - Cruise (from the About Face album):

    "Cause you know you can always make not more hot milk"

    Dire Straits - Skateaway

    "Fish let a big truck grease her hip"

    Peter Gabriel - Intruder

    "I know something about opening windows indoors"

    "Intruder come and he be smart"

    Hi and welcome!

    Did you buy the tickets form ticketmaster? In case they do not arrive, travel to Leeds and take the necessary documents with you (ticket purchase confirmation email, credit card used etc). Check with the venue's box office - usually they will grant access. A guy from our German forum has some experience and he also saw that new tickets were printed in case they got lost or didn't arrive.

    Thanks Christian, that sounds encouraging, I guess I'll do that.

    Yes, I bought the tickets from Ticketmaster.

    Just hope I don't travel for nothing.


    Im travelling from abroad as well,and haven't yet received neither of the Leeds (a week from today!) or the London (October 12) shows. In my account it says the tickets weren't even dispatched yet.

    I haven't been able to get a human response from Ticketmaster, only an automated response that doesn't really help. They don't have an active phone number either.

    I also tried contacting the venues,but they only suggest contacting Ticketmaster.

    I don't really know what to do. Ive already arranged a flight, hotels and a car. And my flight is in 5 days.

    Any ideas?