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Genesis: Montreux 1987 video has surfaced

Another release by The Genesis Museum

Genesis Montreux 1987

In the past, our colleagues from the Genesis Museum have already presented several spectacular releases on YouTube, including and especially the 4K version of the Bataclan film, see here. Now there is an approximately 40-minute excerpt of the concert in Montreux from 16 May 1987:

Let's have a look at the historic background of that show:

In May 1987, the summer part of the Invisible Touch Tour began with two concerts in Spain (Málaga and Madrid). The tour had already started in the USA in 1986 and had gone via Oceania to Asia. After the Japan concerts in March, the band took a break of about two months. On 15 May, the band played an open air in the rugby stadium Stade des Sept Deniers in Toulouse, southe France. Two days later, another open air was scheduled at Rome's Stadio Flaminio - also a rugby stadium by origin, which temporarily served as an alteative home stadium for AS and Lazio during the reconstruction of the Stadio Olimpico for the 1990 World Cup.

The day in between was part of the initial tour schedule - and not (as some might expect) added on short notice. On the day of the concert, 16 May, the band landed in Geneva at noon on their charter jet from Toulouse, spent the night there after the concert and flew on to Rome after breakfast the following day.

Montreux is world-famous for its Jazz Festival, but in 1987 it only started on 2 July and lasted until 18 July. So Genesis' performance on 16 May at least had nothing to do with the Jazz Festival. But then why had Genesis travelled to the otherwise rather quiet Vaud region? And why did Whitney Houston also perform in the city on Lake Geneva the day before? Quite simple: there is just one more event for which Montreux is famous. The Rose d'Or (English: Golden Rose) was a festival of television entertainment that took place in Montreux from 1961 to 2014 and at which several television prizes were awarded. The supporting programme also included concerts or short performances by well-known musicians and bands. In 1986, Queen performed there, for example. So Genesis were in good company. The winner of the Golden Rose in 1987 was the Swedish sketch show "Helt Apropå". That's probably why there is a video recording of Throwing It All Away on the Swedish television station SVT.

It is not entirely clear whether the usual tour setlist was played or a shortened set. The songs played in the video reviewed here and Throwing It All Away plus Invisible Touch (see below) were definitely aired on television. However, it can be assumed that it is very likely that a normal concert was played.

The concert took place in the Casino Barrière de Montreux, which officially held 3,000 spectators for this show. The building was rebuilt in 1971 after a fire. The Deep Purple classic Smoke On The Water is dedicated to this event. Somewhat larger in Montreux is the Auditorium Stravinski with up to 4,000 spectators, depending on the standing/seated distribution.

During the show, there was also a problem with the power supply and Genesis had to stop for several minutes until the problem was fixed. You can see this in this video here:

A very special gig and probably the smallest Genesis tour gig since the Duke tour (or the famous Marquee club gig 1982) and - with a few exceptions during the We Can't Dance theatre tour 1991 - also until today.

After only about ten days of open air concerts in Spain, France and Italy as well as the performance in Montreux, Genesis went to the USA for another ten days of open air concerts from Los Angeles to New York City. Afterwards, the band retued to Europe, as is well known, to enter the home stretch of the Invisible Touch Tour in (among other places) Germany, France and Wembley. Busy times...

And then there also was Montreux 1986 ...

Yes, Genesis also were in Montreux a year before the above mentioned show. But their appearance in Montreux on 10th May 1986 was a completely different thing. Phil was on tour with Eric Clapton then and the band did some album promotion in Montreux, where they filmed three tracks: Tonight, Tonight Tonight / Invisible Touch / Anything She Does. None of those tracks were played live, it was playback and recorded for Top Of The Pops. When they recorded this, the album Invisible Touch wasn't even released. So this is a completely different story... but see yourself:

Info compiled based on data available in the tour itinerary that we have in our archive and is also available via, plus additional provided by The Genesis Archive and info about the venue and the Rose d'Dor.

published on 13.06.21 07:38 by Christian @ Genesis

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