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    'genesis' was probably a rushed album, it makes sense given the point where the band and their individual members were at that time. but even so, it includes three genesis classics: mama, that's all and home by the sea. this proves how talented this band was.

    I think it's telling that in Phils autobiography, there is just half a page on the Genesis album, talking about drum machine & grand master flash & 3 pages dedicated to Against All Odds all in the same chapter.

    What do you mean "dismissed"? They released videos of both those tours; how is that dismissing them? "& still are" - do you actually know anything about this band?????

    This was a time when live albums were still relatively speaking a rarity. Plus it's clear to any dedicated Genesis fan, they were a band who'd only release a live album if they felt it had something new to offer and at a milestone in their career. The Mama and IT tours would obviously not in their minds have met that requirement.

    They clearly felt they didn't need a "huge seller to bridge a 5 year gap". Releasing an album, even a live one, isn't some casual thing. It's a major operation involving a whole load of commercial, technical and promo machinery. At that time they'd have had no time or appetite for it.

    It was their peak as a Live band & their biggest commercial period.

    Most bands would have cashed in & videos were (like with Mama Tour) not full.

    Just a missed opportunity, but they are readily available now, so not a big deal anymore.

    just reading Phils book again and it's kinda telling that this album barely gets a mention, aside from the drum machine & grand master flash, nothing else really mentioned & moves on quickly.

    I think this period is very much where the Solo work & other outside interests took focus over the band, hence why the album doesn't have any extra songs & quality dips after first side etc

    it's still bizzar that because they released this live album, they chose to ignore Mama & Invisible Touch live albums.

    I never understood the logic, that these two eras were dismissed & still are.

    I'm certain live albums especially of IT in 1988 would have been huge seller for them, to help bridge a 5 year gap between albums

    I would suspect that had Phil been able to drum, ABACAB would have featured for sure.

    They had to limit instrumental pieces and perhaps this was the obvious one to drop.

    As it was a fairwell tour, they would always go with the most commercially popular and band favourites rather than throwing in a bit of everything.

    I actually feel that Feeding the Fire would fit and sound better on the Genesis album that IT.

    Seems to be a song that doesn't suit the pace of IT but perfect for the previous album.

    It's one of the few Genesis albums that I can't listen to until the end.

    The other is We Can't Dance. :sleeping:

    Its funny as I have Genesis albums on my phone and I always skip the last few songs from this album and Invisible touch single and go straight into TTT

    Abacab has to be the one song that constantly seemed to almost make it into set lists but turned out every time. Hasn't Phil said he had always problems to memorize its lyrics?

    That's most songs thesedays.

    But, Phil said, he never really understood the song / lyrics so I guess he doesn't have the motivation to sing it.

    They cut it because they could only play so many instrumental pieces, otherwise Phil would be doing nothing for most of the show.

    But, we have it in their prime in live form and that's good enough for me.