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    People need to remember that these shows are not just for a small number of hardcore fans - a huge percentage will have no clue what they are watching/listening to.

    Yes, it exciting for some fans on forums like this, but it isn't reality. People aren't going to see him to be "challenged" by the majority of songs they've never heard - yes, put some in there, but this amount is a mis-step IMO.

    Anyway, if you're going to see him, I hope you enjoy it!

    I'm surprised, and not in a good way.

    I'm not gonna criticise his voice, as for a man in his 70's it was pretty good really. But I just think he's misjudged this whole i/o release. I'd be surprised if half the audience knew the 5 released i/o tracks well, let alone what the reaction was to a whole load of songs nobody had ever heard before.

    Kinda realising what those audiences in the USA felt like when The Lamb tour started without the album being released yet!.

    All a bit odd and misjudged IMO.

    Staging looks good though, but I'm REALLY glad I didn't spend any money getting tickets. I'll pick up the inevitable blu-ray or download down the line. Maybe the album would've been released by then too...

    Okay, got hold of mine earlier this morning. And my immediate verdict is... predictably, a little bit rubbish.

    I've not got the tools to do a proper audio comparison, but from the Lyceum alone I can tell you that the "As Good As Gold" bootleg is definitely superior. The official release is a little distorted in places (seemingly top end) - from a brief listen, I could tell in stuff like Duke's End and The Knife. A lot more care has been taken in the fan release.

    The only plus in the comparison is that the fan release didn't do anything with One For The Vine as it was already officially available on 3SL, so I'll do a copy/paste of this new version into a playlist with the rest coming from the fan made one.

    Zero difference with the Invisible Touch tour stuff, apart from the volume being a higher level on the official release. But the "fan" one of that is the entire clean BBC broadcast tape anyway!

    It's nice to have all this stuff in one place, especially the Gabriel era bits, but if you're sitting on the fence... - you can get all this stuff for free, more complete and in better quality.

    IMO of course!!

    I'd be surprised if any additional dates were added to the European tour - given the prices, there are a lot of tickets still available.

    I doubt a second night at the O2 would sell to an acceptable level for them.

    For comparison, I bought 2 excellent tickets for the comedian Peter Kay at the O2 yesterday. Cost £146 for 2 (that's £73 each with those silly extra admin costs). Same thing would have been £400+ for Gabriel.

    I genuinely can't get over how ridiculous the prices are. It's a really difficult economic time, and for a man who always places himself on the side of "right", this seems very, very wrong.

    And this isn't just the call of the promoter - Gabriel could absolutely have stepped in and made them cheaper.

    I hope anyone who has tickets has an excellent time though!

    I feel really grateful to have managed to see them one last time and say goodbye.

    Musically they were amazing, and Nic is genuinely excellent. Also quite glad that these gigs got delayed from October as Phil has got a lot better since the first set of UK shows.

    I had a few "moments" - seeing them first walk on, during Cinema Show/Afterglow (pretty much my favourite Genesis thing), and obviously at the end. Great to see lots of love for them at the O2.

    Anyone going tonight or tomorrow - enjoy!

    Genesis themselves (or their social media anyway) haven't actually said anything about the Belfast/Dublin gigs being cancelled yet have they?

    That would suggest something else is being planned. They definitely would have made a statement if they were being cancelled and nothing else was being put in place.