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13th February: Three anniversaries (Gabriel, Genesis, Collins)

12th February - an important day in Genesis history

February 13th is a special day in the history of Genesis - three important events made their way into the band's history.

13th February 1950: Peter Gabriel born

Peter Gabriel live

Today Peter Gabriel is celebrating his 71st birthday - congratulations! If you like, you are welcome to browse our Gabriel history.

13th February 1976 - A Trick Of The Tail released

A Tricvk Of The Tail Ad

Irony of history or intent? In 1976 Genesis released their first album without Peter Gabriel exactly on Peter Gabriel's birthday. A detailed review of A Trick Of The Tail can be found here.

13th February 1981 - Face Value released

Face Value 40 Jahre

And that also happened on February 13th. - 40 years ago today, Phil Collins released his widely acclaimed debut album Face Value. In addition to a review, we also have an appreciation of the album online (written in 2006).

Discuss this anniversary day in our online forum here.

published on 13.02.21 15:44 by Christian @ it-Website

13th February: Three anniversaries (Gabriel, Genesis, Collins) Comments:

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