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    The original release of this album was strange.

    Why they just never pushed the full 29 tracks instead of having a cut version and then a limited extended version.

    He promoted it so little as well, so didn't make sense to release 2 versions.

    Another Tony Smith Marketing idea

    Solsbury ;)

    Can't confirm that. I saw two shows of the tour and he was in a superb shape. Sometimes he get's lost, but that's his usual "forgetting the lyrics" thing.

    Sorry, predictive text 🙄

    I watch a couple and he was like talking through the song and was behind the tempo.

    Just seemed strange compare to previous tours and of course the original song.

    Could have done with slowing down a little the music part.

    It's interesting that Genesis themselves admit they also were guilty of never lowering keys etc in the past to help themselves out (especially the singers).

    I think overall it was their most mature album, they had a huge success with IT and the Tour and whilst there was pressure to beat that, the band didn't take the easy way out and as the band has done over the years, they all grew and evolved.

    Phil did more on this album then before and it was very much equal, although maybe the songs excluded, perhaps could have replaced one or two of the others included (all subjective of course).

    I know that by the Tour, a lot happened and it left Phil in a bad way mentally and with all the extra stress he was under, hiding away made sense and being pulled back into the band so quickly for that benefit gig, pretty much did it for him.

    But I (we) will still wonder to this day, what the next album with Phil could have been like, had life taken a different path.

    Music was changing a lot, but Genesis had survived over the years all the fads and threats and became stronger for it.

    A 2006/2007 Album, (even just 2 or 3 new written songs prior to the Tour), may have given us a huge insight into just how these incredible artists could overcome all the doubters (Inc their own), and put to bed the biggest question, as to whether they could have ended Genesis on the highest of highs and removed the mixed 1996/97 period which I'm sure haunted Mike & Tony in different ways.

    It frustrates me a little that such a great book on the legacy of Genesis isn't available for the digital market and it got me wondering, whether now is the perfect time to do a new version that fully closes the chapter on Genesis, making it complete.

    It can easily include new material, focusing on some of the 2007 tour and then some new interviews about the Last Domino Tour including a feature on Nic etc.

    It would be great to get those final thoughts from the band as they already put so much into the original book and this would mean they could also finally do a digital version.

    I can't speak for others but my dislike for that song is really not determined by where it was placed on the album or when it was released as a single. You are perhaps right in saying that something like LOC would have probably been a less bitter pill to swallow but I would still find IT abysmal. I found it bad at that time, I find it even worse today.

    IT for me is the 2nd worst song on the album after Anything She Does.

    But it is a great Song for radio back then and it's got the energy that made it popular.

    I think with this album, even "Domino" would have been a strong Album Name

    Actually, in my opinion, ASD ranks pretty high among the tracks on IT. I think it helps that it's the only one that there isn't at least one official live version of!

    Apparently, Tony said it was too difficult to play live, hence they left it out.

    Given, the nature of the song, it wouldn't really have stood well in time I guess, a bit like Illegal Alien

    I don't mind it either, it's pleasant enough. Tony's not a fan though judging by interviews

    It wasn't really a Genesis song so much as, Phil wanting to do a tribute to Eric, but had no solo album at the time to work on so maybe why Tony isn't fond of it.

    Even more ironic Phil told Clapton, his own tribute song wasn't very good and was one of the biggest songs of the time.

    I think even then, Phil was possibly struggling to be within the band environment & his personal choices during the tour, future solo albums showed the quality & inspiration was waning, until he started doing the musicals & big band projects.