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    ITAT is my favourite song, but the amount of times it's been covered and sounds literally the same as each other, makes it pointless and less interesting each time.

    This sounds like a 2000s rock band that's ran out of ideas in 2024

    Apparently, Phil and Chester did talk to each other in-between 2010/12 and 2014 period however, it's clear what ever was said, they likely agreed they wouldn't work together again.

    Publicly, they have good things to say about each other, which is good and what is done is done.

    That's Rock and Roll

    Prog Rock Songs on X (Twitter) released yesterday The production footage of Cinema Show and Land of Confusion, recorded prior to the Last Domino Tour.

    Sorry if posted already.

    Im not sure Phil would make it to Carpet Crawlers with those two back to back.

    I would say that it's very likely, the energy when all 5 got together just wasn't great overall and You can see that when they had the HOF induction with Steve there.

    I'm sure Peter didn't want to commit to anything more of a one off Record it and be done.

    Phil only wanted as I said before to do limited shows and both financially would not work nor would there combined schedules allow for anything lengthy.

    As I said before, if Peter really wanted to do the Lamb reunion, they still could, but Nic would have to replace Phil.

    I suspect, it's all down to Peter as per usual.

    I'm pretty certain when they got all 5 together, Peter didn't want to commit to a long tour and Phil was also on his I have to stay at home for the kids (even though they pretty muched moved not long after) so you had Peter wanting a one off, Phil not wanting to commit to more than a handful of shows and TS wanting a year long tour no doubt so that it would make enough money etc

    It's a real shame, because this would have been a rare occasion that an original line up being all alive and healthy could have done something great, but instead they kinda blew it (especially after Phils drumming issues soon after 07 Tour).

    Still..... If Nic were to replace Phil, they could technically do a Lamb Tour still in 2025 / 2027 if PG and rest wanted too.

    It's an okay song for Album mood and filler but not anywhere near as good as any filler or B sides of IT and WCD.

    This Album has 3 top songs and not much else of their usual quality.

    It was an Album that needed to be done, but was 100% done so with Phil and Mike's solo work distracting them.

    The lack of other songs (B side or throwaway) shows that they didn't put a lot of time or real imagination into Shapes.

    Phil Worked on it probably a week after quiting Genesis lol

    Phil did so much Genesis related projects after "quiting" it's no wonder Genesis v5 never had a chance.

    That's one thing that Peter did right, was remove himself as far away as possible and let the band grow and shape its identity with Phil.

    I always feel Ray had Phil's shadow over his shadow the whole time and v5 never had a chance the way Tony & Mike handled it.

    What I think must have been very tough for Ray was, not only did Phil announce he quit and did a big tour about quitting etc But literally by 99 and early 2000s he was doing a lot of Genesis projects and songs etc and of course by 2005 was discussing the five piece tour and then the eventual 2007 tour.

    So although he "quit" the band, he pretty much only did so for a limited time whilst he went through his "midlife crises" phase and Tony and Mike didn't really help Ray that much by rushing an album and then giving up after it's bad reception.

    I don't feel Ray or anyone really had a genuine chance at this point, especially if Phil was still sniffing around, something Peter avoided (82 aside).

    Even Ray has said, he literally didn't hear anything for almost 3 years before officially being told that's it, which fell back into Phils timeline of doing Genesis related projects whilst being "done" with the band.

    Yeah, of course it won't happen, but it's nice to think, that there is always a possibility of something.

    This band is notorious for having everything as perfect as possible, hence why at the time the didn't film Six of the Best and Peter removed the recording microphones off the stage.

    Obviously now they regret it, but even after so many years, they still have the stubborn streak in them. Only have to see Peters stance in not coming back to the band and also how many centuries he takes to release an album.

    But its good to hope that there could be something else out there, even if the band say not.

    Banks claimed there is 'nothing left in the vault'. Even if that's not true there is absolutely no chance any of them would consider this idea. File under Never Going To Happen.

    Tony says a lot of things, but doesn't mean it's true.

    They must have thousand of live shows etc for example never released just like what BBC done with Nick Davis.

    I know Phil has unreleased recorded solo songs, plus no doubt Demos as well, so it wouldn't shock me if the band archives had stuff even unfinished

    I'd imagine they have dozens of jamming session recordings that could be quality enough to release even and other instrumentals as well for example.

    Well, if the Beatles can release a new song, I'd imagine, it wouldn't be too difficult to find some old demos and have the band use the same AI tech for Peter and Phil and add new instrumentals to release?

    I'm sure Mr Smith would be happy releasing a new £££ maker.

    It's always interesting to hear the retrospect from the band about they wished they had filmed it.

    They had intended to audio record it professionally I believe, however, Peter moved the stage microphones away, so they never got that either.

    Thankfully there are some bootlegs out there to enjoy.

    The original release of this album was strange.

    Why they just never pushed the full 29 tracks instead of having a cut version and then a limited extended version.

    He promoted it so little as well, so didn't make sense to release 2 versions.

    Another Tony Smith Marketing idea

    Solsbury ;)

    Can't confirm that. I saw two shows of the tour and he was in a superb shape. Sometimes he get's lost, but that's his usual "forgetting the lyrics" thing.

    Sorry, predictive text 🙄

    I watch a couple and he was like talking through the song and was behind the tempo.

    Just seemed strange compare to previous tours and of course the original song.

    Could have done with slowing down a little the music part.

    It's interesting that Genesis themselves admit they also were guilty of never lowering keys etc in the past to help themselves out (especially the singers).