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First Brand X recordings with Phil Collins surfaced!

Bassist Jones and keyboardist Lumley speak out!

In order to avoid a possible name or exploitation dispute over the Brand X brand, the two Brand X founding members Percy Jones and Robin Lumley have launched an official website for their ex-band for the first time, after the last management around John Goodsall, who died last year, apparently pursued other plans.

On the website you can now find extensive information about the complete band history. And for fans of the band - especially of the early phase with drummer Phil Collins - there is exciting news! The previously unheard, first recordings from February 1975 for a planned, but never released album were found! A video teaser provides first impressions and it is hoped that the recordings will be released. For the first time, there is an official history on the website, which surprisingly also refers to our Brand X history with the words "some very good (and highly accurate) information about the timeline of Brand X performances and releases".

published on 07.12.22 19:53 by Christian @ Brand X

First Brand X recordings with Phil Collins surfaced! Comments:

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