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    This is good to know.

    Kind of in his defence, a lot of records sounded like that at the time. Though given his desire to make records that sounded like the listener is sitting next to a's an odd choice. IT wasn't out of place for 1986 but it has aged very badly. Maybe they really could redo it with Nic replacing Phil's drums, keeping everything else original and *not* brickwalling it. I'd buy it.

    Drum machines, especially in the 80s, had a fresh and new sound and could be programmed by non-drummers to make demos and records. They could also sometimes do things real drum(mers) couldn't. Electric drums, as used by Phil and Bill Bruford in the mid 80s, have not stood the test of time in my opinion.

    I disagree a bit on how IT has aged. Yes, IT the song doesn't sound as good in 2022, but TTT sounds incredible - even by today's standards. Domino is in the middle - it doesn't sound bad, but doesn't sound good either.

    One thing I noted is Phil's drumming with electronic drums. Did anybody make them sound better back then?

    Seems his drumming came down a few pegs on WCD.

    Here is my review.

    After seeing both shows in Chicago - I had to see one more. I mulled Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, and Philly. Having see the three shows in Philly in 07, I knew it was a great Genesis town. However, the logistics did not work out so Columbus it was.

    Got a 12th row ticket and made the 8+ hour drive. I was exhausted, and the trip home the following day was also exhausting. To make matters worse, my own band had a show last night, so I'm in for a lot of rest this weekend.

    The band was great - Phil was defiantly more upbeat than the Chicago shows. He was joking and much more engaged. Actually, he seemed to be more like the old Phil than in 07, which he really gave the impression that he didn't want to be there. Some quick snippets:

    Mama - we got not one, but TWO evil laughs at the end. He's been him or miss on that, both Chicago shows he didn't do it, but he did it twice. It was fantastic.

    Duchess - sounded really good live. I was not looking forward to this song as it needs a lot of vocal energy to make it work - and he did it quite well. The screen effects you have to be there to actually get it.

    Double LED lights - I didn't even notice these light rows and descended during my first two shows. Once I saw them - I kept watching them and loved how they moved the light with their rotation.

    Overall while the band was great, the crowd was the worst crowd I have ever seen in all my Genesis shows (11 of them). Applause was there but except for the first three rows, people were sitting down in the front - even for songs like Domino and the instrumentals. I was embarrassed for the band, but they got paid I guess. In retrospect, I should have seen the Philly shows.

    I'll always look at 92 medley fondly, because I was a 16 year old at my first Genesis concert, MTV generation you know. I really liked this new music coming at me I never heard. The screens illuminating DOAV were vivid, the 13 string was sharp, Chester kicked in, and a thrilling vocal from Phil, and from that moment on, I was an all eras fan. It was fun going to these things pre internet called record stores and finding Selling England, because it had 2 songs from the medley on it.

    Very fun times starting to dig into PG Genesis and loving what I found.

    You nailed it. I had NO idea what the old melody was, even HBTS, Mama, etc. All I knew was IT, WCD, and TIOA. We had NO way of knowing what they played, or where to find it.

    Where I think it didn't work so well was eg the 92 medley. It was a striking diversion from the established Cage sequence but ultimately frustrating to not even get a whole Lamb or the "whole" usual Volcano segment. The band later said the snippets during the IKWIL segment were a mistake. From what I know of them the Mama tour non-Cage medleys, while interesting on paper, didn't work too well. Playing just the intro to Mar before going into something else is just going to raise fans' hopes then piss them off. And it's a bit Vegas/cocktail-lounge.

    I thought the 92 medley was perfect. The best part of some classic songs, and brought us through the beginning notes of Volcano to IKWIL. It is my favorite medley they have ever done, as I'm not keen on In the Cage too much.

    this was my first Genesis show and was so happy to hear Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea, Domino, I was floored. I’m sad we didn’t get Misunderstanding in the setlist. We saw Phil 2 years ago in CLT and I while he played a lot of his stuff, he threw in some Genesis along with Follow You Follow Me showing a video montage behind him of the band through the years. After the show I told my wife I’d do anything for them to tour again only to my surprise 2 years later back in the same arena hearing them!

    I couldn’t believe how many people got up and went to the bathroom or got beers etc. I had one that I got as I went to my seats and I’d have peed in my cup if I had to go that bad. So irritating how often people were making us stand up. Then as the concert got closer to the end we noticed some getting up and was evident they were leaving. What is with people? Then the band left the stage which everyone should be aware by now that an encore is coming - still a large number of people streaming for the exits. Guess they wanted to beat traffic.

    I’m very grateful I got to hear them live as well as Phil 2 years back. My only regret is we should’ve seen the Raleigh show the night before too and didn’t.

    That is why I don't drink at concerts that I don't want to miss. Had zero drinks for my two shows and never needed to use the bathroom.

    Methos I was one of the young women in the second row. I'm such a huge fan of them. I've waited my whole life for them to finally reunite and perform. I'm 28 btw and I ha e my dad to thank for introducing me to not only genesis but all old school music.

    I was front row at Phil Collins concert in 2018, saw Daryl Stuermer and his orchestra play tribute to genesis about 8 years ago. It was a dream to see them together again. Wish peter was also there but I'm so happy nonetheless. A dream come true 😀

    You and your friend were fun to watch from time to time. I was the person who was sitting in your seat when you got there.:)

    It was a great show and honestly I think the best one I've seen in my 10 times seeing the band.

    I did not think the domino lights were utilized enough. The only time I noticed them was during SHBTS which was spectacular. They came so low that it was like a menacing external obstacle. They did something similar in 07 with the torch towers which were a great effect.

    Few more tidbits...

    The sound was LOUD!

    On night 1 - they messed up the end of Domino. So yesterday I had the VIP ticket and as they let us in and to the dining room - the band was sound checking. I stuck my head in the curtains (was behind the stage) and they were working on the ending of Domino specifically, I heard them do it a few times - stop and then pick it up again. No light show - just the music.

    And Land of Confusion - wow. The song never sounded so good. The main riff was so tight and power full. Phil this time even gave a "Oh Yeah" at the end like he did back in 92.

    So when the hit the ending perfectly last night, Phil and Mike looked at each other and smiled. They were saying "Whew - got it that time!".


    The one song I would have liked to hear was Los Endos. Nic would have killed it.

    Remember - that they played what they knew. On Chicago night 1 - the ending of Domino was done in error. Yesterday - I had the VIP ticket and when they let us in the venue and led us to dinner, the band was sound checking. I stuck my head in - and they were working on the ending of Domino again - trying to get the timing right.

    Last night - they nailed it, and Phil and Mike looked at each other and smiled. I know that look...ending a song is the most difficult part. :)

    Here is night 2 report. Sorry for the long post - but need to put it down while it is in my memory. I'm 51 and have been a fan since 86.

    I JUST woke up as I had a 3 1/2 hour drive back to Madison WI.

    Night 1 had 15 row with my wife and son, Night 2 I had 2nd row and went alone - centered between Daryl and Mike. Daryl was probably 15 feet away from me. First of all, 2nd row was a different experience than 15 row, I'll say that. I could SEE what Mike and Daryl were playing, and I could hear the 2 vocalists raw - without the mains (PA). Obviously I could hear the raw drum sound as well. I thought I would be able to hear the guitars/bass a bit better as the amps were right there - I could hear them, but the front mains were right in front of us too. Defiantly could hear the guitars more than the keys this time - when I had 15th row the keys were HOT. Not so much from 2nd row.

    Daryl playing the pedals was amazing to watch/feel/hear.

    The vocalists at the end of Afterglow - they sang all the way to the end and it was fantastic.

    Mama had a problem - Tony's keys went out for about 12-16 bars after the interlude - they just waited. It was interesting to see how they rebounded from it - usually when a song goes south, it's very difficult to pick up the pieces and move on. They did a decent job of finishing it off.

    Mike loves the 2nd half of Domino. :)

    I never knew Daryl's bass playing at the end of Invisible Touch was so complex - was fun to watch. Mike even came over to watch a bit of it.

    Crowd by me was into it - even the older tunes.

    Misunderstanding was great - once it started the crowd came alive.

    Watching Nic on drums was fantastic, one could tell he was into it mentally and he was on time and I didn't see even one mistake. His rolls are like his dad's, but other ones (like in Cinema show), he plays them different than Phil.

    Saw an older couple in front of me, who I'm sure have been fans longer than I have (looked like in the early 70s). They were frail and you could tell tired - one looked like they had chemo at some point. Seeing them come to life and give what they could with clapping and singing, than having to sit down - puts everything into perspective.

    Two younger women filed in next to me - they were..maybe 25? My first thought was they were rich and just wanted to be there. Well was I wrong - they knew EVERY LYRIC! Even more than I did - and they knew they drum hits as well. Was fun watching them get into the music so much. Lots of younger people around me - kids in their 20's.

    Lots of younger people around me - front row had a few people who were on their phones the whole time (why?), but a couple in their 30's had dead center and they were loving it and the band watched them quite a bit. Talked to them on the way out - they were really nice.

    I know Mike saw me a few times during Domino - I was mimicking his guitar swoops during the 2nd part, and he smiled when he saw me and the guy next to me doing it.

    But the real moment for me was Second Home by the Sea - my all time favorite. I've probably heard that song over 300 times in my life, it is my favorite musical composition and I never get tired of it. Monday night was great - but being right there seeing them only a few feet from me was worth the $ for the ticket. During the middle of SHBTS right before the solo when the drums do 4 heavy rolls (right when the eyes come on the screen), they are 4 bars that intro into the solo. Daryl was doing a heavy progression on the bass, Nic was pounding the drums and Mike was handling the guitar like he was 30. It was truly magical - there is no better word for it. I felt a brief musical euphoria - know it sounds kind of weird but best way I can describe it.

    All in all, it was both a sad occasion - some of us talked about it before the show how it's the end of the band - and US as we are getting older. But at the same time, it was a celebration. Genesis had an amazing run and what else is better than that? As someone else on here said...We'll never see the likes of them again.

    Also - these two shows were musically better than the 07 shows. Just sayin :)

    One other thing to add - I don't know if someone gave Phil a shot of 5 hour energy before the show - because he was engaged the most I have seen yet (from the videos of Eurpore). He was constantly air drumming, and moving his arms quite a bit. During SHBTS, he actually leaned up against the drum riser instead of sitting off to the side.

    His mannerisms were quite strong. He got a bit slowed down during Domino, but bounced back.

    Great show - it was my son's first and last.

    They made the right call. I was there last night, and they played the hell out of Misunderstanding. Can't believe it was the first time live in how many years? 28? Sounded strong and powerful, and the crowd ate it up. I myself, like the song - don't love it, but like it.

    It sounded great. Can't wait to hear it again tonight. Despite what some may think, the majority of people at the venue love the pop stuff. IKWIL received a somewhat lukewarm reception.

    Excellent show. I just woke up and am getting ready to leave for today's show.

    As someone said, I was amazed at Phil's vocals. After Mama - my wife looks at me and says "I thought you said his voice wasn't going to sound good....".

    There were some songs like Fading Lights and That's All - and No Son of Mine that he sounded just as good as in 07, if not 92. He did flub a bit here and there - but no big deal. Mike was on as well.

    overall - the band made the right choice to play Misunderstanding. I was in row 15, and despite what we all think and believe - the newer hits were way more popular. I was surprirsised that people were sitting during IKWIL - and you could tell there were fans here and there that were excited, but overall the older material did not go over well.

    I like Misunderstanding, don't love it, but like it. And as soon as Nic clicked the sticks I knew it was coming - but in all honestly, they played the hell out of it. Sounded great.

    Great show - going back tonight for my last time seeing them. :(

    I could post 10 pages on what I don't like about this tour (as others could) or the set list, etc. I too wished for ABACAB more than anything.

    but - none of it matters. I get to see the three of them on the stage two more times AND my 20 year old son will see them at least once! .....and in the end, that is all that really matters.