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    I was some way off being born at that point but my parents went, my auntie and my uncle (on the other side, who we were ten years off from meeting by then) so it's become a bit of a family lore. I've got the programme framed.

    It seems like it must have been a hell of a thing! Congratulations to all of you who were lucky enough to be there.

    Please excuse my ignorance...

    What does: "Not encompassed in the acquisition are the participation of Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett in the early Genesis albums" mean? So, as far as Genesis stuff, does this mean just material from "And Then There Were Three" onward? Or does it mean all Genesis albums (presumably "Trespass" and onward) and no solo work form PG or SH?

    According to this -…cordings-for-300-million/ - which cites wall st journal, its just music they made as a trio. How reliable that info is, i couldn't say! I couldn't see where the WSJ article was that specific, myself.

    I think 'reaching the people ' is more likely to happen via tracks appearing in films, adverts and tv shows...just look at what happened to Kate Bush via Stranger Things!

    I think that's bang on. It's more likely they'll be licensing In The Air Tonight for a Tiktok video or something than delving into old recorded shows. Hard to see them recouping £300m by putting out an official version of Cleveland 76.

    It seems like it's a bitof a gold rush of companies buying up publishing catalogues when they can, and older artists deciding to cash them in whilst there's a market to do so. I'm not aware of any of the other big artists who sold their catalogues suddenly releasing an onslaught of archive stuff - Springsteen hasn't, don't know about Dylan? Neil Young I think has done a few archive releases but didn't he only sell 49% of his stake?

    I have absolutely no idea how the record industry works but it seems to me that any hope that this deal will mean 'more stuff for us' is wishful thinking, unfortunately.

    live albums don't make much sense neither. Mike told me years ago he has zero interest in live albums (ok, that was for the Mechanics, but then again, why put a live album out that consists of nearly the same setlist like Live Over Europe?

    Would be happy if they did .... bit they won't

    Same reason they put out another compilation of stuff we already had last year.

    If you're taking that attitude there wasn't much on Live Over Europe that wasn't on previous live albums.

    Let's see what happens.

    Oh, man. Heheheheh! In a way I almost kind of admire your adopting the persistent "never say never" attitude

    It worked for Mike didn't it! ^^ How many years was his response to the unlikely-looking Genesis reunion 'never say never'?

    I understand that they can't magic Blu Ray quality footage out of nowehere if they didn't record it properly - personally I'm more hopeful that they'll do a live album even if no video. Springsteen has shown how great the official bootlegs route can be - both on the current tours and going back into the archive. I wonder if official boots have the best 'effort/cost:financial viability' ratio?

    Dum Spiro Spero....

    Please forget about this. To record a full production for a commercial release is a very different story than having some cameras for the screens they use. They have decided not to record the shows and not that those shows are over, the only material would be the rehearsal footage. And that footage is - beyond the documentary - unknown in terms of style etc. So there won't be a concert film.

    This info we gave is correct - I talked to the management myself and they made it very clear.

    We will see. Even if there's no blu ray there may yet be a live album.

    This tour itself wasn't going to happen - until it did.

    The problem with the segue between fading Lights and Cinema Show is that it feels like a bad edit: there is no transition into it, just BANG. In my opinion, it felt clumsy.

    There are other new 'junctions' between songs: only short musical phrases, but some are quite interesting.

    It was very abrupt. I thought a few bars of the FL jam would build to a transition but WHAM!!!

    Hello everyone. My first proper post and seems like no better time to do it than the morning after a gig I've waited 35 years for! It was literally a dream come true to see my all time favorite band after so many years of thinking it would never happen.

    My expectations were suitably managed but, as someone said earlier, the man on stage last night was not the frail and tired person we saw in the doc and the BBC interview. It was proper Phil - maybe not the man he was years ago but still him. His voice was so much better than I expected, he sounded brilliant, the band were wonderful, Nic is superb, the backing singers do a great job and we all know what to expect from the others.

    I know so many of you have seen them throughout their history at their absolute peak, but for those of us who weren't around this is more than I ever hoped for. If you're going I hope you enjoy it at much as I did, and I hope the band enjoy it enough to be able to take the show to our friends across as much as the rest of the world as they can manage.

    The programme lists Anthony Drennan as a member of the band - I think I read that unfortunately Daryl's wife isn't very well so is AD on standby in case he's not available for any of the shows?