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Chester Thompson on tour with Unitopia

The drummer tours with Australian prog band

Almost ten years after their break-up, the Australian band Unitopia has reunited in a new line-up in 2021, and now the long-time touring drumming partner of Phil Collins (solo and with Genesis) is also part of it: Chester Thompson plays the drums. Bonus: Alphonso Johnson can be heard on bass. The result was the album 7 Chambers, released last year.

In September, Unitopia will come on tour in Europe, before the band travels on to the USA:

03/09/23 2Days Prog +1, Veruno Novara (I)
07/09/23 Z7, Pratteln (CH)
09/09/23 Neuberinhaus, Reichenbach (GER)
13/09/23 Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg (GER)
14/09/23 Poppodium Boerderej, Zoetermeer (NL)
15/09/23 Chez Paulette, Pagney-derrière Barine (F)
08/10/23 Progstock, Rutherford NJ (USA)

Update: Alphonso Johnson will not be performing with Unitopia at the September concerts due to unforeseen circumstances. Don Schiff will will play the bass.

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Unitopia - Collage der Bandmitglieder

published on 08.08.23 06:33 by Christian @ Chester Thomson

Chester Thompson on tour with Unitopia Comments:

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