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Genesis: Long lost 1968/69 mastertapes found

"50 Years Ago" now available

The band itself doesn't celebrate the 50th band anniversary with a relase - but one person certainly does: Jonathan King!

50 Years AgoHe eventually received the first demo tape by the band in July 1967, wich was recorded by Banks, Gabriel, Phillips and Rutherford during Easter 1967. King then gave them the opportunity to record further demos and then eventually their first ever album From Genesis To Revelation. In the light of this jubilee, a new compilation called 50 Years Ago is now available, and it's actually not yet another of those rereleases of the first album. Jonathan King says it's based on long lost master tapes, which were recently found in an old warehouse. The tapes got lost there along with many others, when London's Regent Sound Studios were sold in the 70ies. The person responsible to check the tapes knew the connection between King and Genesis and got in touch with him. Together with Steve Levine, Jonathan King remixed many of the tracks in his Liverpool studio. The results are now available on 50 Years Ago:

01 In Hiding (Vocals) (2:35)
02 One Day (New Stereo Mix) (3:29)
03 A Winter's Tale [multiple mono takes with studio chatter] (7:38)
04 A Place to Call My Own (Vocals) (1:03)
05 The Silent Sun [mono mix] (2:14)
06 In Hiding (New Stereo Mix) (2:38)
07 On the Trail of the One Eyed Hound (New Stereo Mix) (2:39)
08 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet [mono mix] (3:25)
09 A Place to Call My Own (New Mix) (2:22)
10 One Day [mono mix] (3:22)
11 In Limbo [mono mix] (3:27)
12 Am I Very Wrong? [mono mix] (3:02)
13 The Serpent [mono mix] (4:02)
14 The Serpent (Vocals) (3:57)
15 The Silent Sun (Alternate New Mix) [mono w/o strings] (2:13)
16 The Conqueror [mono mix] (3:27)
17 Image Blown Out [alternate demo version] (2:48)
18 That's Me [mono mix] (2:37)
19 In the Wilderness [mono mix] (3:23)
20 The Window [mono mix] (3:34)
21 In the Beginning (New Mix) (4:23)
22 Fireside Song (New Mix) (3:38)
23 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet (New Mix) [w/o strings] (3:29)

Buy 50 Years Ago: amazonMP3-UK | QuoBuz

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Statement by Jonathan King
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published on 08.05.17 14:59 by Christian @ Genesis

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