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    Well that's a point, they could go full Abba and virtually reunite the 5-man lineup for a digi-tour.

    How about it choccy - can that go on your fantasy wishlist?

    Maybe they can throw in Take A Chance On Me or a mashup - Dancing Queen With The Moonlit Knight?

    Fantasies are only limited by a lack of imagination ;)

    Before I get shot down.... this is purely hypothetical only.

    But given everyone in the band is fit and well and they have a great drummer in Nic, who has shown how good he is and eager to perform the older and longer pieces, I wondered if maybe in a few years time, whether Tony, Mike and Nic (with Darryl) would consider simply doing a small tour playing smaller theatres playing only instrumental version of their songs which would allow for more longer pieces to be played again and give Tony maybe his moment to really shine etc

    Phil had said many years ago about the 4 piece band doing just this after Peter left and now they no longer have a healthy singer, it would be a way to keep the band alive in a way fans would accept?

    Would this be something people would like should it be possible?

    Phil stated that he wanted to freshen things up a little.

    I also believe Chester had taken some time out at this point to spend more time with his family.

    Did you type All of that out?

    Is there an online version of the book somewhere ?

    I am fortunate to own this book having purchased when it came out, but I do wonder why it was never re-printed again or made available for digital media.

    It would seem like a good seller, as there are many people who don't have this, or those like me, who would love a digital version.

    Will we ever see it?

    Wonder what the split was between PC and TB song rights?...hopefully Tony has got over his frustration at Phil being more popular and is laughing at his replenished bank account 🤣

    It was reported that Phils solo work was being shopped around for $200m dollars before this deal, according to BBC News.

    So Concord got a real bargain!

    I have to say I've never been hugely fond of the studio version of The Fountain Of Salmacis. I first heard it on Three Sides Live where it sounded terrific but when I finally heard the studio version it sounded bloody awful. Of course, John Anthony's muddy production didn't help but the drums sounded tubby, Gabriel's thick voice swallowed up everything in its path and the guitar solo didn't grab me the same way it did when I heard Daryl play it. My favourite version of the song remains the one from Dijon in 1978.

    I agree, a lot of the older genesis albums sound way inferior to the Live versions.

    TBH Phil Live was so much stronger than Peter on many Album songs.

    Interestingly, I just posted elsewhere a comment about whether they can get the audio decent enough from the last tour to ever release and Nick here says, it won't be good enough for release and also mentions that Phil sounded really bad in pre production and he didn't think it would actually happen.

    A real shame to see Phil struggling so much the last few years.