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Genesis: Collins hints The Last Domino? Tour ends this year

Probably no more concerts after UK and North American tour?

According to today's (16th September 2021) article on (LINK) in a recent interview with British music magazine Mojo Phil Collins has hinted to an end of the upcoming The Last Domino? Tour after the upcoming tour legs throughout the UK and North America. During the interview to be published in the November issue of Mojo Phil Collins said "this English and North American tour, that will be enough for me". Asked if he's officially removing the question mark from the title of the tour finally kicking off in Birmingham next Monday, he replied, "yes, the question mark was Tony Banks' idea." However, this will leave even more question marks for the fans. In case the tour would really end in Boston on 16th December 2021, this would most likely mark the end of Genesis.

Despite the fact, that the Genesis management has not published any kind of official statement yet, still Collins' insinuation will lead to uncertainty among the fans especially outside the UK and North America. Tony Banks tries to put Phil's statement into perspective by telling Mojo: "I think it depends a little bit how it goes. How Phil stands up to it all. How the audience receive it, and how we all feel about it, really." Nonetheless Phil's current health condition doesn't seem to have improved over the last couple of years, judging from a recent tour rehearsals documentation and Phil's own comments. Therefore a possible early end of the upcoming tour is not completely unsubstantiated. It remains uncertain whether the next round of shows will reacquire Phil's taste for touring or make him realize, that the touring stress is too much for him.

By now it seems to be clear, that concerts in other parts of the world next year are no matter of course. However, all plans for 2022 and beyond will most likely not be discussed before the end of the North American leg. So we might not expect an official decision and statement before mid December 2021.

published on 16.09.21 20:11 by UK76 @ Genesis

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